Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today the new term starts at the Pottery Class down at Nathan Homestead.
I've enrolled in the day class instead of the night class, as the day class suits me much better.

I am really keen to go.

That is from 10 am till midday.
Once I get home I have to pull finger and get the house spic 'n' span as we have a private viewing tonight at 7 pm.
Some bloke who works all weekend, so wants to view our home tonight after work. 

So... I have to get it all done myself, though there isn't too much to do I hope.  And B & G can help too once they get home.

I'm glad I actually unpacked all the Britto yesterday now, it's all on the dining room table.  That's better than that big pile of boxes in the lounge!

So that's my day planned... I shall be back later.


Well... pottery class was fun.  I did bugger all... except yak.  LOL
I have decided to finally make my 'totem pole' for the garden.
In Terracotta clay.  (brick red colour)

Once  home, I have been doing some housework.
OH and I bought a new duvet cover this morning too.

I saw it in Spotlight when I went in to get some plastic to make templates.  

ABOVE: Fairly plain, but I like it.  I already had the cushion cover.  I think it 'goes' well with the cover.

I better get back to housework...

Well it was looking like a 'no show' for the private viewing tonight, but no... he was caught in traffic and arrived half an hour late.  His wife turned up a bit later too.
They stayed for a decent amount of time, and our Real Estate Agent said they liked the house.  So..guess what?


Nothing new there.  At least I'm not getting me tits in a knot over it any more.  It will happen.  Eventually.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful you are back at your pottery and hope the evening viewing goes Fantastic.

  2. Good luck with the private viewing.

  3. Pottery class sound like just Wat u need chick to lift your spirits and de stress good one xxx

  4. Sometimes its nice just to yak, I enjoy it with the right people.

  5. Enjoy your class. Fingers crossed that they make you an offer.

  6. Hopefully they want the house and have the money!

  7. gee all this viewing something positive has to come along soon I know you asked for RAIN a few days ago but seriously we didn't NEED that much rain lol (actually we did).


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