Saturday, April 26, 2008


Stew and I have discussed various options for the next few months... have to wait on a few 'other variables' before we can decide what to do.... may rent, may stay here for a bit longer... will have to wait and see. Am getting good at waiting, but am feeling better about it all. Just needed to see my hubby again and be reassured that it WILL SORT ITSELF OUT eventually.

I am very happy too that our son Steve is looking and feeling a lot better now... he has a way to go physically, and MAY never be over his Postural Hypotension, but he is learning to live with it and know his limitations. Just seeing him eating well is a huge relief to us.

Today: Morning tea with a girlfriend or two, then off to see the tattooist, not to get them done today, just to discuss where, when, size, position etc. Very exciting stuff! Never ever thought we would be into tattoos, but one or two will be my limit for sure! Not into heavily tattoo'd bods.


Well it seems I was very optimistic that we could get our tattoo done next weekend! In fact there are no appointments available until JUNE!!! So, maybe we wait and get them done in Auckland (if we move there soon?)... otherwise I will just have to book and wait till June! BUMMER. Oh well, just something else I will have to wait for. I'm getting SO GOOD at this friggin waiting shit.

I had a lovely morning tea with a couple of girlfriends, then lunch in town with Stew and the kids... I seem to have been out and about all day! Time to unwind and relax at home.

End of Day: relaxation ... DONE. A few irons in the fire.... hopefully will have something sorted for us soon.

NSV: none today! nite nite.


  1. Glad you are feeling better about things... take care...

  2. Sorry didn't get to town this morning. Been outside trying to get some chores done all day. Have just come inside:) My halo is shining LOL What a bummer about tattoo. Still they do say all good things come to those who wait!!!! :) Mind you I think you have waited long enough :)

  3. Hmm relaxing.... sounds good to me.. but I have to get into the kids rooms and declutter!!! wheres my shovel and garbage bags.. haha

  4. Anonymous5:49 PM

    bloody hell! June? i should feel lucky that the day i called into a tattoo shop they did it on the spot!

  5. Hi Chris

    We have waiting lists here in Wellington the same for tattoo's. I went in in mid March to book mine, the earlist I could get in was yesterday ... If I didn't take that opportunity it was another three weeks (almost mid May). Madness. But the 6 weeks I had to wait went really quickly.


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