Friday, February 05, 2010


Does anyone else find the sight of NAKED CHICKEN BUMS hysterical? Or is it just me? And two is even funnier than one.... seriously! Maybe I am just a wee bit sick in the head... or something!

It's Friday and as far as I know Lyn and I are going walking after I take the kids to school... so that should be nice.

Then I will come home and do a few weights, maybe get on the elliptical? Shall wait and see on that one. If I'm all hot and bothered I might just jump in the kid's splash pool....

OH and don't they look just as 'kinky' cooked!

HA HA HA.....

Sewing Machine: I havn't had a chance to do any more sewing so far... so not sure if it's going to play up consistently or not... if it does it is going back of course!

I have had the best morning! Lyn and I DID go walking, it was bloody hot and I ended up Bright RED in the face (AGAIN)... then I mentioned to Lyn that I was going to hurry home and have a shower then go to the movie 'Precious'... and she wanted to go too! So we did just that. It was a very good movie, I cried (that's how good it was)... but totally a Chick Flick.. There was NO WAY Stew wanted to see it.

I am going to do that again... watch all the movies I want while the kids are at school! AWESOME .

It's 1pm now and I really must bugger off and have something to eat....


End of Day, and I'm tired. So over being hot. Stewie bought me some of the tipple I love so much tonight.. had two glasses and am now ready for my bed. nite nite.


  1. No your not sick well maybe just a little GOOD luck with the sewing!

  2. Hey you freaky woman,,,, I swear you must have too much free time or something.

    There was a saying that you knew you were going mad when you started talking to yourself, and had REALLY lost the plot when you started answering yourself.

    I think you have just invented a knew one " you know you must be losing the plot when you find looking at two chicken bums funny" mwhahahahaha

  3. I think it's just you..silly girl..haha

  4. yes I agree Chris - there is something a bit disturbing about those chicken bums...

  5. Steve3:28 PM

    Me and Deon want to know something, do you like the photo of the chicken bums coz it makes you feel better about your own??? hahaha. And yes you are sick in the head, I had to get it from somewhere, and it sure wasnt Stewie :)

  6. LMAO @ you and your kinky chickens! :)

    Glad you had so me time at the movies, make sure you do it more often, treat yourself, you deserve it!

    K :)

  7. Sounds like a good day, and yes those are some freaky looking chicken bums....made me laugh.

  8. Hey! I thought the meet up was 20th?? But then I just saw the info up the top. Doh.

    We can't make it as its the same day as the wedding ={ But we'll have to catch up soon xx

  9. I saw "Precious" today as well. And shed a tear. A good movie. Can't wait to see "My name is Kahn" and "The Hurt Locker", too. And the Goat one (can't remember the name - lol).

    Chook bums are funny.

  10. you're sick but you got a giggle out of me.

  11. OK so I understand that you don't have our airconditioning on during the day when you open the doors and windows but at night?? Heck if I leave doors open I'm eaten alive by bugs. We always use our aircon at night... try it, it is amazing! We usually turn ours off at bedtime unless it is crazy hot.

  12. Chicken bums do nothing for me, i'm afraid! lol
    We've had rain to break the heat over the past two days, it's awesome!

  13. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Oh Good Lord Woman!!!

    Last night I popped over and looked... I didn't comment because I wasn't logged in... and I dreamt about your kinky chicken butts all night! They were dancing and everything.

    So you know... I do eat meat but I buy it all skinned and boned. Bones gross me out. And skin. If I had to only eat meat that came with skin and bones, I'd be a vegetarian. Really.

    Love your new bedding!

  14. The naked chickens are a hoot! You crack me up sometimes.

    I've been thinking about seeing Precious too. I did see The Lovely Bones earlier this week and really enjoyed it.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I haven't seen that movie yet but it must be good if it's winning so many awards.

    I LOVE going to the movies by myself. People think it's weird but I think it's great!

  16. lol...yes very funny...just look at them for a while and you laugh!!

  17. LOL Chris I never looked at it like that before but now I will lol

  18. this DID crack me up,,LOL. and yes, I too think they are way to funny. It reminds me of Mr Bean show when he got a turkey stuck on his head LOL


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