Friday, March 04, 2016


Yep, today will be all about sanding and painting a few walls in the lounge and stairwell.
It's actually the last thing I feel like doing, but it has to be done.

Taking down 70% of our paintings meant there's lots of picture hook holes to fill, sand and paint over.

Before I get going on that, I have to go to the storage facility in Botany and sign up for the unit we need to store all our lounge/family room furniture.  I also need to get another padlock for the unit too.

And because we are going to be using all our dinner plates on the table (staged), I am going to buy some really cheap dinner plates for us to use in the interim.  Shopping, what fun!

I COULD use our plates, but I don't want any more of them to get chips on them.  We already have two that can't be used for the staging as they are chipped.  Luckily I had 10 of them!
I only need 8 for the table.

After that I will come home and do the sanding and painting.  Hopefully I DON'T fall off anything today!  

I took a few garden photos a couple of days ago... 

 ABOVE: palms flowering.  Really funky flower!

 ABOVE:  This year we have heaps of grapes!  These are the ones I love the most.  Dark, sweet and juicy.  Brylee's eating heaps of them.
She even took some to school.

ABOVE:   I have NO IDEA what citrus fruit this is!  I put the tree in a few years ago... it's the first year it's got fruit.  I hope it's a tangelo!
It's exciting!

Right, I'm off to get the housework done (beds, tidying bla bla bla) before I head out and about.


HEARTBROKEN.   Darling wee Polly passed away in her sleep last night.  Her family is devastated.

Polly was the most inquisitive, mischievous, delightful little dog we have had the pleasure of raising. She was a total live wire and will be very sadly missed by her family and us.

As to why she died, the vet now thinks there may be an epidemic going around, as they have now had 3 small dogs in the clinic at the same time with the same symptoms.  I hope the other two dogs survive.

What a very sad day.

Busy and productive morning.
I found some amazingly cheap dinner plates at Briscoes:

ABOVE:  on sale for only $4 each!   They might not be ones I'd ordinarily pick, but hell for that price they will do.
As Stew said, we can use more plates for when we have a crowd here.  I got 8.

I went and signed up and paid for our 2nd storage unit in Botany.  It's actually HUGE... which means we can take a shit load of stuff out of the dungeon (storage room under the house) and take it there too.  

Now.... *sigh*,  I'm going to start sanding.

5 pm:  and I've managed to get 95% of the sanding done, I have to wait till tomorrow to do the last patch.

When the kids got home from school I got them to move the green leather lounge suite out of the Archgola and we put the dining suite BACK in there.

Now I have one living room 'staged' how the 'expert' wants:

ABOVE:  nothing but the dining suite!  Fully extended and dressed to the nines.  *smiles*
It looks great.  And see the candles?   The expert loves the candles.  Colour and all.

I'm happy with how much I got done today, I had to pace myself as my head is still feeling a bit fuzzy and sore. So, I have to do the painting tomorrow now as I didn't get to it today.

Tomorrow is going to be BUSY with the guys moving our furniture into storage.


  1. Hopefully you only need to "state" the dining room etc when you've got open house. When does it go back on the market?

    1. Towards the end of next week all going well, with the 'first' Open Home that Saturday. (12th March)

  2. Oh that is sad. Hugs to all.
    Good luck with sanding and painting in the heat. hope the bruises from yesterday are not too bad.

  3. Hugs for Polly
    Those plates are nice, especially at that price. I hope the staging works for you

  4. so sorry to hear about miss Polly rip hugs to u Chris xxx

  5. Hugs hugs to you all for dear Polly.
    I am glad you can keep your Britto on display. It is so cheerful.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about Polly, how devastating for her family.

    You take it easy today, you had a nasty fall yesterday, I don't want a repeat performance.

  7. TAKE IT EASY!!! Ha ha ha, like that's going to happen! I've been up a ladder, moving furniture, sanding and thinking about painting soon!

  8. Sorry to hear about Polly,I know that feeling of losing a pet, I lost my little Candy (little sausage dog) 1 Nov 2015, she was like my daughter to me. Miss her lots.

  9. How is it going with Teddy? I hope he is well.

    1. I'm ashamed to say I've not heard or enquired about Teddy in a couple of months. I've been swamped with stuff in this house and with family issues. I do know though that Gayle would let me know IMMEDIATELY if there was a problem with him. He's part of an amazingly loving family and we couldn't be happier for him and them. He is loved and doted on.

  10. christine6:28 PM

    Sounds like you are very busy. The dining area looks really good. I am so sad to hear about Polly.

  11. I hope the staging helps! Seems to on the tv shows they do that on.

  12. So sorry over little Polly. My pups have been sick since Nov. and I have been worried sick and we go to the vet every couple of weeks, plus I am cooking them fresh food everyday and tempting them with raw meats too.
    Your table looks fantastic.

  13. Oh Chris I am sorry to read little Polly passed away have sad for her forever owners and sad for you too. The colours you choose were always right just needed tweeking.


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