Monday, October 06, 2014


Bex has to have a blood test (pregnancy related) and the bitch reminded me I had to get one too.

Frig.  Last one hurt like bejezzus... so of course I'm not looking forward to  having another one.  But, Bex will only nag me if I don't go... *sigh*

At least we can leave the two toddlers and big kids with Stew!

My plans for the rest of the day?  Spend time with the kids, especially Keera... and my puppy of course.

Then, if Stew's cool watching them, I will get downstairs and do some sewing.

I'm itching to get some work done on Judith's wallhanging!  

I have been interested in taking photos of old derelict buildings/barns/houses etc for ages, and yesterday I finally got my first one:

ABOVE:  I wonder about it's history?  Was is someone's home?  A happy place to be?  I will never know of course.  I really like looking at old places.  Do you? 


Bex and I have been waiting forever for Stew to get out of bed so we can go get our blood tests done.  He's finally up, so now we are off.

Fingers crossed this time they don't f*#k it up.

Well... we had to wait about 45 minutes... but got through eventually.  My test went well I suppose, at least they found me vein the first time today.

Only bruise so far is from the sticking plaster they put on... and I had to get off.  Forgot my skin sticks to it.  DOH.

I just gave up and put the heat pump on again... it's SO COLD again today!  Freezing cold wind and raindrops that feel like ice.

I'm going to make nice hot scones for lunch... to warm us all up.  Yum can't wait!

Lunch was delicious!  Fresh, hot scones, jam and cream.  Perfect for a cold, miserable day.

ABOVE: Packing a wobbly over something.  Very cute!
ABOVE: Decked out in hand-me-downs from our friend Jacqui's little girl.  Love the tights!

End of Day:  a quiet day in all... Keera and Dante had fun together, which was lovely to see.  And a bonus, they both had a midday nap at the same time. SCORE.
nite nite


  1. Love the photo, Chris. Great subject I agree. Wild weather down this way this morning, I hope it's calmer up your way. Good luck with the blood test.

  2. Love the old buildings and barns around - what has happened in their lifetime???? Hope blood test more successful this time.

  3. What a great picture you took of that old building (house?). It almost looks like a painting.

  4. I love old buildings and also often find myself wondering about their history and who lived there. There is one near me in Roy (the next town over) that really fascinates me. It is tumbling down and has been taken over by vines. I think the vines are literally keeping it from falling down. Once I get my new camera , I'm going to get a photo of it. Hope your blood test gives you good results!!

  5. Gosh Keera has grown her hair is gorgeous BTW, I think it has been col everywhere today.

  6. Anonymous8:30 PM


    I love looking at old building etc too, and wondering about the people etc..I went to an old one years ago and found a calender page from 1902....



  7. I have problems with blood tests too. Just close your eyes and tap your foot.
    Great photos! I like the tights too, I thought they were boots at first.


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