Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's gunna be a normal day today, kids to school, gym, walk the dog...

Right, as promised... the monster Photo Post:

Me on the plane.. showing the excess seatbelt strap!!! I fitted into the seatbelt with spare!!! AND the loo!!! AND the tray came down with no belly to sit on or stop it!!!!

The kids and Stew in the pool on the Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast....................Rollercoaster at Dreamworld, Stew and Griffin were on it in this photo.

The Ferris Wheel at Seaworld............Stew and Bry at Dreamworld

Views from the Ferris Wheel at Seaworld. That Ferris Wheel was soooo huge!

Rollercoaster at Seaworld, and below it the Log Flume which we went on about 8 times! Stew and Griffin on the Ferris Wheel, I love this photo!

On the Ferris Wheel..... awesome views... scary! Don't I look scared!

The aquarium at Seaworld, it was amazing!

Stew and Griffin on the rollercoaster at Seaworld, me and kids, with a huge shark behind us.... ewwwww.

Getting dinner at Grandmas, with Uncle Ron too.

Griffin and Uncle Ron with fire hose, Mum and Ron's House.(Coffs)

Mum trying out her massage cushion, the house from a distance on the hills.... theirs' is the house on the right, white.

Mum getting a cuddle from a New Zealand Fur Seal on her 70th Birthday, at the Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour! Me having just fed a dolphin.

Kids and dolphin..............Mum doing a Haka ..... ha ha ha.

Kids playing ball with the dolphins! How cool is that?

Mum's 70th Birthday dinner and cake.

Griffin bored and watching the washing going around..... and blowing bubbles in the back of Diane's convertible Peugeot, we were on our way home from having dinner, it was drizzling and we had the top down anyway, it was fun!

Me and the kids on the Jetty at Coffs Harbour, a view of Coffs Harbour.

Griffin in bed on the train trip from Coffs to Sydney. Diane (Ron's daughter), Me and Mum on our last night in Coffs Harbour. I grew up with Diane as a childhood friend, along with her two sisters and brother.

Griffin sound asleep in a shoe shop in Sydney! Brylee in bed on the train.

Sydney Opera House, from the ferry. Kerry (Celtic_Girl), and us in Sydney.

Kerry and I on the ferry in Sydney Harbour, on our way back from the Zoo... no photos of zoo!...... a Harbour View.

Briony (from Newcastle) and Me in our Hotel, our Hotel view from the window.... 'city scape'......... awesome .

Our pretty plane (Freedom) and Me and Belinda (Cranky Bee) and Catherine (CKK) at a dessert Restuarant in Sydney, where we were all evil ! But it was yummmy!

Right, that's it!


  1. Ok totally jealous of all those photos... you look like you had sooo much fun.

    Jealous of you meeting everyone there too he he he can you tell that maybe I am jealous he he he he.

    Wow what a beautiful house your mum has and the trees around it too....

    Wow hun what a fab trip you must have had.. the train beds.... look cute... were they comfy? What was it like on a train going a long way... that is one experience I can't say I have ever thought about doing but maybe I will now.

    Love ya
    Glad you are back posting LOTS again too...missed ya


  2. I really enjoyed your keeping us up to date while you were in Oz, and I loved this post with all of the photos - what a great time all of you must have had! :-D

    Its good to have you back, we all missed you ;-)

  3. Great photos Chris. What an amazing experience. The kids looked like they had a lot of fun. Lovely spot where your mum lives.

  4. What great photos - always a joy to see people having so much fun. some lovely pics of you in there - you have very striking eyes - gorgeoous. I'm ging back to work today after I've been for a neck X ray this morning (another story which I'll tell if there are any developments)but still not feeling that good and scared to eat more than two mouthfuls at a time or else I have a sudden dash!! Haven't even looked at the dirty washing pile!!
    Take care

  5. Oh my goodness!! The dolphins and snuggles from a looks like so much fun! =D

    Glad you are back! You posts always make me smile.

  6. That must have taken aaaaages.

    You seem to have one happy family there - and I wish I was as photogenic!

