Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Woke to another lovely day here in Coffs Harbour.... can you imagine listening to bloody Kookaburra's squawking their heads off at 5 am in the morning? !!!! It sure is a new experience I tell ya!!

Anyway, today.... we decided (no Mum decided) that we'd pile in the car and go to a place called Bellinger where there are some neat shops... so off we went.

Well, Bellinger is about 40 minutes out of Coffs, and a very old town.. with some lovely shops for sure.. but talk about bloody expensive! I saw the MOST GORGEOUS knickers in this fancy shop, took them in my hands, glanced at the price and nearly dropped them right there and then! They were $56 friggin bucks!!! For a tiny slip of material..... not on your nelly man! I took them over to Stew and showed them to him... and said how much I loved them, he said "ok get them then" and then I told him how much they cost.... he (being the darling he is) said I could still get them if I wanted them ! I didn't...... even I am not that mad.

Onward, had a lovely chicken sandwich and Latte for lunch, then we headed back to Coffs, went for a walk around the property etc.... and that's been about it for the day.

Stew and I are really looking forward to heading to Sydney.... it is quite a strain staying with the "olds"... they are finding Griffin a real handful, what with his noise and his constant exhuberance (sp?)..... they are just not used to little kids. Right thats me for another day.... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Hi Chris!!
    You haven't read my blog, so you won't know about all the lovely things I said about you til you come home :)

    I haven't commented much lately - been struck down with flu, and been in bed the past 4 days. Went to work today though - had so much to do, and no one else can do it.

    Glad you are having a wonderful holiday! Griffin would be a handful for grandparents, I bet! Bless him though, he's adorable. Obviously I have a bit of a soft spot for the little tacker. haha

    anywayyyyyy - here's me comment.

    Love, AKG

  2. Another day and more fun. Kids are kids don't sweat it. The older ones should be more accomodating to their guests. Keep the good times coming.

  3. It is hard on people in general when they arent used to a lil boy with the energy of 10 lil boys.. haha... my son was like that.. He has slowed down a little... only a little.. but when i tell him to settle down a bit he does.. he just says..."oh, right.." as he realises himself he gets a bit wound up.. haha
    $56 for a pair of knickers... dont blame you for putting them back!!
    i have paid $25 for a teeny pair of knickers to go with a matching bra...$59.. so an expensive set.. but the most comfy I have ever had!!!
    Take care and hopefully chat soon...

  4. OMG! I could buy a whole outfit for $56!

  5. When I was in grade school we had to sing this song...

    "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree Merry, merry king of the bush is he Laugh, Kookaburra! Laugh, Kookaburra! Gay your life must be!"

    ..and now, after reading your post, I can't get it to stop! *bangs head on desk* No more kookaburra song!

    Sounds like you are having an awesome vacation =D I can't wait until you get home and post some pics.


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