Saturday, May 26, 2007


Have not had the best night... those friggin teenagers kept us awake all night AGAIN! But.... they are leaving soon so that should be the last time..... it better be!

Mike's room is right next to our's, and he's had a harem in there since about 4am... sounds like he's still yabbering to her and it's now 8.30am! Steve and Lisa are upstairs, I have no idea how many other teenagers/young people are asleep up there, but if they think they are getting breakfast from me they can think again.

Today, I'm off into town at 10 for morning tea with the girlfriends, then if it's fine outside we are doing yard work... lawns, leaves, etc. No gym today, rest day.

Am feeling a tad jaded, not surprising after getting very little sleep all night... might end up having a nana nap this afternoon


  1. Nanna naps are THE best! I might have to have one myself. Lachie woke us up at 3.30am with his coughing and I didn't get back to sleep cos he came into our bed and was coughing and kicking the rest of the night. Oh the joys of motherhood!! hehe

  2. Ohhh I dont know how you stand it... I think your teenages are rather inconsiderate!!
    I hope when they finally decide to go to sleep you are up and vaccuuming with the stereo on full blast.. haha
    Enjoy your cuppa out with the girls.. and yes.. try to have a nanna nap...
    catch you soon...

  3. God I love your attitude! Sorry I havent read all week so missed the news about your results, but what a fantastic attitude to be so positive and ready for what is coming. and of course you are going to be fine!!

    any news on the Melissa front?
    Oh and man that must have been a fun supermarket shop! how many trolleys?

  4. nana naps are soo needed at times...

    cams having one know LOL...

    enjoy the rest of the day...!!! nana nap and all!!

  5. Sounds like you've had a busy couple days. I'd be taking a nana nap as well...or in my case, a mama nap. :)

  6. Your soup sounds yummooo!!! Love vege soup with bacon ... mm-mmmmmm

  7. Justabout to take our newlyweds out to Lonestar for dinner.

    Give them a taste of their own medicine. They have to sleep sometime.

    Next weekend comes around you won't know yourself. Get that paint on the walls, Mike upstairs. Bliss. Sleepfulled nights.

  8. I don't think I could live with teenagers like that! I would say these are the rules and if you can't abide by them then goodbye. I know, tough talk as I am not in your shoes!
    Maybe you can get in that nap. I can't with my 5 yr old around. Oh well.

  9. Hey Chris ;)
    The answer to your question from my blog is I am doing Atkins with a carb refeed once a week. It is called CKD [cyclic ketogenic diet].
    It looks like this:

    Ketogenic [Atkins] Sun - Fri
    1485 calories
    Carbs = 50g = 200
    Protein = 108g = 432
    Fat = 95g = 853

    Refeed - Saturday
    2090 calories
    Carbs = 313g = 1254
    Protein = 104g = 418
    Fat = 46g = 418

    PS Glad you enjoyed your trip to Oz!

  10. MMMMmmmm!! That soup looks MMMMmmm!! gimme sum!!

    Who's idea was it to use the saw to cut the meat up?? Stew is as mad you are girl!!....LOL! But hey if it done the trick....brilliant!

    Have a lovely day....when you read this.


  11. Re: your comment ... hell yeah ... watchout Lee-anne ... bikini here I come!! :p

  12. ahem!!.....Pray to do tell.....what is that I see before my eyes on the pic of Stew cutting up the meat? On the board just above the meat...Is it a jam sponge cake?? And who's was that? And if it's yours , have you pointed it???....LOL

    I tried to inspect the evidence a bit closer but when I clicked on the pic it wouldn't enlargen.....ummmm was that a deliberate act?

    We need to get to the bottom of this....LOL!!


  13. That looks like awesome stew!

  14. the soup looks yum!!!!


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