Sunday, March 20, 2016


Today COULD be our last Open Home!

Next weekend is Easter, and we are not having an Open Home over Easter.  And right after Easter one of our buyer's contracts is due to go 'Unconditional'... so who knows!

This really could be our last Open Home.  I can't  tell you how much I want that to be the result.

We are all so over having to spend our weekends getting ready for an Open Home, then actually having one.

We want our weekends BACK!

There isn't too much to get done today, as the house is pretty ship shape after all the 'visitors' I've had during the past week, making it necessary to keep the house spotless.

I'm cross with myself.  I didn't make the 2nd cushion to match my painting.  Grrrrr.  So, I shall have mis-matched cushions in the lounge today.  Oh well.... like it's going to actually put someone off!

I shall make it sometime this coming week.  

Dante is still here, so he can learn how to do some housework today... *laughing*.
I bet I can find something for him to do.  He may only be 3, but it's never to early to start training a kid!  Maybe a damp cloth and he can wipe skirting boards?  

Ha ha.... I bet he will wonder what's hit him!

*** HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY TO OUR GRANDSON HUSTON***.... we hope you have an awesome day.


3.55 pm.... and we just had the most viewers through our Open Home ever!  And one viewer has indicated  strong interest.  WOW.

I'm really happy that all the hard work is paying off now.

Steve and Bex are here for dinner... Stew is cooking dinner so I can actually relax. Yaaaa.

I'm an itchy, prickly mess right now.  I've just cut Steve and Griffin's hair.  And I always end up with hair all down my front... making me all prickly.  So, time for a shower before settling down to enjoy some TV time.


  1. I certainly understand being cross with yourself about the cushion. Wonder why we don't "MIND OURSELVES" ?????? I know because I am doing the same thing with a birthday shirt for a friend. lol

  2. Wow ... interest in your house has really picked up since you changed agents - it sounds like it was a very good move on your and Stew's part. Has the lady in red turned up yet at any of your open homes under the new agent?

  3. Wow moving fast now I certainly can see an outcome how could there not be?

  4. Great news with the open home!

  5. Wow, had a feeling that might be the outcome but that is fantastic! Well done. I also sympathise with the prickliness, it happens to me when I cut David's hair. Enjoy that lovely post shower clean fresh feeling! From a fellow OCD friend xo

  6. christine4:28 AM

    You must be sooo relieved to have so much interest in the house now. I know all of you have been working on it and worrying about it for so long now! Really good news. Your house looks great.


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