Saturday, February 13, 2016

SATURDAY 13/2/16

'ANON' :  Barbara please do unsubscribe!
I will post as often or infrequently as I please!

As it HAPPENS, I am trying to post more often again, but NOT because you 'threatened' to unsubsribe!  I'm so sorry my long posts are so boring for you.  


First thing in the morning we got visitors.
Sharon from Taupo (Blondie) brought her son and his girlfriend up to Auckland.  Samuel is going to Auckland University, it's his first year in Commerce.  His girlfriend is doing a Beauty Course here too.

They moved into a house in Remuera, sharing with a few others.  I offloaded a few bits 'n' bobs to them (shelving unit, linen etc) to help  set themselves up.

While here Sharon also bought them a washing machine and other stuff too.

It's what we all do to help our kids eh?

ABOVE:  The obligatory photos!  Ha ha.... bet Sharon didn't expect the one on the left.  *smiles*

After they left I got on with my 'job' for the day, which was to paint a section of the family room wall that got missed months ago.  

It was originally covered by my big 'Britto' wall unit.  Once I got rid of that unit I put up a big picture.  Now that I'm getting a new Display Wall Unit, I needed to paint that wall.... cos it looked bloody hideous!

It took me quite a while, and while I was doing that, Stew and the kids did the grocery shopping.

So we got lots done today.   Bring on tomorrow.  We have had a couple of groups do 'drive by's' today.   So still some interest being shown.

I wonder if The Lady In Red comes by tomorrow?

Stew is busy tidying up outside right now.  He's also cooking dinner, Butter Chicken.  I'm not that fussed on Butter Chicken mixes out of a jar, but the rest of the family like it.  

Right, that's me for the day as I'm sure there is bugger all else to 'report' on today.

I will probably be going back to daily posts... but maybe not publishing first thing in the morning anymore.  Maybe I will post later on in the day?

Time will tell.


  1. Those kids are eggs! Thanks for all the things they were wrapt as and the flatmates were so delighted....... we have pics..

  2. Nice to see you on here more often again. Missed you!

  3. Boring boring you are far from boring far from it!

  4. Yay....good to see you here x

  5. I don't want to buy into this woman's conversation, but I can't help but wonder where people get their expectations from? Most people commenting here seemed to take it as I did: disappointed of course that you are blogging less often but as it is your blog, it's up to you and your sanity is more important than our entertainment.

    I know I'm preaching to the converted, but while I love your blog, I also love you, so whether you blog all day every day or not at all I just want you to be happy and well.

    For crying out loud, unsubscribe if you don't like it!

    Penny xo

    1. I know that I shouldn't even have responded - I am just really surprised because the comment came across as really polite - as if she didn't even realise she was actually being pretty demanding. I'll stop giving it air time now!

      Good luck with the open home tomorrow Chris! xo

  6. Ooooh I'm so happy to see you more often Chris! :)))

  7. Love your posts, happy to see them more often now.

  8. I bet she is so proud her kids are trying to better themselves! Mothers do what Mothers do -give Love in any way they can. Hope you don't hurt your shoulder painting - it always kills mine .

  9. I hate it when I miss the comment everyone is talking about! lol! Glad things are sorting themselves out for you Chris xxx

  10. Just popped in on off chance and so excited to c your posts I have missed you daily Chris but totally understand life was getting out of controll and slowing down your post was in your control xxx

  11. ooooh she's back :) missed you but totally understood why you need to back away from posting... happy to read whenever you do post :)

    By the way, how is Tallulah now the puppies have all gone? they have all gone haven't they? sorry my sense of time is all weird LOL

    Anne (aussie)


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