Friday, April 18, 2008


What am I going to do? I could drive up to Auckland and spend some time with Stew... but I hate the idea of spending every day up there with just the kids in a small apartment...and I hate the idea of such a huge trip on my own with the kids.

So, we will no doubt just stay here and hope it is nice weather so we can get out and about a bit. Maybe a few trips to the local beach, parks, visit Izzy maybe, who knows?

- kids to school
- go to sewing class (better not lie down eh?)

THAT'S IT! No other plans. Stew is not coming home this weekend, he's going to the V8 Street Car races in Hamilton, I urged him to go as he needs a break. Hamilton is only an hour away from Auckland so not far for him to go, and all his old mates are there so he should have a neat weekend.

My weekend plans? DON'T HAVE ANY.

OH YEAH, one more thing: I have decided to get back into exercise (walking) as of today.... stuff the fact that I have chronic anemia, stuff the fact that I get breathless doing stuff all.... I am going to walk for at least 30 minutes today, and the next day and so on, and build it up to an hour a day again. I cannot get any more unfit! I hate being unfit. I wanna run up the friggin stairs again! And I will. So there....

HA! Best laid plans an all that!.... couldn't get to sewing class cos Steve has my car....

so... I walked into town (about 4 kms), it took me 34 minutes so was happy with that.

Had breakfast:

Ahhhh dat was nice..... Then I had morning tea with Karen the EXPERT Quilter, she works at the same place Stew used to work in here, then I met Steve and got the vehicle back.... bought a bigger better cutting out 'board' for sewing with... and came home.

But not before taking a photo of the newest Sculpture in town:

I can't remember it's name.. "Returning" something or other. I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. Steve thinks it's crap, each to their own eh?

End of Day: had a visit from Janene and Jorja at dinnertime... Griffin did his usual "play up" and drove me nuts.... anyway..... was nice to see them. Had a tiff with Stew tonight, tension is getting to us I reckon.
Just vacumed the entire downstairs, boy did it need it, so some 'bonus' exercise for the day!
NSV: kind of a mixed bag, got lots of exercise, ate too much... just a bit crabby me thinks. nite nite.


  1. Great to hear that you will start walking. Do what you can, then do the best you can. Hope you keep at it. You will notice your energy and drive go up. Keep all us loyal readers up to date on it.

  2. Good on ya for making the exercise decision. I keep telling myself the same but just can't seem to get out there. Maybe seeing you get inspired about walking will get my butt moving!

    Stew will love the V8's!! My ambo partner is covering it as an ambo. They were talking on the news last night about there being lots of carnage in this race, as long as no one gets badly hurt tho.

    Hope you survive the holidays. I had blisfully forgotten about it being school holidays until I read your post.

  3. Anemia does suck but if you work on exercise gradually you should be able to build up your fitness again...
    Enjoy your sewing lessons...

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I found you via Organized Doodles. I read your profile and saw all those kids and grandkids listed and looked at your picture and though, "NO WAY!"

    So, I've been poking around your blog. Love your accent, it comes through in your writing.

    Okay, I need to go google how to convert kilos to pounds because... I can't get over your before and after pictures. Wow.

    I'll be back!

  5. It's great to see that you're feeling motivated to start exercising again, whoooo!

    Although, don't you think that 30mins a day might be a bit overreaching? I would probably start off with 15mins, or even 10mins, if you're going to be doing it every day.

    Whatever you decide to do, power to you!

  6. Good on ya Chris, you'll feel so much better once you get out walking again :)

  7. Maybe you could drive to Akld for a few days (maybe Stew could meet you half way for a night then carry on back up together). If the apartment is too small it would be a great excuse to get out and about all day sightseeing, visiting local parks etc.

    Heaps of free stuff to do over the school holidyas too.

  8. Hope you stayed awake long enough to do your class today:-)

  9. It seems like kids are always on school hols nowadays - although I bet if I was a kid it wouldn't feel that way.

    The walking plan sounds like a good one :D

  10. Good for you and the walking :)

  11. Walking sounds good! I'm doing my own program/walking and other things too. Now, I just have to be consistant. How come you have anemia? They can't get it under control with the meds? Bummer.
    Sorry to hear that no house offer in site. It's gotta be hard for you guys to be apart.

  12. Good for you truckin' into town on your feet!
    yummy really, it looks so, um so..YOU!
    I don't think I "get" the sculpture-but art isn't always for "getting" right?
    Have a great weekend chick!

  13. I hope you feel better soon. It DOES sound awful depressing when you're living in a constant state of super-cleaning and no one is buying.

  14. School holiday, didn't they just get back to school? Sorry to hear you are going to be solo this weekend :( don't get into any trouble all by yourself.

    Good for you getting back to exercising. Keep it up. Hope you have some fun this weekend.

  15. Anonymous3:31 AM

    I'm trying to figure out your site. So, do you add little comments throughout the day under the same post? Because I don't remember all this being there yesterday when I commented.

    I love fresh lime in my diet coke. Coke came out with a variety that had the lime in it (here in the U.S. anyway) but it was horrendous. Have you ever tried that?

    I love the "Good on ya" comments. We don't say that here. I am assuming it means the same as Good For You.

  16. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Holy Shizzoly! I found a kilo to pounds converter on google and 61 kilos is 134.5 lbs! WOW! And you look absolutely fAbUlOuS! You did that doing Weight Watchers?

  17. I personally think you are looking hot!
    Love your breakfast.....


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