Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I think I've failed on being 'mindful'... I've been so busy with other stuff I've hardly had time to try and focus on a friggin clock ticking, or anything else for that matter!

Maybe listening to music counts!  Cos I do find that relaxing.

Once I've had my appointment I shall be heading home to do some washing, it's piling up.  And the weather is supposed to take a turn towards rain at some point this week, so I better get it done before then.

And that is all I have for now!  Catch ya later.



1.07 pm:  well an interesting morning ... Dr visit went OK.  Not sure it's helping much.

After that I went and bought some fabric for cushions to match my new flower painting in the lounge.  I'm really happy with the fabric I found.  I'll show you later.

Then I went to St Lukes for the hell of it... had lunch then decided to visit Steve and Bex.  Only they were not home... so I left.

Just around the corner from Steve and Bex's  home I got snarled up in a funeral procession... of a BLACK POWER member.  So I had to crawl along with dozens of gang members on their motorbikes, AND the deceased person in his black coffin, which was on the back of a motorbike!  I was only about 3 cars behind all the bikes and coffin.  It wasn't a very nice feeling I can tell you!

When we got to some lights, they all drove through, after they blocked the intersection with their bikes.  I stopped and they all streamed around me.  I was kinda intimidated, but they were OK about it.   

Now that I'm home I am going to relax... YES. I. AM.

It's been an interesting evening.  And bloody hot.  Birthday cake too!


  1. Maria9:45 AM

    Has Stew been busy?? Only joking but is a beautiful house

  2. Happy Birthday Bex

  3. Fingers crossed for an offer on your house from the people that visited yesterday.

    Happy Birthday to Bex :)

  4. Oh that would have been scary with all those bikes

  5. Haha... did you get a photo? I've never seen a coffin on a bike. Funny in a weird sort of way considering it was a funeral :)

  6. I know I'm a 'shutter bug' but even I know where to draw the line! I couldn't think of a quicker way to get my windscreen smashed in and my camera smashed in me face! Remember, I was surrounded by mob members on motorbikes! Not to mention it would have been rather disrespectful to take a photo. So ... NO, I didn't take a photo. *lol*

    1. OMG, I didn't think of that! Of course you didn't take a photo... I wouldn't have either :)

  7. Christine4:46 PM

    Hey Diet Coke! I understand your reluctance in not taking that photo. What a weird situation! What was I going to say? Oh - I know. I, once in a while, took a nap after I got my kid off to school. It is strangely relaxing not having anyone in the house and being able to sleep and not worry about anything. So, my advice - sleep while they are at school once in a while and don't worry one tiny bit about it! Take care of yourself!

  8. Happy Birthday to Bex. Hope you have had a nice day Bex. I can just picture you amongst all the bikes and the black coffin Chris. Certainly an experience! Hope you managed a relaxing afternoon.

  9. Happy Birthday Bex :-).

    Would have been freaky surrounded by the bikes but kinda thrilling at the same time I would imagine. A photo would have been awesome but not good for ones health I imagine.

    Rest as much as you can and maybe get out for a short walk each day, just to get some fresh air and get the endorphins working.

  10. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes I got very spoilt and my cake was definatly a hit ☺a lovely choc cake with banofie bites ontop made by me lol
    Bex xXxX

  11. Sounds like that was a big surreal!

  12. Ha yes gangs intimidate fullstop hundreds on noisy bikes yeah nah bro! Hope Bex had a lovely day. Funny thing about counseling psychologists you may feel like iits not working then boom it sneaks up on you and you start to think different react different, I agree sleep/rest where and when you can and just drift......


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