Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have thought about WLS more than seriously now for several weeks... if not months in the back of me head... and after last nights seminar, where I was told in no uncertain terms by the Surgeon that once you become morbidly obese virtually NO ONE can lose the weight and keep it off and SURGERY is the only answer.... I have decided...


I will not let myself feel like a failure.
I will not be a statistic.
I will not have anyone tell me I can't do this.

I will do it AGAIN and it will stay off. I am a strong, bloody-minded TART and I will be slim and healthy again.

WATCH THIS SPACE .... it will be getting SMALLER.
Pfffffft... tell me it's impossible! Stupid man. But I thank him, for getting my goat up and motivating me to prove him wrong.


I am NOT bagging WLS... don't think I am! I am just saying I am not doing it (now).... maybe if I wasn't quite so terrified of having surgery again (after all my problems last time) I WOULD consider it again.

For the first time in about 3 months ... we have RAIN. Really heavy rain. And it's beautiful. The temperature has dropped dramatically, it's bearable again. I could dance with JOY.

ABOVE: a very short video of the rain coming down our Chain 'Downpipe'... as you can see, it doesn't do a very good job, but it's pretty! *smiles* OOO did I mention my washing is hanging out in all that rain... and I don't care! lol

HOLY HELL! We just ran outta Diet Coke! *sigh*... now I have to go out in all that rain to get more. Simply can't live without me Diet Coke...

Been there, done that. The sun has come out again, so we are now living in a sauna. Went up to the school for a meeting with Griffin's Specalist Teacher... I wanted to know just WHAT she was doing with him. I left feeling reassured he was in good hands.

End of Day: and it's been a really nice day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow too! Something nice is happening tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. Yay...good for you :)

  2. You can so do this Chris! We all will be cheering you on x

    Haven't felt like blogging lately, but we're all ok-ish. Got told we could lose our house and the business as one of the partners left.

  3. I am sorry but that doctor was grossly wrong. Was he looking to pad his wallet? You CAN do this!

  4. I think that what the doctor meant was that losing weight and keeping it off is virtually impossible... UNLESS... you change the way you eat forever. You can do this now that you know about the effect of insulin on your body etc. You can and you will do this - and please share the knowledge of anything you find out or learn just as I am. We're all in the same boat so lets help each other.

  5. But to me morbidly obese would be at least 140KG + surely do they have MINIMUM weights they wont operate on?

  6. I love you Chris! You are such an amazing woman. You inspire me!

  7. Bloody hell Chris, you ARE a strong minded woman! And you can do this... This time next year I wanna see ]all looking hot :)

  8. A surgeon obviously. Some of them think the world won't turn unless they do the turning. lol. What an ignorant comment. Doesn't he know WLS is one of many "tools" we use? Doesn't he know about Kepa who was on Close Up a couple of nights ago? Doesn't he know about the higher risk of malnutrition and other complications some suffer after WLS?

    You're not morbidly obese. You might have to be conscious to a certain degree of what goes in your mouth for the rest of your life. So what? Most slim people have to make the same conscious choices.

    Make the most of this feeling because you can do it. If anyone can demonstrate how stupid is that comment, although you're not morbidly obese, You Can.


  9. That's my girl!! I've seen you in the past when you've been determined, I remember you striding into the gym, going to the pool and so on. You had the determination there and I know you can get it back.

    While WLS surgery is the answer for some, I've also seen some success stories. I know a woman (not a blogger) who in the past has been to WW, lost a little, but this time is succeeding totally on her own, so I diesagree that WLS is the ONLY way.

  10. Yeh you go girl. You can do this.

  11. Attagirl -it's not like you don't know you can do it - you already have - as I said yesterday it's all about getting in the frame of mind to do it - and you're right there babe! Go for it. Zxx

  12. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Good on you - you sound determined! That's what I like to hear!

    I responded to your comment too...just thought you might like to know. I am not worrying for nothing, but thanks for your concern! :)

  13. Hey Chris... Good for you :) I remember writing a post exactly like this one, then I was booked for surgery 3 months later ;)

  14. Go you!! You definitely need to get into 'the zone' and it sounds like you have found your mojo!! Great stuff...

    Unfortunately he was probably right about the "morbidly obese" label they put on you - I am that too... but remember, it's just a label!!! We tend to fit into a range rather than everyone being individuals...

    Keep going and prove him wrong.

  15. and surgery does NOT always work either... YOU GO GIRL PROVE HIM WRONG cause he is you know.

  16. You said it klast night, you need a good mental atitude and motovation. The surgeon sure helped out there.

    You can do it

  17. Good to see your head is in the right space now hon. You will succeed. There will be times when you don't go anywhere but the key is to persevere. Don't give up.

    Routine is also the key. And give yourself plenty of time. At least 12 months. Be kind to yourself. Set goals and reward yourself when you achieve them.

    And remember it's a lifestyle change, not a diet. Because it will have to be permanent in order for it to stay off. If you are prone to obesity, as we both are, you must change your lifestyle and not just go on a temporary diet. That's why you don't give up foods you love, but limit yourself to occasional treats.

    Good luck and we look forward to following your journey


  18. Good on you for going against the surgery. He is wrong, there are LOTS of people who beat it without surgery. He was only saying that coz if he can get people to believe that, he can buy a new condo & porche for each of his bratty rich kids and a few more baby fur seal coats for his alcoholic wife!

