Monday, March 28, 2016


So... on our way to McDonald's last night, we were waiting at the lights right outside/beside McDonalds.   Waiting to turn and go into the car park and have dinner.

This man was standing at the side of the road, he was a 'window washer'... you know...  A person who comes up to your car at the lights and tries to wash your windscreen for money.

Anyway, this guy comes up to our car and starts pouring water on our windscreen.  Stew and I both wave our hands indicating 'NO' ... we don't want him to wash our windscreen.

He kept pouring his water on and was trying to wash the windscreen, so Stew turned on the windscreen washers.

That idiot kept trying to wash the windscreen, mouthing off at us, trying to dodge our wipers with his squeegee!

Then he seemed to get the message and walked in front of our car, and I thought he was going to leave us alone.

But NO, he then tries washing MY side of the windscreen!  By then I was really incensed, so I grabbed my phone and tried to get a photo of him.  

ONLY then did he leave our car alone!

Man was I mad.  We got into the McDonald's and I rang the cops to make a complaint.  I'd heard on the radio that was what you were supposed to do if a windscreen washer was annoying or intimidating.

After watching that man annoy heaps more people in cars at the intersection right outside the McDonalds, a 'mufti' cop car arrived and the cop spoke to him, gave him a ticket and confiscated his bottle and squeegee washer.  The guy then left the area.

He had it coming I tell ya.  I am sick to death of them harassing me and others at intersections.

So that was our little 'drama' last night!

I'm hoping today to get a few things done around the house, as I didn't get much done at all yesterday.
I always start out with best intentions, but sometimes they just fizzle out by the time I get going in the morning.

It's lovely that Stew is still home, he can spend some time relaxing.  I shall try not to load him up with jobs!  *smiles*


1.30 pm:  It's been a lovely quiet day so far.  All I've done is teach Griffin how to make waffles, and clean up the mess afterwards.

He gets to make them again next weekend ON HIS OWN.  That might be interesting.

Sadly my back is still giving me grief... so frustrating.  I know it will come right in a few more days, then I can get on with some bigger jobs  around here.

Some cute photos of Dante that I took last night:

ABOVE:  he has really enjoyed staying for a sleep over.  Stew got woken at 7.30 with Dante yelling "Granddad" in his face!  ha ha.

Dinner was a really yummy chicken/bacon pasta dish.  It went down really well with everyone, with leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


  1. They're really bad at the Penrose road intersection by sylvia park. I avoid it like the plague! ! Bastards. Have a great day. Looks like another gorgeous day!

    1. Yea those lights are really bad, I pass through that intersection every day on the way to and from work and I've had a few good run ins with the little pricks there, thankfully they have learnt to avoid me now tho, guess I can be scary when I start yelling and getting out of my van towards them haha :)

  2. We've have them here to in South Africa and the cops don't do anything about it. They are quite dangerous as they sniff glue the whole day and on a high. Dangerous for woman who drive alone, they can be quite intimidating as they are in groups, feeling of been unsafe which is not right.

    1. O gosh, Gavin - that would scare me to death -being a single woman in a car. I am going to count my blessings we do not have them over here in usa.

    2. Mostly in Johannesburg upmarket suburbs,even scary for men as well. LOL...some men get out of their cars to chase them.

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Good on you Chris, you did well. At least you got rid of him. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Cheers Lois

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM


    Window washers can be annoying, here we have had a couple that worked on their own corners for many years and became icons in our city both have died, one very recently he "worked" on his corner for over 20 years, was totally polite, not pushy and called you either sir or m'am. Everyone was sad when he died aged only 62 he had fallen on hard times but still continued to work there nearly everyday rain, hail or shine..huge public outpouring about peoples positive interactions with him etc, he even had his portrait painted a couple of years back and was exhibited, a real character. He actually went to my school...

    Your house looks great and lovely pictures of the children, Dante is really growing up now..



  5. yes the washers are annoying I try to give a $1 and then move on but I don't live in an area where it happens a lot. Kids and granddads that's a classic wake up call... hope your back comes right soon.

  6. Geeze talk about aggressive window washing!


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