Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Easter may be over for most people, but not school kids.
Well... MY school kids at least.

They have today off as well.  So, I might just have to set them some tasks to do around here.
Make them earn their pocket money and all that.

After doing a few jobs around here this morning, we might go out for  lunch.  We will see.

I just want today to go FAST.  Tomorrow our 1st house contract is supposed to go unconditional... and the suspense is killing me!

I just hope it's not a repeat of 9 months ago... that would totally piss me off I can tell you.

How about a few cute photos of Archer?  Yeah, why not...

ABOVE:  I got that bike from the hospice shop a long time ago.  Sadly I must have packed up the power cord to charge it up... so the boys can only sit on it and be pushed around right now.

They don't seem to mind luckily.

ABOVE:  The person having to push it might mind though!  I know I can't do it, my back won't let me bend over like that at all right now.

So... time to go and find some jobs for my kids to do, and I will go down to the dungeon and find stuff to take to the Hospice Shop.  I'm sure by the time I've finished there is going to be heaps that ain't going to make it to our new home in Hamilton.  ONCE we have a new home!


3.11 PM...I've been packing a few boxes.  I'm taking a break now:

ABOVE:  I managed to trip over a fan on the floor in my wardrobe, and it kinda cut down through the top of me toe till it was halfway through my nail.
It bled HEAPS... so I might just have to go to the Dr.  It's literally cut my toe in half from the top down to the middle of the nail.  Ikkky.  

And it kinda HURTS! 

As I have to have a diabetes check up this week... I will get the nurse to check out me toe then.  Right now it's kinda gone numb.  Brylee put a dressing on it and taped it up to the toes either side of it to make it stable.

I doubt I will get a tetnus injection... cos the last time I had one I had a nasty reaction to it.

I got a massive swollen arm, with a large, red,  hard lump for over a month.  So... NAH.

So frustrated.  There is so much I want to get done... thought the toe was fine, it had stopped bleeding.

Then I needed to go piddles... so hobbled up the hallway to the loo... and looked down at the offending toe.  It's clearly pissing out blood again!  Grrrrrr.  

So, I'm sitting on the couch from hell (it's SO uncomfortable) with me foot up on a dining room chair.  *sigh*

OMG I can't wait to be able to get our comfy lazy boy chairs back!

Well... it's the end of the day and I think I'm in for a long night.  My toe is really, really sore, bound to bother me overnight.
Oh well... shit happens.


  1. Fingers crossed for tomorrow

  2. Yes, hoping your news comes around quickly! I know what you mean, my due date is tomorrow and it changes the speed of time, doesn't it? Good luck! Penny xo

    1. I can't wait for you news Penny! Good luck.

    2. Thanks Chris! Will keep you posted xo

  3. Here's hoping all works out well :)

  4. Leigh3:40 PM

    Go to Dr you need a tetanus at least. Looking at it makes my toes hurt.

  5. Ouch! I bet you said something stronger than that. Get it checked.

    1. That would be FOR SURE! I can't remember but I think it went something like this "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK THAT HURT!" lol

    2. HaHa just as I thought!!!

  6. yes, go to the doctor, stat! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  7. Oh Chris that makes me hurt to just look at it. Hope you went to the dr. I pray you go unconditional tomorrow! Fingers are crossed for you!

  8. O Gosh - my hand your toe - OUCH! Good luck tomorrow for what ever is best for you.

  9. christine6:21 PM

    Oh, I am sooo sorry about your toe. What an unpleasant surprise that was! I truly hope your house sale goes through tomorrow. You do not need that to go wrong tomorrow as I am sure your toe will be plenty sore by then and you would be one crabby apple if that happened! Good luck! I know it will work out! I can't wait to see the potential new houses! Exciting stuff lies ahead that is for sure!

  10. Oh gawd that blimmin looks painful sounded painful and sheesh what a mess, don't BLEED on the hire furniture goodness then you might have to buy it lol.

  11. Don't worry, I'm not gunna bleed on it! If I had to buy it, it would be going to the friggin dump! Worst furniture ever.

  12. Keep off your feet, raise it a bit & have a couple of panadol.

  13. Oh god, I'm bloody nervous for you. I really hope I see good news about the house on the blog tomorrow. Then you can have a bit of fresh start.

    Your toe looks so painful. I hope you get some rest tonight, but it looks like it'll be throbbing all night. You poor thing.



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