Monday, February 15, 2010


Wooo hooo, after keeping my stupid feet up in the air for almost 36 hours solid, the swelling has gone down at last. I am going to visit my Dr this week to see what the hell is going on... it is NOT diabetes though.

Stew tested my blood yesterday morning and my reading was a normal 7. HIS on the other hand was 11... but he takes his Metformin every day and is keeping his Type 2 Diabetes under control.

There really isn't much PRETTY about feet NOW is there? lol

I'm off to my Patchwork Class this morning ... I am going to make a few more Ducks, and I also want to find a pattern for a fish. A FUNKY FISH!

Also today I will make that Dr's appointment, and talk to him about Lap Bands... and whether or not I can get it done SAFELY, considering my tendency to BLEED during and after surgery, and my last operation caused a Pulmonary Embolism too (bloody clot in lung).... so I may not be even allowed to do it. We will see eh?


Any minute now he is going to realise I am going out... and he's going to quickly run under Brylee's bed and hide. I know. He's a shit. A cute shit. But still a shit. So..... I'm not going to put my lipstick on until I have grabbed him! He KNOWS when I put my lipstick on, I'm going out. He's clever if nothing else.

Class today was lovely... it is such a neat group of ladies who go there! Can you imagine sitting in a room next to all these GORGEOUS materials....

And not buy any???? Well, I did it today, but that might be a first.

ABOVE: Today's duck, I made him in class this morning. I'm calling him Monday. Original? MUCH... lol!

End of Day: it's been a quiet afternoon/evening. Spent a good deal of time with my feet up so they wouldn't swell up again. Oh and I read a book! Not something I've done a lot of lately at all... sewing seems to take up most of my 'free' time! nite nite.


  1. humm you are going on my prayer list. Have they checked out your heart?

  2. Gosh how swollen were your feet? maybe it was the coming down off the sleeping tablets? heres hoping Ohhhh fish now you could start a menagarie!!(sp) Have a good day sewing cutting and or yakking....

  3. Hi Chris - when I mention insulin resistance, that is not diabetes... in case you thought that is what I meant. Hopefully you can get this sorted.

  4. I've been getting swollen feet (actually just "foot") lately too. I blame everything on menopause ... much easier :o).
    Joy :o)

  5. Oh, no! Your poor feet! :(

    my dogs do the same thing as yours... ;-)

  6. Laughing at Teddy, I call my Oscar a "shit"as well, but I love him.

    Good luck with selling the ducks and with the Dr's for the Lap Band

  7. Glad that your feet are doing better...and your well..back on your feet. Love the cute.

  8. Great duck, Good luck with the doctor

  9. Why does Teddy hide when you go out? Do you put him outside?

    The ducks look very cute!

  10. Very cute duck!!

    Hope you get your swelling feet sorted out soon.

  11. Boy - the more duckies you make the more perfect each one becomes.

    Now if only your feet could do the same . I am so grateful that you are going to check with your doctor?

    Happy Valentine's Day - lol - at least over here -

  12. Sometimes I swell all up like that too. Sucks.

    Those ducks are pretty cute!

  13. Hope you feet feel better real soon!!

  14. I love the duck.

    Such restraint not buying any of those gorgeous fabrics - you will have to make up for it next week :-)

  15. I like Monday. It's cute. I'm nicknaming it "Stoned".

  16. You've got skinny toes girl!!

  17. WOW must be such a releif to have your feet down again...I have an appointment on Thursday with my doc to see y my legs and feet are so swollen also see if I can get my knee in the system for surgery it is really sore ALL the time now and I just cant walk pretty much at all.
    Did you make that appointmnet young lady???????

  18. Glad to see the swelling in your feet has gone down. I hope the doctor can give you some answers. The heat and unfortunately the weight would not be helping. I can relate!!

    Love, love, love the ducks. They are so cute and you are so clever.

    Amazing how these human dogs know everything!! He is too clever for his own good but it looks like you are cleverer (if that is a word!!)

  19. So glad to see that your feet are doing better! I hope they stay that way and the doctor can tell you why they keep swelling!

    I can't wait to see the next creature you create with your sewing machine!

  20. Skinny feet are a good thing. Let us know what the doc says.

    Thinking about you!

  21. Good luck getting this swelling sorted out. Take care.

  22. Wow! 36 hours is a long time to keep your feet up in the air. I hope you finish recovering soon.


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