Sunday, March 13, 2016


Sadly... it's just another Sunday.  Open Home.
Only it's the first one with the new agent.

So, hopefully we have some renewed interest and have heaps of viewers.

Our Open today is a little earlier than our 'normal' time... but still after lunch. So no major hurry to get ready.

Sorry there's been no photos for ages!  I've just been so busy getting the house painting done, and everything else!  No chance to get out and about to take any.  I hope I can get back to 'normal' soon and do more than just concentrate on this bloody house!

I have now missed 3 pottery classes too.  All going well I will get to go this coming Thursday.

Well... I better go and do the jobs that need doing.


Well it was a cruisy getting ready day.  Most of it was done all week anyway.
We had about 6 viewers, one of them was the man who viewed the house on Wednesday, he can with his entire family.
He sounds very interested.  He asked if we were leaving the spa pool, we are.  He asked if we would leave some of our really big plant pots, we will.

So ... we wait.

And see.

I've come to realise something these past two weeks.  The new medication I was put on to help with the hot flushes is making me EXTREMELY TIRED... all the time.
Some days I can hardly keep my eyes open.  This medication has a multitude of uses, one being to calm ADHD symptoms.

So I think I've been sedated.  That's how it feels.

I'm going to stop taking it.  I sure in hell don't need to be sedated!  And it isn't stopping the hot flushes anyway.


ABOVE:  I felt the 'dining room' was too stark with just the table and chairs in it, so I put a pretty plant/pot in the corner.  While it's still stark to us, at least it has a little something else in there now.

Well a good day in all, happy with the turn out for the Open Home.
Time to wind down and look forward to bedtime.


  1. Fingers crossed for a positive Home Open xx

  2. Good Luck today! It's looking smashing!

  3. Please don't just stop that medication. Either talk to your doctor first, or halve it for a period. Sometimes there can be dangerous side effects from just stopping these drugs. xxxx

  4. I agree and maybe it needs a bit more time is it levelling the anxiety stress feelings as well? or no there will be something out there for you surely.

  5. Got everything crossed for you guys. That guy sounds keen.

  6. Fingers tightly crossed that this coming week will have the good news you are hoping for.
    It's been a long time coming for sure x


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