Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This morning I'm going to go through stuff that's in the dungeon (storage room under house), and get ruthless.
Anything that's not 'precious', is going to the Hospice Shop.

Now that I'm living in a fairly sterile house (ornament/clutter wise), I'm actually enjoying it!
I realise now that I have far too many useless bits 'n' bobs.  I shall only be keeping what is really precious or that I LOVE.

So that should be fun eh?  Nothing like de-cluttering.

After lunch I have a Dr's appointment.  Time to get my medications sorted out.  I want to get some decent sleep again!

So that's me day sorted out I suppose.  Expecting a Builder to arrive either today or tomorrow to do a builder's report for our 2nd 'buyer'.



I've been productive today:

ABOVE:  I finally made the 2nd cushion... AND feather stuffed inners to fit.  What a job!  I had to cut open the feather pillows I'd bought and drag the feathers out and stuff them into the new cushion inners.  Feathers EVERYWHERE.  Luckly I had the foresight to do it in the garage.

The mess was fairly easy to vacum up.

I'm now going to make a little applique cushion to match the two bigger ones, then I'll be done.

ABOVE:  Tallulah's latest favourite sleeping position.  Very cute.

Before I forget again... here's a few photos of Dante doing his bit to get the house ready of Open Home on Sunday:

ABOVE:  He did a very good job.  Cute little bugger.

7.23 pm:  Well my Dr's visit went very well.  I'm back on Amitryptiline, and off the 'new' antidepressant and Clonidine.  
I hope that within a few days I am back sleeping at night, and the hot flushes ease again.
While I was there, I had my quarterly diabetes blood test... Yaa me!  Usually I get the form and kinda put it off for a few weeks.  Not this time.  I did it right there and then.

I cooked a delicious chicken rice risotto for dinner... and there's enough left over for Stew's lunch tomorrow too.  Score.

Looking forward to a quiet evening and a good night's sleep.  Fingers crossed.


  1. O, you got your cushion made - Congrats. I know that made you Happy! Did you remember to do a "Happy Dance"???????? Gotta celebrate the little things!!!
    That Tullulah almost blended right into the carpet! lol They are so sweet.
    The birthday girl is so precious! Dante is learning quick, isn't he??? LOL
    Hope you had good luck with your meds - not like my American doctor who said, " I don't know what you expect from me?????"

  2. The cushions and painting are fabulous. Rena 8 already wow gee that has flown by. Dante is growing up fast and that's how master Samuel started wiping and dusting it doesn't take much and makes them feel important too.

  3. I hope your Dr visit went well, I am sure if you get your meds under control it will help you sleep which in turn will help cope with all the stress, it is a vicious circle unfortunately.

  4. The cushions look so good. Dante looks like he is 'into' the cleaning, so long may that last. Hope you have had a good day and the drs appointment went well.

  5. Loving the new look of the house. You sure do have super cute Grand babies.... AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Rena :)

  6. I love how the little ones are so keen on helping little miss 4 lives dusting and cleaning the toilet

  7. That's quite the little helper you have there. Hope you had a restful night.


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