Saturday, October 24, 2009


Did anyone else find BLOGGER was down last night? I couldn't get on to my blog. .... or comment on anyone else's either! It was SO FRUSTRATING!!!
So no doubt I will have masses of blogs to catch up on!

So, it's a long weekend here in NZ (Labour Weekend)... but we are not going away at all.

Might do a day trip somewhere... but that's about it.

We have quite a few jobs to get done around the house/yard...
and I would like to do some more sewing too!
Having two whole days of doing none was nice.... but I have missed it.

This morning Stew and I have our respective visits to the Doctors... me Weight Loss Group, him Diabetes Group.
After that... the usual lunch out... muck around at home afterwards I reckon.

Will come back later with an update.....
Good news... the Doctor's scales ALSO showed a 1.9 kg loss for this week... I'm happy about that.

I am finding being ACCOUNTABLE to Weight Watchers AND the Doctors is working for me right now! Having to weigh in twice a week is great! I really can't pig out in between or one of them will show a gain! AND I am NEVER EVER going to show a gain AGAIN! I swear to god I am over this bloody yo-yoing shit. OVER IT ... I am gunna be a 'normal' size again, and be fit again... AND BE HAPPY ABOUT MYSELF AGAIN.

I am looking forward to getting out and about today! It is just the most gorgeous day out there... there is a bite in the breeze... but overall... GORGEOUS!

I have a new commitment: enjoy the weekends with the family... DO NOT spend any time reading or commenting on blogs unless it does not impinge on family time.... and on Monday morning...MARK AS READ all the blogs you have missed over the weekend! I know it is harsh...but I am really struggling to read all the updates and leave a comment... and I FEEL SO GUILTY! But not any more... I need to take a wee step back from all the blogs I read.. and only read/comment Monday to Friday. RIGHT, SORTED.

Lunch: healthy kebab at Sylvia Park. Then we decided to go for a drive down by the waterfront in the city... and I spotted a cute-as little Lighthouse near a marina..... so we just had to walk over the rock pier to get a good look at it eh? Only, I had on the most stupid shoes to be walking on rock walls.... so now I have the most sore feet EVER! But it was worth it:
ABOVE: almost there!....
ABOVE: Stew and the kids at the lighthouse... told ya it was only a little one!
ABOVE: I had to photograph this boat.... it is very very similar in design to the last one my Dad owned before he died... it's MY SORTA BOAT! LOVE IT.
After that we wandered down to a large wooden pier that juts out into the harbour:
Where Brylee and Griffin were totally intrigued by a dying fish...
ABOVE: waiting for the final gasp!
So, it has been an awesome family day... and I am feeling very... good that I have made some good decisions today about a few things.... one being to start putting myself first and not letting outside influences affect me so much. IT'S ALL GOOD.
End of Day: I'm cooking Teriyaki Chicken for dinner... *drool*.... *smiles*.... nite nite!


  1. So?? How was the doctor and the group visit? Do you find it easier to lose weight in the summer or winter?

  2. Yes I noticed Blogger was down last night too and when I googled it I found a forum which had loads of people saying the same - but about half an hour later it was back up again but that might have been too late for you. Have a brilliant weekend chick! Z xx

  3. BOOTIFUL weather down my way WE HAD A FRIGGIN FROST but the pay off GLORIUOUS skies, I was up at 6.30am showered dressed 2 loads washing out at 6.40am (done last night in readiness!!), gardens done ironing done AND GARAGE saleing again now I am SUNBATHING my half cast legs (THATS the whiteset part of me !) I swear have a good day!

  4. Good priorities all around....your fitness and blogs. Have a great weekend with your family.

  5. good idea baout the blog reading thing... i seriously culled my reading list at the beginning of the year - it was the best thing I ever did :) have a great long weekend with your gorgeous family!!

  6. Uh, Chris...why, oh why did you have to put the Christmas tree up already!? Yikes! :)

    I stepped back from the computer a lot recently. I totally understand how you feel about that.

  7. I hear you with spending too much time on the old internet. Wouldn't it be great if you could leave a sort of footprint at the blogs you visit without having to write a comment. Or maybe you can and I'm too challenged to know these things!

    Your day looks lovely. Sunny but a bit breezy? A bit like here really. It's been glorious today.

  8. Yeah! You are doing well with the weight Chris! Congrats!

    It looks like the family had a good time this weekend!

  9. Excellent lose, good for you. Keep up to good work. I try not to get on the computer during the weekend unless it is to chat with DD. Looks like you had a very lovely weekend.

  10. I wish my husband was more into doing little day trips, always looks like so much fun.


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