Thursday, October 02, 2014


It's a special day for Brylee!  She turns 14, and in this country it means she's old enough to be left home ALONE... or to babysit someone else.

Soooo... if I ever want to go out to the mall or wherever, and leave her at home, or even her and Griffin... I CAN!

Nice idea.  Doubt I will ever do it.  The thought of leaving her 'in charge' of Griffin is laughable.  Like he would do a thing she said!

But I digress.   We shall visit the mall and she can get her own Birthday Present with our cash!  lol
I kinda 'owe' her two X Box games... so they will be from Stew and I.
And maybe she can pick something else too.

We will see.

She's lucky, it's Takeaway night, so she will get to choose what we all have.  
I've asked Bex to bake a Banana Cake today too... for dessert.

What did I cook yesterday, that Stew would love?

ABOVE:  Russian Fudge.  Only... I got it wrong in thinking Stew loves it!
He doesn't love it... he only just likes it.. and only one piece, thank you very much.
How did I get that wrong?

You would think after living with him for 29 years I would know that eh?

Did I mention last Sunday was the 29th Anniversary of our meeting each other?  I know I didn't, that's why I'm mentioning it now of course!

Derrrr.   OMG I can't believe it's been 29 years already.  Where has the time gone? 

So much water under the bridge.  So many family members died, born, driven us crazy!
29 years of having a handful of weeks where it's just been 'the two of us'.

I think we can honestly say we have spent about ... maybe, 6 weeks of that 29 years together ... without kids!

What will we do when we finally do end up in our home ... just the two of us?
My mind boggles trying to think how that will be.

QUIET.  PEACEFUL.  DECADENT!  Sheesh, we could walk around NAKED even!  

Like that's gunna happen, I'd be scared of tripping over me nipples.   *smiles*

Any... way....  I think that moment is a long way off yet.
Time to start this day... and hopefully Brylee has a lovely birthday.


Last night I tried putting Tallulah and Coco in the laundry.  Tallulah cried and whined straight away, so Plan B didn't work.

I went to Plan C... put both girls in the puppy pen.  Coco simply jumped out, so... it was back to Plan A.

Both girls in the family room, with the lounge fenced off and all the toys etc up on the couch.  
That worked, so we will stick with that for now.

It's bloody cold this morning.  Spring... one day hot, next day cold.  Not good for a crabby ME... I'm crabby enough right now with the cold from hell.

Anyway... misery or not, we are off to the mall to get some presents.

Mixed results at the mall.  We didn't find the two games we wanted to get, but she did get two new dance games, so she's happy.
Next time I pack a massive hissy fit and decide to chop up X Box games... I should think again!
Sometimes you can't actually replace them!

But, I'm about to go on Trade Me and see if we can get them there....

Bummer.  None on Trade me.  Oh well... we will eventually track one down.
Anyone got a Sims 3 for X Box 360????  PLEASE!  lol  Brylee would be ever so grateful.

Tallulah just had her first Brazillian!  She didn't enjoy it.  hee hee.
Has to be done... keep the botty clean and unstuck.

Stew arrived home with the cake... (Bex wasn't feeling well enough to bake).
I took it off the bench to show Dante, and this is what he did:

ABOVE:  Ummmm... he taste tested it, just with his tongue I might add.  No hands/fingers involved!

End of Day:  lots of laughs tonight... cake, puppy, kids... really nice. It was also lovely to have a yak with me Mum tonight, and ANNE in Aussy, who was super excited to have finally gone back to the gym. 

I'm starting to feel slightly better... I hope it continues.
nite nite


  1. Happy Birthday Brylee! Hope you have a great day!

  2. A massive happy birthday to my beautiful neice Brylee.....hope you have a great day. Have fun shopping. .love you lots....and will see you next weekend

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYLEE. Have a great day and enjoy shopping for your present (or presents)
    Chris-Happy Anniversary to you and Stew and many happy years ahead.
    Have a fun day everyone.

  4. 14 already wow Happy Birthday, how was Tallulah last night? Russian fudge I find I can only handle one or two pieces at a time too.

  5. Happy Birthday Brylee…hope you all have a wonderful day.

  6. Happy birthday Brylee - I hope you have a fantastic day !!!

  7. Happy Birthday Brylee!!!! You may not be able to leave them both at home but you can leave her & take Griffin so at least no arguing while you are out. What I did with my two is if we went out for dinner for example, I would pay both of them, Samyson for babysitting and Siobhan for not being a pain in the arse. He got $ 15 & she got $5. They both had to agree that they other deserved to get paid - or neither one did. Worked well.

    1. NOT a bad idea Tracy! Though I think our two are still too immature to be left home alone for any length of time!

    2. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ Brylee hope you enjoy your day. May I ask how Lacy and Keera are doing not heard much bout them, except for that snippet you wrote yesterday. Hope all is well on the home front being the holidays and all. 😊

    3. Lacy and Keera are fine. That is all I'm going to divulge to an ANON commentor.

    4. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Thats fine, :) i understand i guess can never be to careful with anon people asking bout your family members. :) should have realised that before i actually pushed send, brain doesnt function very well when kids are on holiday all my brain does is scream. Hehe. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  8. Anonymous2:52 PM


    Happy Birthday to Brylee! if you google Sims 3 heaps of sites come maybe you can order the game? I have sons so I spent many hours in games shops etc! "sigh" lol they are grown up now...but still spend hours playing games!



  9. Happy birthday Brylee!
    Send me the fudge! I'll finish it off in no time flat!

  10. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee!
    Yum the fudge looks sooooooo good! Can I ask how you make it please. It would be closer
    for me to get it than you Mark hehe.

  11. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee! The russian fudge looks amazing! ~ Surrey

  12. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee xo ♥ u

  13. Hi Chris, Happy Birthday Brylee!
    I have checked on Aus Ebay and there are a few for around $35-45, I am buyingone for my daughter, let me know if you would like me to purchase one for you too!
    Sharnee x

  14. Lorraine H8:25 AM

    I also had my son in Aus look on Ebay for the Xbox game & hr said the same as Hazzee that there were a few on there.So hope that maybe of help.

    Southgirl x


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