Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have to go shopping this morning... School Physical Education uniforms... so nothing exciting drat.

THEN if it's still early (and a lovely day) I am going to take myself out to Maraetai for a swim! And I will lie on the beach and totally enjoy the peace.... it's bound to be really quiet out there today!

My niece sent me this yesterday... and it totally made me laugh! For those who don't know... the shirt on the left is an Australian Rugby shirt, and the one on the right is a New Zealand Rugby shirt. Napisan is a diaper/nappy cleaner! There is a very 'healthy' rivalry between Australia and New Zealand when it comes to sports!


UNIFORMS: bought.

WEATHER: totally overcast and feels like 99% humidity. I'm STILL going to the beach... in fact what the hell am I doing on this computer? I'M OFF.....

The beach was lovely! Virtually NO ONE there but me and a couple of others. Water was devine. Cloudy and a bit of wind... but really lovely.

Home now. Doing a wee bit of housework. Found one of my old pedometers and put it on! shame ya can't wear them in the water! I did get some exercise swimming eh?

End of Day: and my darling man is home again, safe and sound. The kids and I have really missed him... and Teddy certainly has! He has sat by the window for two whole days pining away. I wonder if he would do that if I was away? lol. nite nite.


  1. Love the Napisan pic!
    Sounds like it's gonna be another scorcher in Auckland, so enjoy the beach...

  2. Love the Napisan pic - even though I am an Aussie.

    Re your Lapband decision, I have a book telling you everything you would want to know.
    Just let me know mate and I will send it to you.

  3. that is funny. A swim sounds just wonderful.

  4. I was gonna sunbathe it is CLOUDING over but the heat factor is HIGH!!! am off to work soon.

  5. LOL!!! Love the pic but I'm sure napisan doesn't work that well!!

    Enjoy the beach today... :)

  6. I am living vicariously through you right now, cannot wait until summer rears it's hot, humid weather my way!! I'm tired of the snow, cold, wind and rain.....enjoy and soak up some rays for me!!!

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Great effort yesterday on your 10 minutes, just because you swam today doesn't mean you get away without doing the crosstrainer....10 minutes...thats all:, Goodluck!
    Love Chris in Melbourne xxx

  8. the pic is very funny. The beach sounds heavenly. You should do that every day.

  9. You have had what I would call a beautiful day! I am so glad that you made it to the water! I adore the water even though I can't swim a beat! Darn it!

    Have to tell you a funny story. We live about 3 miles from a lake and one year there was a family that we worked for . DH mowed and I did the weed eating . This time we had our young one - approx. 6 years old and he loved to fish off of their dock , which we had permission to do. I had finished my part so I gathered up our fishing supplies , grabbed my youngster's hand and off we went . We were having a great time . I always put a lifejacket on him when we were there. He had pulled his fishing pole in and I was putting a worm on for him. As I was handing it back to him for him to throw out he accidentally laid his hand on my shoulder, but I was balancing on my toes and Mother went head over heels backwards! INTO the lake! LOL I remember thinking that I did not want my baby to see him Mom drown and for some reason my toe caught a root or something and I gave a shove and it bounced me back UP in time to catch a board from the bottom of their dock . I worked my way around to where I could pull up and I forgot to mention that it was a cool 40 degrees - but when you look and feel like a "drowned rat" That Is COLD! By the time I grabbed my youngin and headed to the car my teeth were chattering! But I am still here to aggravate you guys!And it made for a good story. LOL

    And yes, my teeth are still hurting me. I did get a bottle of peroxide today and turned upside down and soaked my hurtful two teeth in it. It felt like lightening went through my head! But I hung in there until it eased the pain. Yea!

    I hope you get to go back to the beach and swim - that is wonderful exercise and so good for your joints.

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I am jealous.

  11. Flip I'm so over this heat and humidity, its doing my head in! Glad to see you've had a good day, love the picture very true! :)

  12. Beach? So lucky!! Still snow here with more to come this week. Grrrr

  13. Napisan Ad is so clever. Glad you've had a great day and enjoyed your swim. Been a gorgeous day here too.

  14. Lucky you going to the beach. It's snowing here today. Hope you get back there again soon.

  15. god, how i wish i could go for a swim right now!

    But of course with the snow on the ground over here, that probably wouldnt be a good idea..

  16. The napisan add is a funny one... Go Aussies... LOL

    hey you can loose the weight without surgery... you just have to change your way of thinking and eating... I am doing it and all I have done is cut down what I eat and try not to eat much of the bad things.. but I still have a little of them every now and again.....

    I have lost 25 kgs so far.....

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