Tuesday, February 02, 2010


First and foremost...Stew is back at work today. And the kids are back at school in *2* sleeps! YAAAA HOOOOO.

Today the kids and I are going to Sylvia Park... and I'm hoping my new Duvet Cover and linen has arrived. I will be totally livid if she hasn't been able to track down the cover for me now that I have made the co-ordinates! That would mean I have to make one myself. Not a huge problem... but I don't really want to! Lazy? Much.

Another thing on the 'To Do' list is to make sure the kids uniforms etc are ready for Thursday.... then we are set!

Food... has been utter crap the past few days. No excuses. Just bored and crabby I think. Emotional (boredom) eating is a huge problem for me right now. How do you drag yourself out of a self-inflicted hole? Hmmmmmm......


And.. it wasn't in yet. Pfffffft... seems it has to come from Australia... no bugger told me THAT. I hope it's here next week?
So what's a girl to do when it looks like she's coming home from the mall with NOTHING?

You guessed it.. you go buy something! I found this cute as wee ornament for our bedroom! AND it's a money box as well as being so darn cute! NOT that I am likely to put any money in it, hell I spend it as soon as I get it! *sigh*... I am never going to win any awards for being able to save heaps of money! OH well, I can't be PERFECT now can I? ha ha ha!

Hold on! I did save money! We didn't buy lunch at the mall... we came home and I made the kids toasted sandwiches! EEeee gads I am in awe of myself!

CACTUS FREEK: ahhhh you scream! NO it's not Austraila! That would be just toooooo close! Then again, I could almost row over there and pick up me new bedlinen if it was Aussy! lol

End of Day: nothing happening this evening... watched some TV, dinner ... bed! nite nite.


  1. !!

    Hope things go well with the sewing machine and kids' uniforms are ready :)

    What do I get as a prize if I guess correctly that the machine people will try to put you off again, maybe give you some free thread to try to placate you?

    I'm telling you, this machine is something else! I think we all ought to hear about WHO you bought it from and how much. Blog about it every week until they fix it. It would be interesting if the first thing that popped up on a google search about their company was your rant about 'em.

    Might convince someone not to go there... though it doesn't help you much.

    Doggone it. :(

  2. You want to try Kate Morgan for a few weeks, they do Breakfast, lunch (shakes or soup) been doing it since before christmas and really find it easy then you just have a normal meal at dinner time.
    The shakes are realy good not like a diet shake at all, more like a milk shake, check it out on line I by mine online from alcalmount pharmacy....good luck

  3. someone passes you a shovel and helps you dig your way out before you sink further.. that's how :)

    .... here's a shovel me dear.. :) got plenty to spare if anyone else wants to help ....


  4. Gather all the food you have eaten over last FEW DAYS and photograph it and then blend it up AND LET IT CONGIAL then see what your putting in your insides?! WHAT about cutting carrot celery cucumber sticks and leaving them in the frdige to nibble on WITH A LOW FAT DIP or RAW NUTS DARE I say it ICE AND WATER with lemon juice refreshing and thrist quenching and FILLING (says she the DIET GURU NOT!)

  5. Perhaps you should ring SYLVIA PARK before driving there to save a TRIP and the anxiety of it all.

  6. I don't know I have been eating tons of chocolate and peanut butter cookie dough ice cream. Tons of it.

  7. I feel your pain Chris. I've been stuck for over a week now, with the scale not moving, so instead of eating healthier and trying to get more excercise...I just pop a whole handful of peanut M&M's in my mouth. Brilliant, right? Oh, I'm going to hate myself in the morning!

  8. I know the feeling when eating is not good. Hope that sewing machine is behaving itself, it seems to have a mind of its own. martine

  9. I can't wait for the kidlets to go back to school - one tomorrow then one on Thursday.

    Are you going to take the sewing machine back??

  10. I like your blog header. Is that Australia in the distance? lol

  11. WTG on going home to eat lol. That's always the hard part for me!

  12. Someone could just stand on the edge and throw you the linen!

  13. Thanks for popping by my Blog! I was so excited for Fliss!
    As for the sewing machine the best easy to use one I brought a few years ago from Spotlight for under $300 and it sews my quilts when I have the patience! LOL!
    One at school today one tomorrow and the 2.5 year old at home with me!
    HUgs Ruth

  14. Love the little ornament....pop a coin in it everytime you feel like eating something you shouldn't....I did that once and nearly died when I saw how much I had eaten !!!

  15. Aww sorry you didn't get your stuff. How sad only two more days of vacation left for the kiddies....NOT! Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  16. good call on not buying lunch at the mall. its usually a ripoff.

  17. Anonymous2:35 PM

    At least you know the food side of things has been bad and you're owning up to it!

  18. wow you are so crafty:)


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