Thursday, May 24, 2007


NOOOOO not me, Lisa.... as we speak she is off to the doctor for a blood test to rule out pregnancy! Far out I hope she's not! They are too young to be bringing a kid into the world!

That said, worse things can happen I suppose. I am waiting till after I've walked the dog to ring my specialist re: my results. I am sick of being told, ring tomorrow.

On Survivour last night, Yau-man said this :

"Love Many,

Trust Few,

Do No Wrong To Others"

I just loved it, it is a great way to live your life, and how I hope I am living mine. I try hard to anyway!

Right, I just got a phone call from the Specialist's nurse, he's gunna ring me this morning with the results....


  1. Nail biting day for you today. First of all sending you positive thoughts for your results. Second - hope Lisa isn't pregnant, as you said too young but whatever I'm know you can all handle it.

    Love the quote - and love the shoes!! Imagine the reaction he will get!

  2. Oh my word, look at those SHOES! :)

  3. Wait, who's pregnant?

  4. Those shoes are marvellous! Hope your results are good ones honey, thinking of you. Also hope for a negative on the pregnancy test for Lisa - sheesh - you leave 'em alone for a couple of weeks and look what happens!!

  5. GORGEOUS photos!!!! You're quite stunning - especially in the one taken on the plane.

    Crossing my fingers for your results, and for a negative pregs. test.

  6. All good news on the test results I'm sure.

    Don't Stew look groovy man. I can feel a 70's party coming on. Might be able to hunt up a pair old bell bottoms and a sleeveless sheepskin jacket, platform shoes. Then we can wear some flowers in our

    Good on ya Stew. Bet they took notice of you at the meeting. Ha, ha.

  7. Good luck with both lots of results today :)


  8. Woohoooo Studly Stew....;o)
    Look after that one lady... hahaha
    Hope you get gr8 results girl.. and I hope some negative ones for lisa... for everyones sake.. they have plenty of time for breeding...

  9. YAY for the negative preg test at the Drs...

    GRRRR for the specialist losing your results!

    My fingers are crossed that you will have them today *hugs*

  10. Aargh!! I HATE it when test results aren't ready when they said they would be!

    Fingers crossed for you.

  11. Great the pregnancy test was a negative one.

    How slack is that losing your results, hope you get them soon!

  12. Glad Lisa not pregnant, may scare her into being more careful!!

    Stew looks great. He has slimmed down SO SO much since that photo on the sidebar!!

    Sorry to hear about your results but on the positive side, at least they are getting onto it and getting rid of these things that are causing issues.

  13. I'm really sorry about the shitty results you got back BUT at least they know what's happening now and can get in there and get it fixed up.

    My mother and two sisters have had a hysterectomy (sp?) and they all feel much better for it now (had similar periods etc as you.
    All 3 times it was taken from your fanny (hehehe love that word) rather than being cut open which takes a lot less recovery.

    YAY Lisa isn't pregnant but I wonder why she is soooooo late?

  14. Top news about Lisa... hope she is ok tho...
    Bugga about your news... But guess 4 months it will hopefully be all over and you will feel sooooo much better..

  15. You're right it does sound confusing. So long as you have your head around it - that's the main thing. At least you know somthing is being done about it.

    I would never have called you anaemic tho. I've always thought of you as quite umm .... colourful.

  16. I'm impressed you are fine, girl! That's a lot on your plate. Continue that positive spin. It's obviously working for you.

    I seriously LOVE the shoes!!

  17. Yau man ROCKS!!!

    we all need a bit of yau man in or lives!!!

  18. Well your attitude is fantastic hun.

    I know you don't want sympathy but I am giving it to you anyway (he he he I sound just like you) and sending positive thoughts to you anyway.

    Glad the pregnancy test was a good one.

    I agree with the others at least the specialist is getting on to it and getting it done... it will be all good.

    Love the shoes btw!!! sooo cool.


  19. No sympathy just ltos of positive thoughts and what a great attitude you have, knew you would be like that!!

  20. Been doing the big read of your trip and events since you got home.
    Glad you finally have results and are able to move forward.
    Hope we can catch up with all the goss on Saturday.

    Yep it's me finally!!!!

  21. You are an amazing woman and you have exactly the right attitude. I am sending you lots of postive vibes too +++++++++++++++++++++++++
    and wishing you all the luck in the world when you have your op and a big hug too xxx

  22. At least you finally have the results and can move on.

    Positive thoughts here as well.

    Good news re Lisa as well. Probably the last things you need at the moment.

  23. Good for you, staying positive!!

    I don't mind needles.
    When I'm pregnat...which will never happen again I hope!!I have to inject myself twice daily to prevent getting another blood clot (had pulmonary embolism a good few years ago) and as far as being put to sleep.....I love it!!!...I gotta be mad eh??...teehee
    I had 2 ops within a few months of each other not so long ago and it didn't bother me in the slightest...but hey! Thats just me. it's different for everyone.

    Of course I still like ya whether you use lingo or not.
    The woman at the school was as loud as you like and in front of the kids....not good eh! Hopefully the school will do something about the threatening behaviour.

    Hugs hun

  24. sorry to hear about your test results
    it is great that you have such a positive state of mind!

  25. Hey girl... Ya not supposed to be worrying about me ya nutter...
    I am fine...
    And I have posted here already twice was still keeping an eye on you...;o)
    Just about to go and post my weigh in results as soon as I have my dinner... ;o)

  26. Those shoes on Stew look pretty spiffy I must say.

    Sorry to hear your news but you are right on the mark with the positive attitude it does make a difference.

  27. Oh forgot to mobile Beauty Therapy. I am thinking of maybe going out later in the year. I still need to buy my insurance and a few more bits and pieces and if I'm honest I was concentrating on the house for a while as not a lot has been done for a couple of years and some jobs have become a little pressing now, but yeah! When I'm mobile it will certainly give me other things to think about instead of allowing myself time to feel down/depressed (I do suffer with depression anyway)

    Stews shoes are fab!! I wonder what his work colleauges think of em??


  28. Thank goodness about the pregnancy test.

    You have the right attitude. One thing at a time. Everything is going to work out just fine. Sending good vibes your way.

    Now thats alot of groceries!

  29. Sorry to hear of your results not being good. But, at least you have a plan of action and hope they can get rid of all of the concerns! Sucks. But, you sound so strong and postive. That's great.
    Your hubby's shoes are cute and he is too.

  30. I do not know you, but I heard about your husbands shoes on another site. My journey was well worth it...."Yeah Baby!" (like Austin Powers):-) 2 thumbs up from Speedy Cat


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