Friday, May 04, 2007


Good morning! You up yet Lyn ? I have been awake since 2am.... but I feel much better this morning (5.30am)... I'm up, have rung the gym to book into the RPM class on sunday morning, and shortly I'm driving Mike to work in the once again damaged company car. lol

You have to laugh, cos if you didn't, you'd cry. It's still to dark out there to take a photo, but it's gunna be a goodie!

I have a Personal Training Session with Cat this morning, but I think we will be taking it easy today, me nether regions are not very happy! But, at least I'm going, for sure. Positive thinking... and I am feeling positive for some reason... two more sleeps till we go on holiday, yee haa!

There ya go..... done like a dinner! And so much for side intrusion air bags , they did not activate for some reason. What happened? Mike was driving to netball, he stopped at a give way, looked both ways and saw nothing, so took off and was hit in the side by a car outta nowhere! He reckons they did not have their lights on, otherwise he would have seen them. Hopefully the police can find out if they had their lights on or not, but it's a long shot.
I went to the gym.... and yakked! No workout at all, how's that for "taking it easy" ha ha ha.
Went into town and got a few colouring in books, puzzle books etc for our holiday ............ then I went home and did the washing..... and nothing else!

In fact, I got a hottie bottle and my blankie and I lay in my lazyboy and just did nothing. Steve picked up the kids from school for me, and now I'm sorting out their afternoon tea etc.

Later on I suppose I will cook dinner and get the washing in .... but that will be later..

Dinner - On, washing - IN. How come I don't feel like drinking ANYTHING?? I thought when you got a cold you were even thirstier than usual? Not me, for the last few days I have struggled to drink even 1 litre of fluid, and today so far I have managed about 1 glass full of orange flavoured water, and that was a struggle. I just don't feel thirsty. Come to think of it, I don't feel very hungry either.... this is good me thinks.

As for the cold, it is much much better, the nose has almost given up the ghost, and the cough is managable. So it's looking good for a full recovery by the time we go... yee ha.

It's the end of the day, I'm on my bed, been having a nap, then watched American Idol, chatted to the lovely Janene, and am finally ready to say.... nite nite !


  1. That car is doomed!! Bet Mike feels terrible. See you tomorrow?

  2. I am up now... well not awake yet tho. I don't do mornings well, that shows the amazement of me being up as early as you yesterday.

    Ouchy on the car! It's amazing that they sell these cars sometimes on the fact that they have side airbags. Still at lease he wasn't driving a van, seen some yucky accidents with them. Think aluminium can.

  3. Yep I'm up to - sitting here in my workshirt and knickers having my coffee. I'm pleased to report that I have already been for my run - 25 mins today - that is a lifetime record have NEVER been ale to run for that long. I'ts goung to be a great day - why? cos it's Friday and Friday's are always good. Trying to remember when you go on hols - is it this Sunday?

  4. oh the poor car!!!
    wow you are up so early!!!
    I got up at 6am to go see my personal trainer.
    great that you are in a positive mood! I am trying to be positive about my eyes. i think it is the best way.
    All this talk about being positive has made me think of the that Monty Python's song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" now that song is stuck in my head!!!
    have a great day!

  5. Wow! Poor car! What happened?!?!

    Have a great time on your vacation!

  6. OMG, I am so glad that Mike is okay. I would be getting rid of the car. Glad you're feeling okay today honey. At least you have your holiday to look forward to. Any chance we could meet up while you're here? I guess you'd have heaps of stuff planned already though. Hope today is event free for you sweetness.

  7. I agree with Lyn re the vans, seen a nasty smash after one of them was side swiped. Poor Mike, just when he gets up off the couch.

    You are such a positive chic Chris and it's that sort of attitude that has, and will continue to, get you through all these hurdles. There is never a dull moment in a person's day who is anything but dull!!

  8. I agree with Anne!!


    GET RID OF IT!!!!

    Love Chubbymum

  9. Sorry about the car accident. I also hope you're feeling better. Thanks for the awesome comments this week!

  10. Sorry to hear of Mike's car crash. Glad he's ok though.

    I hope your feeling better soon and over that cold by the weekend. Yah, you will have a great time on vacation and try not to worry too much about the results you are waiting for. You seem like such a strong woman and you can handle whatever life throws at you. You can.

  11. Glad you son wasn't hurt in the accident, I think Stew needs to get another car, that one is sure seems jinxed. Arre you taking your laptop away with you, so we can get our daily Chris fix?? lol

  12. Definitely jinxed. I don't buy green cars because I feel those are jinxed....mad I know but thats how I feel.

    Oh must say and I know I will get on my soap box here BUT.....I do not agree to men being gynae's....go on laugh but I feel so strongly about this, I call it legalised rape or legalised touching/groping...and I don;t care if no-one agree's or see's it like I do or is now laughing.

    Why the heck would a man want to be a gynae?? Yes if he is a baby doctor he is probably more for babies and the other is just part of his job but to be a male gynae...NA, A.

    I totally refuse to see a male gynae, I wont even let my doctor do examinations of that nature....maybe I'm just being a british sex please we're british and all that but I so disagree with men doing this.

    When I had my recent miscarriage I told the doctor I wont see a male gynae and so the Dr very kindly referred me to a female gynae and because I told the Dr straight away about how I feel she was more than happy and said
    "thats fine I will refer you to our female gynae, Dr McKenzie, a lot of ladies feel the same as you do and as women get older they feel even more strongly about not wanting a male gynae" - so there you go and I will shut up now.

    Glad you are feeling better just keep getting better.


  13. Hey Chris

    OMG the car doesn't look good, thank goodness your son was okay.

    Two more sleeps to go, so exciting, you'll have a ball and spend loads of long are you off for?

    Hope you are better in every way for your flight especially sitting on your toosh all that time.


  14. Yeah, it was in 2005, I have actually been pregnant 8 times but only have my 3 boys...3 is quite enough for me though.
    That was just one of things that I endured during those 2 years of REALLY BAD LUCK or I sure felt I was going through the mill at the time which was in every area of my life health, financial, marital, etc etc

    I would have even gone to another area so as not to let a male gynae delve into anything, I am so against it but that is just me, tis strange though why a man should want to be a gynae......perverts...sorry I had to say that.

    Okay chick, thats me rant over for now and as long as everything gets sorted for you then that is the main thing, you are a special lady you deserve to be taken care of.


  15. I just thought whilst leaving a comment on Nic's blog that men should not be allowed to qualify as gynae's because some women if they dont have the means to travel to see a female gynae out the area or are not assertive enough to speak up or there is just no female gynaes for miles and miles or for whatever reason but if there are no women gynaes then they are basically FORCED to see a male gynae as you were, forced to see a male gynae....just not right hun

    I'm defo going to shut up now


  16. Car can be fixed, thank goodness kid is ok.

    Long day for you! Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. Guess you must be all excited about the trip.

    Well have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    All is well in my world.


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