Saturday, June 22, 2024


 Well... we do not have any plans for today at all!

Yes, Stew will go and do his usual Saturday morning shop.  Fill the fridge up with diet coke 'n' beer.

But that's about it as far as plans go.

Steve and Co are coming over later on today, so the guys can watch the rugby.  Of course.

I suppose I should think about what to do for dinner for them.  But it can wait till later.

Shit I just remembered!  I had to soak the white bedspread from the front bedroom in the bath yesterday... and it's still in the freakin' bath!  So I better haul that out and hang it outside to dry.

It got a stain on it somehow... which was rather upsetting as it is new, and cost quite a lot of money.  I hope I got the stain out.  Time will tell.

Yesterday was the shortest day... which means today we are heading for summer again!  Whoop.  I think I prefer summer.


Right, the shopping is done.

And we are going out for brunch to probably either Te Aroha or Morrinsville.  Just gunna have a little tiki tour.  Should be home well in time for visitors later on in the day.

ABOVE: Ahhh...WHOOPS! It wasn't supposed to be a shopping trip 🤣😂🙃.
Might leave Te Aroha now....

12.37 pm, and we have ended up back in Hamilton for lunch! We just didn't feel like trying out a random place for brunch and not enjoying it... so we are at one if our favourite eateries, The Foundation at The Base. 

ABOVE:  I got 9 metres of glorious fabrics at Aroha Quilts in Te Aroha, after saying to Stew I didn't need any more fabric!
Ha ha ha!

We also bought a couple of new cushions, but when we got home and took them out of the bag, we found the sales lady had put two the exact same in our bag.  NOT what we wanted, so I will be taking one back sometime this coming week.

ABOVE: As per usual, we ordered far too much food.  I only had one piece of pizza, 4 onion rings and a VERY SMALL helping of the loaded wedges.

ABOVE: The left overs came home for Stew's dinner.  He's a  happy man.

It's now 1.50 pm, and a quiet afternoon stretches ahead of us.  Which is nice. 

ABOVE:  We are having a lovely evening, lots of laughs and good food.  The game the guys want to watch is just starting... KICK OFF time!


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    What a good sport your husband is, the pictures series is fun.

  2. At a card making workshop lots of fun fun fun

  3. I would be happy with those leftovers!
    The summer solstice is today. The LONGEST day of the year.... And also my 28th Wedding Anniversary. Married on the solstice. I also had Opening Night of the play that I have been working on for the past 5 weeks. It was a success! What a relief!

    1. What a shame you are always one day behind us! lol I am happy to hear your Opening Night was a success... I hope every night is as good.

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Love the green fern fabric!

  5. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Giddy Up The Chiefs GM 💙💙

  6. Love the fabrics very bright.
    Is it cheaper to post cushion back with prepaid bag?
    I’ve hit fire on farm sitting SPORTS

  7. Gorgeous fabrics... yum i feel like pizza after seeing that pic!!! Go Chiefs!! ⚫️🟡🔴

  8. It's supposed to be 104 today. I think I like spring and fall the best lol


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