Sunday, October 12, 2014


Here's a few more snaps from yesterday:

I was walking along the track, me camera around me neck, commenting on how lovely the view was ... when the chap behind me on a bench seat said... 'Take a photo then!'...

So I turned around and did!

 ABOVE:  They laughed their heads off!  I know he meant take a photo of the sea... but I took this one instead.  Then we had a lovely chat, one couple were up from Christchurch visiting the other two.  They were so lovely.

 ABOVE:  I thought this outcrop of rock was interesting.  Quite funky in fact.

 ABOVE:  Gorgeous water scene, I love the waves.

Sitting on a bench seat, eating ice creams, and along comes these guys...

 ABOVE:  Stag night boys?  With their naked dolly.  Made me laugh.  They laughed too when I took the photos.  hee hee.

I got to thinking about that 'photo' incident at the fabric shop on Friday.  As I have bought one of the Fish Panel Kits, I am bound to sew it,  then photograph it and put it on me blog ... so I thought, why not publish the one photo I took?  
It's not like I'm NOT going to put one of me own on soon enough eh?

ABOVE:  So, this is part of the fish panel already made... I've bought the month of October fish.  Cos it's me Birthday Month.  I shall probably make a few more at some stage... only I will do them 'myself', not pay through the nose for a kit.

I don't actually see anything too 'original' in her fish panels anyway.

Right, that's all for now.

We are off to the Pet Expo this morning... Kelly and Rena are coming with us too.

I plan on buying a grooming kit so I can groom the dogs myself.  I hope to get an Instructional DVD too... to teach myself how to do it 'properly'.  The up-front cost will pay for itself in just a few grooms too... did you know it now costs me $79.50 PER DOG at the groomers?  Outrageous. 


Kelly and Rena arrived bright and early, so after everyone had finished breakfast we took off.
I had expected queues, but there were none.
THAT should have told us something....

After paying to park, then paying to get through the doors... we spent about 20 minutes wandering around looking for someone who was selling grooming kits.
To no avail.  No one was!

So... after realising we had just wasted our money on a piss poor 'EXPO'... we drove to Animates and bought a grooming kit.

On our way home we grabbed some cooked chickens and buns and had them for lunch, which was lovely.
Stew is now wathing Bathurst, amongst doing a few little jobs here and there.

I'm about to sit and watch the Grooming DVD... then try grooming Coco.

ABOVE:  Twin pack, one for full on grooming and one for just trimming.  Once I have groomed the dogs twice it will have paid for itself!

ABOVE:  Kelly and Tallulah.

ABOVE:  Miss Rena... wearing a dress that was once Brylee's.  Love hand me downs.

ANON:  You are totally correct!  I normally do ask, don't know why I didn't in that instance, except I was in a hurry as the kids were in the car.  But, it didn't excuse the lady's loud, abrupt and embarrassing way she talked to me.

I just spent over an hour bathing, then grooming Coco.  Thank god Kelly was able to help hold the bitch!  She is the WORST fighter ever.  But, by the end I think I did a reasonable job of it.

AND I even did a mini groom of Tallulah!  I will show you tomorrow how they look... right now I'm ready to just sit and relax.

End of Day:  unexpected visitors tonight, very nice to spend time with our son Russell and his girlfriend Angela.
Time to sign off for the day, school is back in tomorrow!  YES!
nite nite


  1. Isn't that where the little five year old boy was washed off the rock last week? He too was walking around the Mount when that massive wave took him away. Very sad.

    1. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Jack was out on a family outing with his to cousins ages in early teans, they were playing in Shelly beach in the sand collecting shells when a rough wave just came up out of the blue and toke the 3 out, the adult who was with them went out after the girls and managed to get them out but Jack disappeared. Yes it was a king tide but 9 tines out of 10 that little beach is so safe, so no one was at fault.
      R.I.P Jack :(

  2. Oh hilarious!!... that pic of the old couples just made my day!!! xxx

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Out of courtesy you should always ask to take a photo in a store. Just my opinion anyway.

  4. That pic of the couples was to cute!! OMG, Kelly and Rena have your beautiful eyes! They are both just beautiful!!
    You might check you tube also for videos. I have a Yorkie and a Maltese, I was wanting to learn to clip myself also. I only pay 30.00 a piece in Ohio to get them groomed.
    That woman had no right to talk to you that way, she could have politely told you that pictures weren't allowed. No need for ugliness.
    God Bless~

  5. The couples photo gorgeous the lads hilarious Kelly and Rena beautiful. What a great investment idea grooming kits get some calming drops for Coco? Maybe or for yourself before groom tide lol.

  6. Anonymous11:57 PM


    Kelly looks so much like you!


  7. I hope you are successful grooming the dogs. My mom was like you always going back and forth with the groomers trying to find a good one, trying to do it herself etc.

    I think the whole don't take pictures thing is stupid. I take pictures of tons of stuff with my cell phone ;)

  8. I think that lady should have been thanking you for taking a photo! I am sure you putting a pic on your blog and giving the shop a thumbs up would have given her extra business! Now I just think how rude.... She must take her fish very seriously


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