Sunday, May 27, 2007


Not feeling too crash hot this morning, got a great sleep last night, but have a killer headache this morning... so am going to take a pill and do nothing for a while!

Linda... NO it was not my jam sponge cake... Stew bought it for the kids AND I had none. I don't even like the stuff, too dry.

So don't have much to say this morning!... later!

Last night: we were watching American Idol, .. anyway... Brylee and Griffin were on the couch together under a blankie, and I thought 2 things...

1. Griffin was actually sitting beside Brylee and not screaming "I hate you, get away from me, you stink, I don't like you.. " get the drift? Amazing in itself!

2. I was amazed at how alike their profiles were! I mean, to look at from the front, they are soooo different! But hey, there is definitely a family resemblence there eh! I thought this was so cool!

These two kids have the same mother (our daughter), but different fathers... Brylee takes after Lacy to a "T", Griffin is darker and way bigger.. must take after whoever was his biological father! Must have been a good looking guy!

Something else that's very funny... people are always saying "Isn't Griffin like his Dad" meaning Stew... it always makes us laugh cos Stew is really his Grandfather! And in no way genetically linked to him either! Lacy (Griffin's birth mother) is Stew's adopted daughter, I had my first 4 children to my first husband before I met Stew, and when we got married Stew adopted them all. My Hero! Confused yet??? lol

I let Stew sleep in, ain't I nice? Now he's up, and we have plans for the day.. going out for lunch, feeding the ducks, taking some photos of "where we live" for a nice photo post soon, watch the friggin rugby, mow the lawns.... in that order. later....

14PK, sorry about that, no I thought what I saw last night was the final, derrr, I thought she had won... will find out tonight I suppose. I hope she does, that last song she sang last night made me cry!

Been for our ticky tour... and went to the park to feed the ducks and ran into this group of guys... must have been a Stag Party cos it was all blokes and the one below wearing the pink top and frilly skirt.. with "I'M GETTING MARRIED...Kick Me" written on it! It was very funny... they were having "Toilet Races" on the little skating rink...


... It looked like fun, apparently they don't go very fast, but tip over quite easily.
Feeding the ducks, no shortage of ducks... it's Duck Shooting Season and they are all in town at the parks, clever little buggers! We are home now, Stew is watching the rugby, Samoa Vs. Junior All Blacks.... oh joy!
COOL !!! JORDIN did win American Idol, I thought she would !!! Awesome singer. With that said, nite nite.


  1. Oh wow they are SO alike side on - I would never have believed that. LOL at Stew sawing the roast - that's a classic.
    Hope you're having a nice weekend despite the weather. It's beautiful and sunny here in Newcastle.... jealous??? hehe

  2. I love how you always have these little photos of your family life and share snippets about everybody - you are a wonderful caring person .... but with a wicked sense of humour and your feet very firmly on the ground. You rock!

  3. oo hope your headache is going away!!!!

    that photo is cool...

    did jordan win? i thought she got into the final and the finals tonight???? she up against that young dude with the beatboxing!?!?!

  4. They only dont yell at each other? Sheesh, kids these days...WE use to throw rocks at each other....

  5. The toilet bowl races are good exercise, I am sure. Looks like lots of fun too! Thanks for your kind words last week. I appreciate the support.

  6. Ahhh I always wondered how your kids were linked. Ok now I know.

    And I'm cheering for Jordin too ... yay gooo Jordin!! Infact I said way back in the auditioning rooms that I hope she wins. *feeling pretty proud of myself* lol

  7. Hey the pics... I took my camera today to the Evandale Market but saw nothing worthy of a photo... not for me anyways!
    SHould have got makr to take one of me scoffing a large latte and grooten free chocolate cake hey!!! hahaha

  8. goooooo jordon goooooo jordon!!!!!!

  9. they really doo look alike from the side... too cute...

    must be up to domethig if they're not fighting! ;o)

    ow fun would it be to have toilet bowl races... hahah that would be amusing!

  10. Wow look at all those ducks. What a great photo.

    I love all your photos. Your posts are so interesting.

    I agree about making lots of noise when those kids are asleep - lol. How inconsiderate of them. Pay back time me thinks. Hahahaha!!

  11. I loved that pic of the kids.

    Toilet races look fun!


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