    That's awesome about the rain. Hopefully it's the start of the cooler weather for you guys :o)

  19. Good on you Chris!!!!! I am on a similar mission - to show up hubby's model-like cousins, and my stick-figure sisters at some family weddings mid year...
    Try (not sure if there is a NZ version? Try as well) and also - these are helping me immensely, I've lost 5kg since Christmas, and even weeks where I don't lose weight, I'm maintaining the new weight (ie not gaining any). Best of luck!

  20. We've got rain forecast for today too ... hope it comes!!
    You can dance with me anytime ;o)!!
    JOY :o)

  21. Hehe - one thing you got dead right - you're a bloody minded tart!
    It's almost like he was looking for your motivation button. I think he found it and gave it a good hard push!

  22. I'm very proud of you. I'm not surprised a the seminar doctor said that... after all, he wants people to operate on so he can make a living!

    Have you had your thyroid checked out? It's a simple blood test... I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid last year. In fact, my thyroid totally packed-up and now the medication is doing 100% of the work.

    Here are the symptoms of underactive: low energy
    slow heart rate
    weight gain
    cold intolerance
    muscle fatigue
    dry skin
    hair loss

  23. the silly man, telling you something was impossible!

    I guess if he went around telling everyone it can be done then he would be out of business and lets face it $ 18k for a few hours work!!!

    It is nice to have you back to happy positive posts, you are obviously feeling much happier at the moment.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  24. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Congratulations on not doing WLS!The doctor that says WLS is the only option is an arsehole and is money hungry! He's making overweight people feel guilty and wants to make money out of them!(I hate the word obese!)The money you save on not doing the surgery, you can spend on new clothes when you reach your goal weight! Good luck, I will follow your journey, as I have a long journey ahead of me too (like 80 kilos!)

  25. I think ultimately the decision is yours. I have been in your shoes, but chose the WLS route and have been totally successful, but not without a little revenge first on my part to try and do it myself! I applaud your gaf to say stick it to ya doc!! As for your rain, I wish, oh I pray for rain but alas again we are going to be hit with out third snowstorm this month :( another foot on top of the 3 feet that is slowly melting in my frontyard....can you say summer...but I know I will be posting mid July how bloody hot it is! I wish you only success on this journey!!! and yes how can you live without diet coke!!

  26. WLS is for some and not for others, and that's a fact. You definitely can keep the weight off, no matter what the MD says, and that's a fact too. Glad to know the low carbs is working for you.
    You're such a great gal! You're even happy when it rains!!! :)

  27. Hi Chris! As I'm pretty new to your blog, I am going to have to go back and read a lot to catch up. But I agree with most of the comments before CAN do this, and without surgery. I think Froggy summed it up best. You need a good attitude, perseverance, routine, time, and a lifestyle change. It will all fall into place.

    My sister-in-law was a stick (5'7" and about 110) when she got married and over the course of the 20 years she's been married, she has gained about 130 pounds. She finally got mad and got busy. She walks daily, eats healthy meals, and keeps a positive attitude. And she has lost 90 pounds in the past year! It is doable and you seem to have just the determination to "get 'er done"! I'm over here in Ohio, USA cheering you on!


  28. I can't believe he said he would be impossible. Very difficult yes, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

  29. Whoa, did that doc ever tell the wrong person that something is impossible! A good attitude is half the battle and you sound like you have that and all the rest going for you now. Diet Coke rocks and so do you.

  30. Kudos to you! I believe in you. Do what works and feels right for you. Just keep moving, whatever happens!

  31. OOO, Chris!
    How neat that you have one of those downspout chains! I saw them on tv when they installed one for somebody and I was so interested. They do look like art and are useful also.
    I saw your beautiful picture of your rain- at the same time we are getting snow showers again! I guess when I send it your way - it must melt on the way DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    I do think that you are getting some wonderful advice from all of your wonderful friends - just thought I might add - have you ever considered hypnosis too ?It is nice that you are working up this nice ammunition ? Or, don't forget about affirmations!I have seen them be very helpful also.

  32. girl...totally good for you. drs say some crazy stuff sometimes.
    all i can say to you is low carb is the only way....for us carb addicts. i lost 70 pounds that way...and keep it off by cont to low carb most of the time. no WLS for me because i can be good 75% of the time, BUT like to chow down now and then. not willing to give that up. finally learned that you can do that now and then, BUT have to be good the rest of the time. only little kids can eat what they want when they want, and not get fat. robin x

  33. If anyone can prove that doctor wrong it is you, Chris. You are so determined that you can't fail!

    Glad you got some rain and cooler temps but hate the whole "sauna effect!"

  34. I'm sure you can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck Chris, keep strong.

  35. I'm right there with you Chris and WE can do it! The fact is that those that have surgery have to be very regimented and if they aren't... in time they find a way to put the weight back on. In the end it is up to the individual person.

    And... you must not post videos without you saying anything! I love to hear you talk and thought I'd hear you say a word or two about your rain!

  36. I am with you too!! It is hard!! I am not losing as fast as I want but I am trying!! We can do this together!! Love diet coke too!! Have to have it!

  37. I think that's great!! Good for you for not giving up on yourself and your abilities. Now, my advice, start posting a photo of you in the same outfit [not too baggy or too revealing for crying out loud] every Monday so that you keep focused over the weekend and don't slide, and we get to see the weight fall off of you. Good luck and I look forward to seeing less of you!!


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