Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Today we do have some plans.

I'm getting my hair done in the morning, and Stew will look after the kids and Keera while I'm out.

Then when I get home, he's taking Brylee and Griffin to a movie, while I look after Keera at home.
She's too young to sit through an entire movie without getting restless.

I'm looking forward to getting my hair done again, it's been 9 months since I had me colours done!!!  That's a long time.  But, I simply didn't want to spend money on me hair when I could buy fabric, or get the dog's groomed instead!

So, it's my turn to get groomed!  lol

 ABOVE:  puppy... she likes shoes.  My slippers are very yummy it would appear.

ABOVE: I forgot this... they walked the elephant around a bit... and let people stand and look at it.  No different from when it was behind a fence really.  I'm not keen on this sort of thing, too much can go wrong if that big animal decides to pack a wobbly!

But, it seemed to be very calm so I wasn't overly concerned.  

I still find it hard to forget the scary experience we had at the zoo a few years ago when there was a full scale alarm when the keepers thought an orangutan had escaped, and we all had to be rushed into the old elephant house for safety!  That terrified me.  I still keep waiting to run for it!  *smiles*

Right ... I shall bugger off and get myself ready to go out to the hair salon... feed the puppy, the toddler, bla bla bla.


I can already tell this hair colour is going to be a fail. .. Dammit. 

The colourist doing it isn't going close enough to the scalp, so I'm gunna have massive regrowth showing in a week. So annoyed and I've not even had it washed off yet!  totally bummed.

I just left the salon... trying NOT to cry.  It is a shambles.  When I got home the family said they could 'only just tell' I'd had anything done at the front, and at the back (with me hair up) it looks streaky and PURPLE/GREY.  

I have rung the salon and complained, and asked to speak to the Manager.  She's not there right now, so I have to wait for her to call me back.

I KNEW as the stylist was doing my hair it was going to be a disaster!

ABOVE:  Opinions please.  AM I BEING TOO FUSSY?

On the home front, Miss Muppet and Dante are asleep, Tallulah is asleep and everyone else is having lunch.  Suppose I will too then.

Salon Manager just rang, she is going to re-do my hair next Wednesday... I'm so thankful.  There is NOTHING worse than a bad hair colour!

SPARKLING:  I rang them, but the Manager actually saw me leaving the salon and she said she thought it looking pretty bad too!  Why didn't she call me back I wonder?  She must have seen I was really unhappy.  I was struggling not to cry, it must have been pretty obvious!

Oh well... harms done, and will be fixed free of charge next Wednesday morning.  I just wish it didn't mean sitting in there for another 3 hours.

Dinner is in the oven, and it's smelling awesome! Pork Belly and some Slow Roast (Hangi) Pork as well... it will be interesting to see how the Slow Roast pork comes out.  I've never bought that before, but decided to give it a go.  Ya have to give these things a go eh?

Verdict on the Slow Roast Pork?  Not good.  The meat was too dry and the crackling too tough.  We will leave that cut for someone's hangi I think!

End of Day:  didn't go quite as planned, but oh well... tomorrow is another day!


  1. Hope you like your hair enjoy being pampered

  2. Speak up now Chris if you aren't happy with how your hair colour is going - much easier to get it sorted today than have to go back in a week's time. Good luck!

  3. Oh no!! Those streaks near your forehead look like they've been there 2 months! You really should complain and get your money back!!!

  4. Nope, not being fussy, that is not a good job. They need to fix it.

  5. Back you go and complain. Redo or refund.

  6. Oh no and after waiting so long, and it would not have been cheap I bet. Speak up and see what they suggest.

  7. So did you ring them or does she read your blog?!! Or did she just know it was a crappy job? Glad you're getting it redone.

  8. Oh wow. That's the worst dye job I've seen in a while. Sheesh, how much did she charge you? I would cry too. You've had much nicer highlights before. :/

  9. Glad your getting your hair re done 😊 like the ink on the back of your neck 😊

  10. It's such a horrible feeling leaving a salon feeling upset. Good for you having the guts to ring up and tell them you are not happy. Hope they fix it good for you. x

  11. Yeah kind of looks like when my sister in law did my hair at the beauty college when she was still learning. Nice that she is going to fix it for you.

  12. You want to be happy with what you paid for, and getting your hair color is expensive. Glad the manager is going to redo it.

  13. Glad to hear that your hair will be fixed. Nothing worse than a bad salon experience. Chin up:-)

  14. Sorry about your hair color. I hate it when they leave stripes in my hair. At 68 I have given up on the color as it doesn't stick to the grey for more than a couple of shampoos.

  15. Hopefully you get things sorted out with your hair. Good luck.


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