Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today our newest grandchild is coming to stay! Our daughter Kelly and her stepson Leigh are coming down with the baby for a few days... I can't wait to see Rena again! She will have changed so much from the day she was born... that's the last time I saw her. In case you are wondering how to pronounce her name... it rhymes with Tina.

So, my job today was to find and assemble the porta-cot in readiness.... and I did it without too much trouble! Quite pleased with my efforts:

It seems to have been years ago since I used this cot... it will be lovely to see a newborn in it again. I think the last newborn in it was Griffin! OOOO I can't wait, I adore infants.

You can put them down in one place, you can go away and come back later and they are still in the same place! BLISS! No wondering what they are getting up to, no mess to clean up, no blocked toilets, NOTHING!

It will be lovely to have visitors too, Brylee and Griffin can play with Leigh and Kelly and I can just sit and cluck over the baby.

After expecting a 'resolution' to our house selling situation last night... it did not happen again.. I am crushed and feeling desperate. I am now having to think of moving into a rental house in Auckland or something ! I worry about moving the kids schools twice ... Griffin is really struggling with his learning and is getting lots of help where he is right now. And he does not react well to change, so it is a big decision to make.

anyway, it's time to feed the kids, make the beds, bla bla bla...

An otherwise shitty morning was brightened up by the unexpected arrival of Jenny bearing scones! So nice to have an adult to yak to for a while.... AND .... my SKATES finally arrived!
I am not very good at skating! In fact I think it is going to take quite a bit of practise to get confident enough to take to the streets! Seems you can forget some things you learnt as a kid.

I vozz startin to feel even CRABBIER than 'normal' this afternoon... YES it is possible!... then I realised I had not drunk ANY Diet Coke all day!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY? No, I had simply been too busy to have a drink.... the situation has since been rectified and I'm feeling much better now, Thank You.

Kelly and kids are due in half an hour, so I better get dinner started..... the Real Estate Boss Man has been visiting, trying to convince me to drop our price by $50,000 ! I don't think so.
They arrived safely:
All say " Awwwww" now! 4 weeks old and ADORABLE.
A very proud Grandma and little cousin Brylee.
End of Day: got lots of family here tonight, it's bloody neat! Steve and Mike came around to cluck over Rena... in fact Steve won't let her go~! It's soooo cute.
NSV: how many calories in bubbly wine??? Too many??? Too bad, I'm semi pissed and quite happy THANK YOU.... nite nite.


  1. Enjoy your time with Rena:-) I love babies as well, could watch them for hours.

  2. Morning Chickie,
    my suggestion would be look for a rental house in the same area as you want to buy in. That way the kids don't have to move schools twice.

    have fun with your family.

    sandie :o)

  3. If you are worried about moving the kids schools twice... why cant you try and rent in the suburb that you are wanting to buy in.. I remember seeing the photos of the gorgeous school you wanted to send them too....
    I hate moving also so I can understand your angst in that regard...
    Sorry to hear you have been let down yet again!!!
    I just simply dont know what to say to make things seem better!
    But I am happy to hear your newest grandchild is coming to stay...
    Take care Chris!

  4. What was the resolution you expected? (if you don't mind me asking). It will be lovely to see your little granddaughter again!

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    How exciting that Rena is coming to visit! I agree, newborns are so much easier to look after!

    Now, what do you mean you're not going to read all my blogs??! lmao
    But I guess if I had to pick one for you to read, it would be my Mummified Times Five blog cause that's the one I post most on.

    Enjoy your time with your grand daughter :)

  6. Hope having the baby there cheers you up!

  7. Geez, what a horrible predicament to be in re: your house. Sending good vibes! Stay strong!

  8. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Oh! I would love to hold a sweet wee one in my arms!

    Btw, my real name is Kelly.

  9. I'm sure you're nostalgic for the midnight feedings as well. :] Have a good time with Rena!

  10. It's a trick. They are going to leave Rena behind for you raise. Run!

  11. I agree with Sandie Bee, if you do it right you will be able to only make one school move.

    I must say, I'm getting about as pissed off with your situation as you are!!

  12. Anonymous3:25 PM

    daddy forever is a real kick in the pants!

    My goodness Chris! A roller skating Grandma with a snappy snapper tatoo who guzzles diet coke! Too bad you live on the other side of the world. You are a hoot!

  13. I hope you post some photos of your beautiful grandaughter.

    Also I agree with the others, try and find a rental clsoe to the suburb you want to buy in.

  14. Anonymous4:49 PM

    ok photos please of the skates! and you on them in a pink miniskirt and stripey socks! cuttte!

  15. Anonymous6:01 PM

    That is a gorgeous pic of the 3 of you. I hope you have a lovely few days with family visiting.

  16. Awww she is just the cutest, I just looooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeee babies till they become teenagers lol

  17. Awwww she's gorgeous! Might have to pop round for some baby cuddles hehehe

  18. So sorry about your house problems. It is such a worry for you. Renting is such a pain.

    Oh the baby is a dear little cutie!

  19. She is gorgeous Chris. Enjoy your time with them. No skating til they are gone!!!!! LOL :)

  20. Aww I love other peoples babies too...
    I have a great niece dues 11th July.. and I have been asked to the birth and asked also to cut the cord!!! Excited...you bet!

  21. She is so adorable, and omg you look to young to be a Grandma. When are you going to show us your skates.

  22. Glad your having a nice visit. So happy your skates finally came. I would love you to post a pic of the skates. Enjoy your visit time with wee one and family.

  23. Glad to hear you have cheered up tonight. I can see why too because you have a gorgeous family.

    I hope the happy mood stays with you till tomorrow! :-)

  24. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Oh! She is so beautiful! Y'all are! Have a wonderful time with all of your family!

    Someday, after I get through all this teen mess, I will, hopefully, hold my own grandbabies. It will be so much fun!

  25. Dear me there seems to be a rash of grumpiness on the blogs these days. You had nothing to do with my breakdown.....Thanks so much for your concern. OMG such a sweet baby. Have a great time with your visitors. I do hope you find some resolution for your house soon. I can certainly understand your frustrations. ((HUGS)) Be careful on those skates deary......

  26. Awww what a cute baby!

    I get that way if I don't have a soda (usually Diet Coke too)!

  27. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! ADORABLE!! PERFECT!! *clucks* shit Chris look what youve done to me hahaha, better go look at that huge basket of ironing i have to do before i consider adding newborns clothes to it once again LMAO!

  28. Just thought i would pop over and see how you were doing on the house moving. Or shouldnt i mention that!
    Rena is just so cute and beautiful!

  29. I love the last picture~ it was sweet and just adorable.

    The family visit seems to make you pleased. Not all family people can say that can they? You are blessed.

  30. What a beautiful grandbaby you have there....wow!


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