Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Depending on how you look at it, it's probably good news.

For me, it just means two weeks of sweating buckets.

We got an offer on our house on Sunday night, and have been in negotiations since then with that buyer.
We signed a contract last night at 10 pm.

Luckily we have an escape clause as we are expecting another offer today from one of the viewers from Monday!

And not to rest on me laurels, there is ANOTHER private viewing today at 11 am.

Bloody hell!  Talk about a turn around from the past 8 months of NOTHING happening.

I'm  still not getting too excited as we all know nothing is final and SOLD until a contract goes UNCONDITIONAL.

The offer we signed last night goes unconditional on the 30th of March.  So... let's wait and see what happens.

Now, I said I found some fabric to make cushion covers for our lounge, to match the new painting...

ABOVE:  well... I've draped it over a cushion to show you how well it matches the painting... pretty good eh?  I love it.  I feel excited to be heading down to my sewing room again soon.

Next, a few photos of the Birthday girl blowing out her candles:

 ABOVE:  First of all, the little boys had to blow them out, though Archer just tried to grab them.

ABOVE:  Bex finally got her turn.  She made the cake, a very moist chocolate cake topped with Banoffee balls dipped in chocolate.  OMG it was delicious and I ate too much then felt sick.  Dumb.

Right, this morning I shall be getting the house ready for the next private viewing. Then I might have a go at finding some cushion inners so I can get started on making the covers.
Then I have a little job to do for Russell and Ange... a window seat squab.  Yaaa... I actually feel like sewing again!


4.08 pm:  Well it's been a busy, annoying, tiring day.

The private viewer was a bloody NO SHOW, so I kinda did all the housework for nothing.

But later on this afternoon I had the buyer come around with his Valuer, so they did an inspection of the house so he can get his finance.

And tomorrow the buyer's Builder is coming through to do a Building Report.  *sigh*

I'm not too worried about that though.  We have sorted out EVERYTHING that could have been an issue... and have a sound cladding/weather tightness report too.

The builder coming to do the building report is the man who BUILT this house.  I think that's funny.

I had a big nap this afternoon, it was wonderful.


  1. OMG I am keeping everything crossed for you that you manage to sell at last.

  2. I'm going be excited for you! I know that feeling while you are waiting for it to go unconditional when you want to get excited but you can't until the SOLD sticker is on. Amazing what a change of agent has done.
    Love the cushion fabric-such a great match and Ii love the brightness of it.

  3. Cheering loud cheers over here for you!!! Such wonderful news!! Fingers and everythjng else crossed for you that a sale goes through!!! Love the new painting and the cushion looks fantastic!!

  4. The fabric matches the Painting so well !
    Things are looking good on the house front I will keep fingers and everything else crossed for you.

  5. Just found this on redditnz, your biker friends from yesterday.

  6. Oh my goodness!
    I LOVE the cushions, LOVE the painting and Im excited for you! Wow, what a turn around, you must be chuffed with the new Estate Agents :)
    Man, I wish you were my neighbor, I love your handy work, and you are a beautiful person-win/win!
    Happy Birthday for yesterday Bex x

  7. Oh YAY Chris ... my fingers are crossed for you and Stew, you totally deserve for this situation to be over so that you can move on to the next step.

  8. It's either feast or famine! Fingers and toes crossed for you.

  9. Even though it is a couple of weeks before you know for sure, at least it is some movement on the house front. Try not to dwell on it in the meantime.

    That cake looks AMAZING!!!!!!

  10. Fingers crossed!!!!!

  11. That's great news! I have everything crossed!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Bex!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love the fabric. I like to change cushion covers with the seasons so I make the covers with zippers, Velcro or just baste some on and use the Same inner form each time. That way I only have to store the unused covers instead of trying to find a place for more cushions to be stored when not in use.

  13. Good luck - fingers crossed for it all to go your way this time! I love that photo of the coffin on the back of the bike too... amazing.

  14. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I have everything I OWN crossed! COME ON HOUSE!!!! cranky

  15. Great news - so it was worth the hassle of changing agents and doing the restaging. Fingers crossed, sounds as if things are finally happening for you. It's no coincidence that you've got your sewing mojo back! Love the cushions.

  16. glad you finally had that nap

  17. Fingers crossed this sae comes through!!

  18. Belated Happy Birthday Bex. Good luck fingers crossed that all goes well and you get the house sold. Take care.

  19. That is funny!

    Crossing my fingers for you that it goes unconditional!

  20. What awesome news CAN all these buyers just view the one original report surely I mean it would A: save time B: save money me too fingers crossed. The fabric on the cushion is gorgeous ...


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