Monday, April 07, 2008


I have started to put one and one together, and come up with... everything is down to the hot flushes! And menopause.... mood swings, grumpiness.... and hot flushes.. they are DRAINING.. they really are. Have one every half and hour or so... and see for yourself! NOT THERE YET? Oh well, just imagine walking into a sauna, staying in it for 10 minutes then getting out all hot and sweaty, and repeat, and repeat. All friggin day/night long.

- kids to school
- go to town and send $$$ off to U.S.A artist for my fish picuture, which will be turned into our tattoo! I will show ya all once it arrives!
- DO NO HOUSEWORK, none I tell ya!
- Drop off china to Op Shop
- Get a few groceries
- De-clutter the Pantry and one huge cupboard in the garage.
No other plans... just chillin' ...

RENTING....several people have suggested it... I won't do it... too many hassles involved ... plus then we would have to rent up there, then eventually buy... which would involve moving house twice...NO THANKS! So no, it's not an option onward...
I dragged the exercycle down the stairs last night, I simply don't use it up there in the rumpus room... so it's back in the lounge. I bet I use it down here!

Another mission today, find which of the smoke alarms is bleeping.... it's driving me nuts!

ANNE: but of course that is DIET COKE!!!! Dat was BREAKFAST!!

I have been shopping....

I found a NEW Henkell.. the light one... so bought it and it's mate! And some yummy raw fish for me lunch, and some pills for the flushes, hope they work!

I also bought myself two neat Sweatshirts .. cos it's COLD here today! And last season's stuff is getting a bit worn looking. AHHHH, there is nothing like a bit of shopping to perk a girl up.

NOW...the pantry awaits... I'm getting ruthless in my de-cluttering now!

For the first time in over a week I'm having a ball!!! De-cluttering is so much fun! LOVE IT... I am not taking a darn thing to Auckland that we don't use! It is so good to get rid of the junk in one's life and cupboards.

GRIMM: You are funny mate.

End of Day: I have been happy today, this is rather good eh?

NSV: On track, kept myself busy, no slip ups! nite nite.


  1. Yeah-I don't blame you on the renting-was just a thought.
    Too bad about the hot flashes...I have no suggestions for that-sorry! They sound pretty miserable...I feel for you!

  2. LOL - is that a bottle of diet coke next to the exercycle in the photo?!

  3. You sound a lot like me. I love diet coke - can't live without it. And I'm starting to get hot flashes - well, night sweats which friends tell me is about the same thing and still a menopause symptom. I also have an exercise bike in our living room and I lost a lot of weight a few years ago. It's starting to creep back on so I have to lose it again. I don't want to go back to where I was.

    You look great, btw. Hugs on the hot flashes.

  4. The first time one of our smoke detectors started beeeping, I had no idea what it was. It started at night and was driving me crazy, but I couldn't do anything about in the middle of the night.

  5. Good on the de cluttering. I did the pantry & fridge at the weekend. Amazing what you find tucked at the back LOL

  6. Be careful girl! Mum used some herbal meds to assist with menopause that gave her a stroke. They are dangerous.

  7. ooohhhh! I can totally relate! I love that feeling of just getting rid and letting go! It's awesome...and empowering to know you can let go and not be attached...GOOD FOR YOU!!! Bravo!

    I really am interested to know if those herbs work for the hot flashes...and hope so for your sake.
    Cheers dear!

  8. You sound like I feel atm...what can we do just plod along I guess...

  9. Bleeping smoke alarms are so annoying - hope you found it.

  10. We had a blast when we moved: selling things, giving stuff away, or just outright trashing anything we hadn't used recently.

    Now that we moved, we are slowly gaining them all back :(

  11. Aaaah stuff having to move twice!!! It has to be one of the worst things! Love the sweatshirts as well !!! You will look a gorgeous Tart in those eh :)

  12. Menopause is SUX!!!! Wish you could de-clutter it !!
    Hope my Dr has some answers after he checks out my blood samples.
    Have a look at


  13. If I didn't have a son I would rip the smoke alarm right off the wall. Those things are so damn annoying.

  14. Ack! Hot flashes! You poor thing. I can't stand being hot so I can't even imagine what you're going through! Pack yourself in some ice!

    Good luck finding that darn smoke detector...

  15. Acupuncture! It is amazing!
    For any and everything!
    Love your whole blog big time!


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