Sunday, February 28, 2016


It's a gloriously wet day.
The temperature has dropped, so it's a bit more bearable.

We have an Open Home today, it will be one of the few we have done on a wet day.

There's quite a bit to get done today, I didn't do any housework yesterday at all... and it shows.

But never mind, we will get it all done and the house will be spic 'n' span by 2 pm.

Archer has a new 'trick'.  When he's given his sippy cup, he takes a mouthful, then spits it out.  All over himself.
Little shit.  And he doesn't stop at one mouthful either... he spits the entire contents of his cup all down his front:

ABOVE:  Isn't he a little imp!  Just adorable.  

Well... it's that time again.  Time to get moving and make this house presentable.


Never trust the weather forecast!
It's stopped raining and looks to be another stinking hot day!  There I was thinking we were going to have some relief from the incessant heat and humidity.  *sigh*

Oh well... winter IS coming!  Please be soon.

Well... for the first time ever, no one came to our Open Home!
We are gutted.

After the no show Open Home, we had the Estate agent stay for a talk over the 'situation'.
He had a couple of suggestions for us.

1.  Empty the living rooms of our furniture and get a company in to 'stage' it with neutral furnishings. Then take new photos and re-market it after that.

I said "Like HELL am I doing that!"

2.  Next suggestion: Drop the price by over $60,000 because everyone is looking for a bargain!  And again I said "Like HELL are we doing that either!"

When you have had three offers in the high $800,000's, then to be told to drop your price to the high $700,000's is a bit on the nose!

So, we are getting another Estate Agent in tomorrow morning for her ideas and opinion.

I'm tired.  Dispirited.  Just so unhappy right now.  At a loss.  Totally.


  1. Oh wow! Did his hair turn orange or is this a weird angle or what?

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Haha it's defintly not that orange lol just the lighting thankfully. ☺☺

  3. How clever of Dante I hope he doesn't then progress onto tipping whole entire cups bowls on top of head like a niece of mine used to do!!! Oh Chris that is a terrible situation what a bummer and no no to all their suggestions whilst people may be wanting a bargin your house IS well worth the asking price then again what about $10,000 increment drops up to the $60,000 so its not a lump drop all at once?

  4. Drop $60,000 in one go ? WTF. I have never sold a house but that's a big drop. Drop the real estate agent sounds like a better idea

    1. Yep, that's what we are planning on doing.... as long as I can get Stew to agree that is.

  5. I can imagine how disappointing it would have been to have no viewers today - not even the "lady in red". (Hopefully she was at home preparing her own home for an open home!). Is it worth making your house a multi-listing so there are different agents pushing it to their clients - or has this already been done?

  6. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I think it's pointless setting it up with staging furniture. If someone really wanted your house, they would look past the furnishings.
    As for the price drop, what is the market in Hamilton doing? Are buyers looking for a bargain there too? If so, dropping the price a little might be worth it. Or can you contact the people who made the other offers in the high $800Ks and see if they are still interested?
    No way you can rent that house out and move? :(

  7. Hi Chris don't take offence with the suggestion of a stylist. In Australia these companies are used regularly and can add extra $$ to the final price. They are very clever with their styling and can make small area appear larger. They use neutral tones which appeal to many.

  8. Dropping that much sounds ridiculous! Remember, that drop would hurt your pocket a lot but only be a small drop in the commission for the agent! Finding the right agent is hard but once you've got them, things will move; we had our place listed for a year, no interest. We relisted 10m later again, with an agent we really trusted, and the offer was here in 6w (and that was rural Northland and a very decent price). Good luck!!!

  9. Anonymous4:29 AM

    If a home doesn't sell in 60 days then it's overpriced. You may think the house is worth what you're asking, but obviously the buying public doesn't agree. The prior offers you received don't matter because those people didn't even have the money to buy the house or thought better of it once they made comparisons. If you need to move just swallow your pride, lower your price, and move on. Cathy


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