Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Well the kids finally crashed ! They went to sleep last night in about 1 minute, and woke up this morning at 7am.... ah bliss! Today we are off to Seaworld, where they have this most enourmous ferris wheel, and I am going on it.... and I hate ferris wheels! The last time I was on one I was about 5 and and threw up!

We are getting the hang of getting around this place, the bus systems are really awesome and so easy to use. It's far far cheaper than hiring a car and all the associated hassles... insurance, petrol, finding out where to go, etc. Today it's already hot hot hot, so should be a neat day... for me anyway! Stew is finding it a bit too hot for his liking, so I suppose I won't be getting him to retire here, bugger! I love it here! Right, I'm off for another fun day....

Wooo hooo, another day we've had a blast! Seaworld is really neat, we went on EVERYTHING again.... even the biggest ferris wheel you have ever seen... and I did not throw up! Griffin and Stew went on the corkscrew rollercoaster... Griffin only went on once ... think it freaked him out! I decided not to go on, was feeling a bit jaded! WE did go on the Log Flume ride about 8 times though.... and according to Stew I said "OH FUCK" rather loudly for the first 5 times.... I can't remember saying that! Honestly ! Was not so good with the food today, had some hot chips and a cake... will be better tomorrow.

Tomorrow we catch a shuttle back to Brisbane and spend the night at an inner city motel so we can catch the train to Coffs Harbour first thing Friday Morning. We are meeting up with Arron's Kiwi Girl tomorrow night too, that is going to be fun! Meeting my first Aussy Blogger..... even if she's a kiwi ! lol

Well, am off for a swim with the kids now... might not be able to update tomorrow.... will wait and see if me laptop will work in Brisbane? nite nite


  1. Glad to hear you're having an awesome time, and that the kids have finally gotten used to the time difference :)

  2. Yay fun parks, I just love em'.

    When I lived in Oz (Sydney) we use to holiday in Queensland and I lived at the fun parks, my parents NEVER went on the rides with me which was such a shame.

    Griffin and Brylee are lucky you and Stew are doing things with them rather than standing back and watching.

    Loving your updates.....lucky bitch!

  3. I know the bus service is fantastic. But the whole "feel" of the place is great eh. Sounds like you're all having a blast.

    Too hot!!!! Bloody hell. I'm freezing my buns off over here.

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Yikes, I put extra bedding on my bed last night just in case....

    haha - you do get used to the *heat* - be thankful you weren't here a month ago?!

    see you tomorrow night :) I'll call you.

  5. Oh thank goodness you got some blasted sleep girl...
    It sounds like you are having a gr8 time..
    dont do ya back in with all the rides...

  6. sounds soooooooooo exciting!!!!!!

  7. LMAO!! Hot? Here was I, thinking there was maybe a weird out of season heat wave on the Gold Coast. Because - in May? How hot can it be? So I just looked up the weather report and... er...27? You Kiwis are funny!

    Glad you're having a good time - you sound really relaxed. :)

  8. Let the good times roll. Have fun!

  9. Sound like a fun time! I still like going on the roller coaster and the like.
    Don't worry about the eating, sounds like your balancing it out on other days with healthy stuff.
    Have a great time and share the pics when you get home!

  10. Sounds like an great time is being had by all!! What an amazing experience for the kids. LOL at your swearing - can just imagine it.

  11. Oh Oh enjoy Coffs Harbour!!!!!! I grew up there. lived there for 23 years!!
    Glad you are having a gr8 time here in the land of OZ!!! say hi to Aarons kiwi girl for me!! lol!!

  12. Wow you are having a great time aren't ya...

    COW he he he

    Love ya


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