Wednesday, March 09, 2016



I'll be back once I've had a bloody good sleep ... OK? 


My only plans for today are to take a load of small stuff over to storage.

And MAYBE paint a wall.

You heard the saying "Best laid plans...."... yeah.
I got up at 7, after being awake since 6.
No point staying in bed when the mind is racing around thinking about all ya want to do.

So, I went down to the mall and did some banking, then over to the storage unit and dropped off the load in the car.  Then I went to Spotlight and picked up a clock.

Cos some bugger (lol Steve!), knicked my clock when it was taken off the wall.  And we still really need a clock, so I got a cheap one which we can take down for viewings and Open Homes.

After that I came home and thought about doing the painting... it's perfect weather for it.

But I'm just tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open and my body aches.  So I am going to take the day off!

Put me feet up and watch some TV... and not do a bloody thing.

Our house went 'back online' today, so we are officially back on the market.   

Got a second wind and have been painting for the past 2 hours. Lots of edges and will do rolling tomorrow morning.  I did it cos..... we have a private viewing tomorrow afternoon! 

Poor Stew is having to mow the lawns when he gets home from work tonight. 

Another two hours and I've finished painting for the day.  I've done some of the tricky areas like behind the BBQ, pillars and around the bins, and prepared one big wall down the side of the house for rolling tomorrow.
After that there is only the really BIG wall down the west side of the house and around the spa pool.

The spa pool walls will be a bugger as the access is fairly limited... particularly for PLUS sized me!  *smiles*

But as I said to the kids before, where there's a will, there's a way.  I WILL get it done.

For now though, I desperately need a shower to get all the paint off me, and freshen up before sitting down again.  I feel revoltingly dirty.

Whoops!  Went to bed early, forgot to do nite nite.


  1. Sweet picture of the doggies. Tallulah looks tired too!

  2. Enjoy your day off, much deserved and your body is telling you you need it! House looks great :-) Penny xo

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Got the link for the new ad? I want to see the pics! :)
    Cranky xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. What great photos of your home. Is it me or are they much better than the previous agent ?

  5. photos look great!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you get that relax & snooze today you need - you've worked hard & done good!!!

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Love the pics and the ad too - acknowledges that it was on the market within a price range earlier. I really think it looks so much better than the last agent! GOOD LUCK selling and moving on!!!!!!! Cranks

  7. Hope you've still got your feet up. The photos look great-they have done a good job with them. Hopefully they bring the sale you want and need.

  8. Hey babe I would take that link down as any nutter can now see your address. And as your blog documents what you are doing for the day, it would make it really easy to rob your place.
    Sorry for being a serious no mates :)

    1. DONE and thanks. Hadnt thought of that!

    2. My thoughts exactly... glad you took it down!! Good luck for the viewing tomorrow.

  9. Hi Chris, hope you have a chance to relax after all your hard work. The pics looks great!

  10. Bleh! This house has to sell soon! Has to! It's such a pretty place too.

  11. woah so much for rest day Mrs gawd Lumley I think I'm gonna cry when the house sells from sheer relief too!!

  12. I have just caught up on a lot of reading! I cant believe your house is still for sale! Its a great house! hopefully the house staging helps sell it.. but I can't really see how it looks any better than what you had! Mind you we bought our house after viewing it empty and i loved that as i could visualise where our things would go without having someone else's furniture making it harder. (and I didn't feel bad gigging in the cupboards and wardrobes

  13. Sounds exhausting, good luck!

  14. I couldn't help but wonder if you are sore from all of the extra painting?


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