Thursday, April 17, 2008


I think my poor hubby is getting really depressed, up there in Auckland, not knowing just how long it will take for us to be all living up there together....

and knowing that we are missing him so much. He sounded really down last night... christ I hope this doesn't drag on much longer. We have burnt our bridges with him taking this job, he's stuck there now.

- kids to school
- put the rubbish out at road (IKKY)
- go to sewing machine shop for lessons on how to run the darn thing!
- have a go at sewing some 'blocks' for the quilt.
- all the usual housework.....

That will do for now eh?
House: we are prepared to look at ALL OFFERS on our home now! Just need SOMEONE to make an offer! They are simply NOT BUYING out there right now, the news media have blown the 'housing/mortgage situation' right out of all proportion and scared off everyone! BASTARDS. We live in hope.
YOU are never going to believe this! After I got the kids to school I just felt goddam awful, in fact quite ill.... so I went and lay down for a minute on me bed... and woke up at 1 pm !!! SHIT A BRICK, I missed me sewing class! I missed me breakfast... me lunch.. hell I missed half the day !
Must have needed it, I'm feeling ever so much better now. Hmmm... now what?
MARGARET: Thanks for that, YES, Stew's employer's are well aware of all the issues involved and have already paid for us to spend Easter with Stew in Auckland. They are 'working' on resolving the ongoing issues too, but that is just 'in the works' so to speak at this stage. And it may not be something we want to do either.... like rent out our home here and rent up there. I do not intend to do that, it means moving house twice and that is just too stressful.
AUCTION: not on your life... you pay through the nose for an auction, and in this market just our luck no bugger would place a bid! We did that in Hamilton and lost $1,000 for nothing!
End of Day: Steve came over to have dinner with us, and play with the kids and bath them for me... really just to spend time with Griffin so he is reassured he's alright. The teachers at school think his behaviour is a reaction to all the stress over the weekend. Hope he settles down soon. A long day.
NSV: I had bloody McDonalds with the kids for dinner, so no victories today! It was just as YUK as I remembered it too. nite nite.


  1. I do feel for you guys:-( I thought Stew looked a bit down in the airport photo with Griffin the other day.

    Have fun with the sewing machine.

  2. You will have to do something - being together is worth far more than any extra you will get for your house. I really feel for you all.

  3. We are in a similar situation, hubby being away for god knows how long is straining everything. I don't even know how we got to this point!
    I hope it all works out for you very soon, it must be a nightmare for you cause I know how we are both feeling..

  4. Get the clown to take the rubbish out!!!!!

    Hope your house sells soon so you can move to Auckland already! Poor Stew all alone and you in the house with the kids... must be hard... it is a good thing you are keeping yourself busy though.

    PS - I ended up finishing the painting in the toilet... seeing as you didnt come over to help! hahaha.


    Hang in there!

    Good luck with the sewing! Cornes parents own a sewing machine shop... Corne knows everything about sewing machines, how to thread, how to sew, how to repair them... forget to write that in a comment about your sewing machine! I have one downstairs but have only used it a few times... dont even know how to thread it... always have to yell out for Corne to help! hehe. :)

  5. I know it is hard for you... but not alot you can do about it all for now... Enjoy your sewing class... you'll be whipping up quilts etc in no time...

  6. That's really too bad CHRIS. I really hope something happens soon-I feel for ya' mate!
    What about an auction?
    Maybe you already blogged on that-can't remember-but just a thought.

  7. How awful... stay strong! I'm crossing everything!

  8. Awww you'll have to give him an extra big cuddle in the weekend when you see him (assuming he's coming home this weekend??).

    Have fun learning how to use your flash new sewing machine! When I bought my sewing machine 20 years ago I thought it was pretty flash cos it did buttonholes in 4 steps LOL Could be time for an upgrade!

  9. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I really feel for you guys, it's so hard on you all. Man something has to happen soon, surely? Stupid media hype has a lot to answer for thats for sure.

    Hope you are feeling 100% after your nap, take care of yourself.

  10. Hi Have you considered talking to the Stu's work, I mean they need to have some proceedures in place for staff well being, and if he is getting depressed then it could be the start of a downward slide. I know a friend was in a similar situation in The ANZ bank and they put the family together in a motel in Wellington until things were settled, even if they paid for you to be there in the school hols may make a difference, anyway thats my contribution. A happy wife make a happy husband make a happy employee....etc etc etc


  11. Wow to sleep that long you MUST have needed it!!

  12. So that's how hubby looks like. I hope your family joins him soon.

  13. Sorry that you guys can't be together right now. I hate the media. I'm tired of hearing about how screwed up the world is.

  14. Sounds like a rough deal all around. Do hope the market picks up soon. Guess you needed the rest more than you needed that class. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  15. Bugger about the housing market - hope things pick up for you all soon. Take care :)


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