Friday, March 11, 2016


Changing agents, new advertising, new photos, staging... it seems to be working.

We have another private viewing this morning at 11.30.

So it's right back into getting everything spic 'n' span.

Wee Archer has left his hand prints and tongue lick marks over quite a few glass panes and my display cabinet, so I have to do a bit of cleaning!

But really, there is bugger all to do this morning.

Which is good as I'm still knackered.

I am so looking forward to Saturday, when we can both relax for the day.  The lawns are done, one less thing for Stew to do.  All the painting is done.  The house will be tidy.

Perhaps just a day to sit and wallow?

After the viewing I'm popping down to the mall to post one of our house brochures to me Mum, she wants to see them.  I'll also get a temporary bank card.  Can't have no access to our bank accounts!  We desperately need groceries, maybe that will have to happen sometime this weekend?  Ikkkk.

Maybe Saturday won't be so relaxing after all.  *sigh*

Right, I'm off to get stuff done.  Make the kids do a few odd jobs (like vacuming) before they head off to school.


House all ready, 11 am get a phone call.  The viewer can't make it today after all.
Bloody hell.  All that prep for nothing.  
Right, I'm going out to do me few jobs and get something nice for lunch.
I deserve it.  

Then I might just pot those two plants I bought 'properly'... they are just sitting in the containers right now, on top of bowls to bring them up to the right height.

Proud of our young man Griffin today.

I got a phone call from the college he attends, seems he stepped in to stop a younger, much smaller boy being punched by an aggressive boy, and got punched himself instead.
He did not retaliate, he walked away.

The offending child was sent home.  

We could file a police report and have the kid charged with assault, but we won't.  Kids have scuffles all the time, and who knows what that boy has been brought up with?  We ain't going to add to his troubles.  Hopefully things settle down and all is good again next week for everyone concerned.

Bedtime... another long day done and dusted.


  1. Bugger!!**%?$?** Why do people dick others around like this? Either don't make an appointment, or suck it up and keep it! They better have a really good reason.

  2. Well done Griffin ! What a brave kid to do that. Bugger about the viewing :-(

  3. Well done Griffin. It takes courage to do what you did. Shame about the viewing but fingers crossed for your Open Home.

  4. At least the house is spic n span for weekend and most if not all jobs done PLEASE rest all of you! Griffin you're so amazing well done and good on you for stepping up.

  5. What an amazing young man Griffin is turning out to be. Not only stepping up to prevent bullying, but not to retaliate when he was hit. He should be very very proud of himself.

  6. Parenting done right! Good on your boy for stepping up.

  7. Parenting done right! Good on your boy for stepping up.

  8. Nice one Griffin - you are becoming a lovely young man... and I know, I've met you :)

  9. Griffen- Well done mate!
    Best of luck for the weekend open home, fingers crossed for good results!

  10. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Good on Griffin !


  11. Well done Griffin. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  12. Awesome Griffin! Walking away shows maturity.
    Wishing you all a great weekend.


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