Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A few weeks ago I sent out an SOS for some kind person to draw me a picture of a snapper that Stew and I could use for our tattoo...

Above is a real snapper, I wanted a 'cartoon' style one that was curving to the right and kinda more 'upright'.... this neat guy in America came to the party and designed this:

I told the poor bugger "NO" it ain't right (in fact it's butt ugly!), so over the course of a few days we finally had what I wanted!

A "GIRLY Snapper".... cos it's supposed to represent ME... Stew calls me "The Snapper" you see! Below is the finished product, and I must say I am wrapt with it! Rick Green is a bloody clever bugger, and he's got the story of the Snapper from New Zealand on his blog too ! Pop over and say "HI, you clever bugger" !

Oh and call him "Mate" he really really LIKES it! ha ha ha.



- kids to school

- go to my FIRST PATCHWORK fun!
Well, what did I learn today?
- I did not have the 'right' ruler!
- I did not want to make their "first lesson" sampler, I wanted to do my own thing.
- I had to spend 30 minutes conveying to the 'instructor' exactly what I wanted to do!
- I learnt how to cut out without losing a finger in the process.
- I learnt that without the 'right' ruler, I could spend an hour doing friggin nothing!
- I learnt that I need lessons on how to use my bloody machine... that is happening TOMORROW.
AND FINALLY... I learnt that is is a damn good idea to keep your shop receipts, that way you can return the wrong ruler and get the right one!
All in all I had an OK morning, did not get much done, but that's ok, I got to yak with lots of people and that is good. I like to YAK. *BIG SMILE*
A quiet afternoon, kids were good, did a wee bit of cutting out of the patchwork...
Fed the kids their dinner and am watching the telly.
LENS CLEANER makes you vomit if you play with it - just ask Griffin! Naughty boy, I can't get him to tell me what he did with it, but I think he sprayed it up his nose! Lost his dinner he did. Now he's been sent to bed as punishment. I don't know what's gotten into that boy, he's been so very naughty lately... maybe he's missing his Dad? Or bored? Or ?
End of Day: looking forward to a quiet evening.
NSV: Totally on track today, feeling good about that. nite nite.


  1. wahooooeeee!!! have fun at your patchwork class! I don't have the patience for that type of stuff but certainly appreciate anyone who does.

    And LUURRVE the tatt!!!

  2. I love the tattoo!!!! Where is it going?

    Enjoy your first class:)

  3. Love the fish chic, where are you putting it?

  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    hey chris, the tatt is super cute! i love it...

    oh yes and i am not moving anymore.. you must be having major issues with my blog.. it was in a post a couple of weeks back!!!

    i'll try and find it for you to link to... xxx

  5. Hey Mate! All the fish look good on your blog. Thanks for the kind words and the links. I'll look forward to seeing the photo.

  6. OO sounds like there was a lot of learning done there my girl. Well done. SO do you have it all cut out now do you?

  7. Oh yeah and your fish looks so cute I will drop by and give him some praise. What a champ.

  8. Like the snapper very cute!

  9. Cool pic for your new tattoo! Look forward to seeing the photos once you've had it done.

  10. Oooooh...I likey the pic for the tatt!!!!

  11. Oh dear! I hope Griffin is alright!

    Looking forward to seeing the quilt.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. My hands are starting to show age, I had just rubbed hand cream into my hands before my OH took the pic of my new rings. Michael said I have old lady

    Have your skates not arrived yet? I would be starting to play holy hell now....patience was never my virtue.

    Hugs x

  12. Your fish is cute! Hope Griffin is feeling better. Can't wait to see your first quilt.

  13. One year, for fun, my mom & I took a beginner's quilting class. I loved piecing the quilt top together. It's the actual quilting that I hate. So, my quilt top has been pieced for years. Not done yet.

    And yes, I too need to learn the sewing machine. Without my mom right there, I can't do it alone.

    I'm turning 30 this year. For my birthday, I want a sewing machine...wrapped in a gucci bag!

  14. Anonymous7:02 AM

    What a great tattoo! Looks awesome, esp as it is personalised just for you.


  15. Love the tattoo! What a gorgeous snapper... just like you Chris! :)


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