Friday, April 04, 2008


Can you tell?

Stew is not coming home tonight... I talked him out of driving all that way just to mow lawns and do housework.... it's for the best.

Now I just have to tell the kids.... yikes, Griffin was looking forward to Daddy coming home too. Nevermind, I am sure I can distract him with some little treat after school. Kids are so easy to manipulate! Then again, I've had masses of practise eh?

My moods sure go up and down lately, today I am feeling very low... don't really know what to do about it cos the reason is out of my hands.. waiting for something to happen with this bloody house. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to 'wish' yourself happy, ya know??

"SNAP OUT OF IT"... yeah sure. Some bugger wave a magic wand would ya?

So, today I think I will go and buy some more supplies for a couple more pictures.... anything to get out of the house for a while. later....

I just got an e-mail from Canada....MY SKATES ARE COMING!!!! That has perked me up no end!!!! I am sooooo excited! shit it doesn't take much to make me happy nowdays does it?

Been to town, paid a bill or two, sorted out getting a money order to Rick in America (he did our fish picture) and bought the kids a couple of books each and a DVD ... that should make them happy.
It was nice to be out and about....
End of Day: Ho hum... alternated between feeling cross and miserable.... when is something good going to happen for us??? I thought Stew getting this new job was so FRIKKEN WONDERFUL, now I just see it as stuffing up our lives.
NSV: I did lose the plot today, had a huge chocolate biscuit, and am wondering what else I can eat now. nite nite.


  1. So hope this doesn't keep tracking on for you all! Maybe another option one weekend is all to meet up for a family weekend in Taupo?

  2. Nothing worse than getting into dark downer and not being able to pick yourself up...
    You know it will all work out in the end... Its just taking alot longer than you had hoped...
    Try and smile.. and stop being so bloody grumpy... I bet those poor kids are ducking and weaving ... haha

  3. I remember how I felt when I was trying to sell our was excruciating! Hope it gets better soon!

  4. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. It's gotta be so hard waiting on a house buyer. yuck.

  5. Maybe it's time to re-visit plan B (ie the Whitianga option)? See you tomorrow morning chickee, unless you want visitors tonight :)

  6. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Stay strong hun, i wish there was something i could say to help perk you up. Just know that i am thinking of you and sending many positive vibes so that you get that house sold soon.

  7. I love to buy books and buy a lot for Guy - and all the other littlies that we know. It's a good guilt-free purchase for those times when I just want to buy SOMETHING!

  8. Im not surprised, it must be very difficult and so frustrating.

  9. Hey there woman!
    I'm really pleased that you read the article...I really do hope you and others can get something out of it.

    So, did you eat anything else after that huge choco biki?
    If you did-don't worry, it's not the end of the world! Trust me!
    Have a nice weekend chick!

  10. Oh dear, I do hope your spirits lift. ((HUG)) Hope you find lots of fun things to do this weekend. Take care.

  11. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Hi Chris, sorry you are feeling a bit low - that's so crappy isn't it and as you say not a simple case of 'snapping out of it'. Try to stay positive and think how wonderful it WILL be when things work out. XXCathy


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