Monday, April 14, 2008


WE got a bit of a fright yesterday after getting a phone call to say our son Steven was repeatedly blacking out and could not stand up ... so we raced over to his flat and called an ambulance... and off to the hospital we went. The upshot is his Postural Hypertension was sent into overdrive due to him being over stressed.... his engagement broke up then he crashed their car ! So he's a bit messed up, not eating, not looking after himself at all. I am going to try and convince him to come home again and move to Auckland with us, he needs to start again ....

Stew flies back to Auckland this morning.... he will be missed.

Especially by our little man, who wouldn't leave his Dad alone all weekend.


- Stew to airport

- pick up prescription for the son

- Go buy sewing machine!

- do some bloody housework, the house is a tip!

I have had a very successful morning:

I have ordered my new machine, will be here this afternoon.

I bought Brylee new jammies (forgot I could SEW them!).

Got some more patchwork material and new sewing scissors ( God help any bugger who dares cut out paper or cardboard or wire with them!)... and a pattern for a top! OOOO FUN.

And I bought 2 pair of jeans (cheapies) to wear until I get my bum a decent size again! They are a size 14, which ain't that bad, but I want to be a 12 again one day (this year?). Weird, when I was a size 28 all I dreamed about was being a size 14... seems you are never happy eh? LOL

ALSO made an appointment at the doctor's for Steve (he needs help) and myself ... well they told me they wanted to see me, my iron levels are still far too low.... OH JOY, MORE IRON TABLETS I BET. Fucking wonderful! later....

End of Day: a neat day actually.... been busy.

NSV: stayed on track today after quite an up and down weekend food-wise. nite nite.


  1. You must have got such a fright with Steve! Poor Griffin - that photo made me feel sad for him:-(

  2. Oh well wont be long and Stew will come back.. just thinnk how much more you can appreciate him...
    I am sorry to hear about your son being so unwell.. but... he is bloody old enough to know how to look after himself...
    Guys are terrible for that arent they...
    He knows about his condition.. so he should know that not looking after himself isnt going to help it...
    Hope you find a sewing machine that isnt going to break the bank.... and isnt going to need a science degree to work it...
    Cant wait to see what you whip up on it...
    think of me ...slaving away at work.. while you shop and socialise.....

  3. I hope he listens to his mum and comes home soon!! *hugs*

  4. Oh that would have given you a terrible fright with your son! It sounds like he has had a lot on his plate! Hope he is well on the mend now...

  5. Oh how scary. I hope he gets well soon.

  6. Sorry to hear about your son.Sounds like he needs a bit of TLC with all that has been going on with him.

  7. Sorry to hear about Steve! What a fright! Hope you're all able to get him back on track.

    Poor Griffin! how sad but sweet!

    Good luck with all your sewing projects chickie! Good for you just gettin' into it all and not waiting till you move. Like you say-life is for living now, not later!

    And thanks for the sweet comment on my site-you're a doll!
    Hope your week is pleasant!

  8. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I hope Steven feels better soon. Hopefully he listens to his wise mummy and moves to Auckland with you guys.

    Good luck with the sewing.

  9. Wow. Overwhelmling for you and your family. I hope Steve is OK. He needs love and your wisdom, that is for sure. Keep us updated.

  10. I do hope he's feeling better. My goodness that must have been absolutely frightful. Glad to see you managed to get in some quality time this weekened. Take care.

  11. Poor steve.

    He's lucky to have such a wonderful mum

  12. So sorry about your son. I hope he gets better soon.

  13. OH that's scary my friend!! I hope your boy is okay! Thinking of you. xo.

  14. I know when I am gone at work for more than a day my little girl tackles me when I finally get home. I can only imagine the attemtion Stew gets.

    Here's hoping your son takes you up on your offer.


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