Friday, April 25, 2008


OOOO LOOOKY, I got mail! It's my Snapper picture, all the way from America (and don't ya just dig the piccy on the back of the envelope?)....this means Stew and I can get our tattoo's soon! Hmmmmm.... think I have made up my mind where it's gunna go.
This is turning out to be a good week considering how awful it started.... I have family visiting, birthdays, skates, snapper picture.... and best of all... Stew is home for a few days.
My Darling wee Granddaughter is going home today! Boo hooo... it has been so very nice having her here... (and her Mummy and Brother).... hopefully next time we see them we will be in Auckland so they don't have to travel so far! It takes 5 hours to get here from Hamilton, but only 1 hour to Auckland.

It's a public holiday today, so it's a chill out day.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY*** (my niece in Australia)
Above: Griffin feeding his cousin Rena, below: Grandma and Rena's hands.
Our Visitors are gone, house is tidy again!
We have been to town this afternoon..... and tomorrow we are visiting the tattoo shop to tee up our appointments... we are thinking of getting the tattoos next weekend as Stew has a meeting in Wellington so will be home. This also gives me a chance to de-forest the legs... as in get them waxed again! I like that .... hee hee. AND of course I will have to shave Stew's MANLY chest.... lol.
End of Day: it's been a neat day.
NSV: I wore my new jeans today, it felt great! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    that is bloody cute!
    Are you getting it on your bum?
    Spunky as!

  2. Dang you are cute!!!

  3. Love it!

    And your hair is looking lovely - I like the style :)

  4. You are adorable... and I love your new profile pic...

    so happy about your new baby in the family...
    isn't it fun!!

  5. Hope your enjoying your time with your family..must say Rena is absolutely gorgeous , love the pics you have posted of everyone...tattooo time now you have it ...

  6. When I first read you had a public holiday today, I was surprised that NZ had it too. Der, I'm such an idiot... after all that's where the NZ in ANZAC comes from!

    Happy tattooing.

  7. Thanks for remembering my Birthday Aunty chris! xx

  8. Love the snapper.... are you getting it on your leg??
    Hope you are enjoying your long weekend... oh and I looooooove demin... so jeans are devine in my house....

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend so far. Glad to hear you're so happy! Take care.

  10. So, where's the new tat going to be located?? (o;

    It looks like your having a great week. Your grandbaby is adorable...of course! (o;

  11. Now you got me itchin to hold a new baby! So cute! Both of you getting tatoos? That's cool. I don't have any and not sure if I big will it be?

  12. Cute, sweet baby.

    You don't take a bad pic either.

  13. What a sweet photo of your son feeding Rena.


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