    The photo of Stew and Griffin is gorgeous. It's a shame that the sun is across your face in the family shot, but it's a lovely one of everyone too. Brylee wouldn't take a bad photo, would she? She's all eyes! I thought this the other night...but Stew's lost quite a bit of weight too, yeah? He's definately not the same as in your 'goal' photo.

    LOL @ Griffin and the washing machine. Poor bugger, there's nothing worse than being bored. Tell him his drawing is pinned behind my desk at work. It's a pity about the TV rules in that house - it's gorgeous and that setting looks like paradise! Are you sure you and Stew don't want to get a holiday house up there? I suppose I could help you out and check on the place every once in a while.

  7. Loved that photo post, i'm mad for a good photo post! You all look like you had a wonderful time. i've been to Coffs once and we also went to that Dolphin place. I couldn't believe that there was hardly any people there, maybe 20? I got to feed a dolphin and touch it, and put fish in my mouth and it jumped out of the water and took the fish from my mouth. We have very cool photos of that. My brother got cuddles from the seal that comes up into the stands :)

  8. NSV = non-scale victory

    great photos! :o)

  9. Loved it ....Thanks for sharing!! Next time a longer stay in Brissy so we can catch up!!! *tut tut*

  10. Love your piccy's!! Your mum's home is just lovely...makes me miss Coff's with all those photos:(
    The children I bet had an awesome time!!!

  11. Sorry mate but I cacked myself at the photo of you on the ferris wheel - shit scared I'd say.(I'd be the same) Loved the photo of Stew and Griffin, you should get that one framed.

    Oh and I said to post the skinny photos of me - not the heffalent ones - ha ha ha

  12. Fantastic photo's. I so loved the Gold Coast. You guys had such a blast.

    Didn't take long for the normalacy to return aye.

  13. Love the pics ..
    Laying low today... a little out of sorts... Catch up with you soon...

  14. the best photo is you in the airplane because i soo want to have a photo like that tooo....

    awesome photos, loooks like a great trip!!!!

    getting back home is always good too....

    ..aye tart! :P

  15. Holy poo bums. I pity any poor bugger with dial up trying to view that lot of photos!

    What a great trip you guys had and what a great memory for Griffin and Brylee. Stew does look like he has lost a lot of weight lately.

    Thoughts with you on the biopsy results.

    We have just had a very close family friend be told at 27 that she is either going to lose her cervix or whole uterus. But that would save her life. Unfortunately she has only had one child and wanted more so she is in a really hard place at the moment. She is also a JW so she won't have a blood transfusion if she needs one after the chemo and radio. Wierd, don't understand that, esp when you have a three year old daughter.

    I don't know what I achieved by telling you that story but I think I was trying to make you feel better because at least, whatever the outcome, you will be able to have surgery to correct any problems without it affecting your mothering abilities as you have a good healthly amount of children.

    Glad to have you back.

  16. Welcome back. Photos are great. Looks like you had a ton of fun. Always good to get back to a normal routine and your own bed. Hope you get your results asap. Glad your ultra sound went well.

    Thanks for telling me about the comments on my last post. Why it changed I have not go a clue. Its been crazy around work as we had our internet upgraded to fiber optics. In the interim the phone company cut us off. Of course we were not supposed to experience any inconvience with their upgrade. But you know...... Anyway its been up and down again today. Hopefully I will be able to throw a post together.

    Again welcome back.

  17. Pics are fab!! I enjoyed looking at them, wish I had been there also, if I had been, there would be NOOOOO WAY I would have come back to this country.

    Hugs to ya

  18. Wahoooo I looooove photos!!!! I adore the one of Griffin in the convertable!!

    Well done on getting one of those kilos gone, so that means only 1kg up for a fantastic holiday! That deserves an award me thinks!!

  19. Re: the sweet & savory... I've become hooked on the Fiber One Cereal Bars (2 points) - both sweet and savory.

    (Beware the pooping!)

  20. Welcome back, great pictures. I can't believe that you posted so many times on here while you were away! It looks like you all have such a good time and yes, your Stew does look great for losing that weight too.


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