Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm one of those 'pain in the butt' people, who everything has to be JUST SO for... and that is why it took me hours to find just the right containter to put fruit in.. to fit in the old microwave space. I drive MYESELF nuts being so finicky too ! I have several perfectly acceptable fruit bowls already, let me assure you! But I got this idea in me head, and that was 'it'... just had to go get another one.

It's a wonder I have any money left. I'm such a bloody shop-a-holic. *sigh*

On a totally different tract now.. my Aunt is having her cat put down today.. that is sad. Wonder if his funeral will be as touching as my microwaves? LOL... far out I'm sick.

It's a lovely day.... and I am going to go before I offend too many with my outrageous sense of humour! I can feel more sickness coming on....


ABOVE: I have been mucking around with eyes this morning. Opinions... which looks better?
I have already done the first 4 ducks eyes, so they are stuck with them, but for any more???

OOOOO CATHY: now there's an idea! Thanks for the input chick!

I've been a busy girl! Did some sewing, did some shopping ... needed some extra purple material, had to go to the Post Office... and then when I got home I decided to put the sprinkler on my vege garden (it was parched)... and now? IT'S RAINING. Murphy's Law eh?

Today is the first day this summer I have watered the garden.. and it's the first heavy rain all summer! Pfffffffft.

I'm feeling decidedly jaded today, don't know why? *sigh*.
End of Day, and I have done bugger all this evening except catch up on some telly. There is a monumental pile of washing waiting to be folded and put away... *sigh*... something for tomorrow eh? nite nite.


  1. Gawd I have a MOST beautiful ITALIAN made HUGE SQUARE PLATTER for me fruit BUT alas I dont use it at the moment because the weather is ripening the fruit too blardy fast WE keep our fruit in the fridge in summer !

  2. The duckies look great! You should do some lookling left and right and up and down and cross eyed!!!!!!!!! THey are fab! XCathy

  3. They look groovy - as does your "fruit bowl".... I like top right one....

  4. I like the eyes of the duck by himself on the left. Can't say why, and you shouldn't listen to me anyway, I have no artistic talent.

  5. A and C some could be girly girly and have EYELASHES? BLING eyelashes EVEN!!!! like diamantes?

  6. I agree with Cathy, make them looking all different ways, but regardless they are all too CUTE! :-)

  7. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I like B :O)

  8. I like them all, they are so cute. I also like all of the tips you got today from friends.

    So sorry about your Aunt's kitty . If she is like me -her kitty is the same as one of her kids. (only they mind a lot better and they listen to you - instead of the other way round

    I lost two horses last year and they were 30. After you have had something in your life for that long -they just become a part of you. I have noticed that our pets are living longer these days. My little "antique" dog , Pee Wee turns 20 this year. Of course she is a little hard of hearing and I feed her separately from the others .

  9. The duck on the left has the best eyes!

    I wish we'd get rain here! Our monsoons are like a little sprinkle. We had some heavy rain here the other day and people were so freaked out that they closed the schools.

  10. These are ducks?? I thought they were monkeys! hurhur

  11. i like em all... but c is my fav... and I agree with eye bling and lashes and making them all diff... adding eye personality :)
    love the fruit basket too by the way :)

  12. The duckies look great! I like the B eyes the best, but they are all a different, cute look. Sorry about the cat...I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Well, enjoy your summer weather. I forget what that is like.

  13. Little tip that might help - I fold the washing as I get it off the line, then it can sit in the basket and not get crushed. I just put it into piles when its time to put it away. Job done.

    People say I am nuts but I also do one load a day (make sure it's a full load) then it doesn't sit in the basket, and it doesn't build up to the point I am washing all weekend.

    Love the ducks, by the way. xx


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