Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Well today I have to get the house spic 'n' span.

I have the new estate agent coming at 1 pm to discuss moving forward with re-marketing the house.

Then I have a Specialist House Staging Company coming this evening to go over what we can do to 'present' the house in the most positive way, to appeal to the widest majority of viewers.

I know my living rooms are GORGEOUS ...  to me, but now realise that my style may not be what viewers are expecting to see.  

I am prepared to do ANYTHING at this stage to get this bloody house sold.

So... I shall do the housework, make all the beds nicely, vacum and dust, tidy and straighten and then relax.

 ABOVE: Darling Archer in the bath last night... he's gorgeous.  I AM biased, of course.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Stew trying to eat his dinner, with an audience.  Archer just wanted to get his hands in it... while Dante was just worried Archer would get in trouble I think.  Cute boy.


Well I've had a busy morning.  First up ... I went to Spotlight and bought some cheap white cushions for Griffin's bed, two cushion covers for my bed, European Pillow cases in white for my bed and normal white pillowcases.  So.. more money spent on 'dressing' the house!

After that I went to the Doctor's for a repeat prescription, and the Dr I saw has given me a new drug to try... with the hope that it halts the hot flushes!  Fingers crossed on that one for sure. It's called Clonidine, and when I get the chance I will read up on it.

Once home I tidied up the bedrooms and waiting for Mary, the new estate agent to arrive.
She duly did, and we went through the new contract together.  Now Stew has to read it and sign it and we can move forward.  

All going well we could be back on the market next week.  That means no Open Home this weekend.  Not that it means we can relax!  I am sure we will be moving furniture down to Hamilton somehow!

ABOVE: how the beds look now.  I think the pink bed still needs 'something'... not sure what.  Maybe a little pink cushion.

PHEW!  The house staging lady has been, advised and left after being here for AGES!

Tomorrow I start on the changes.  I will be VERY BUSY for the next week.
So will Stew and hopefully Steve!  Poor buggers.

We have to move out quite a bit of our furniture from the lounge/family room/archgola, but not all of it thankfully.


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Absolutely adorable grandson's you both have. I hope these next few months of the house being in sale that you finally get the sale you want. Good luck

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Beautiful shampoo picture!

  3. Good luck with the agent & stylist! My aunt used a stylist with good results to sell her home. Hope Stew got to eat (most of) his dinner LOL. Archer & Dante cute as always!!!!

  4. Firstly no, you're not just a biased grandma - Archer and Dante are gorgeous!! They are a real tonic little grandsons :)

    Regarding the value of your house, obviously be guided by the agent but remember that prices have taken a tumble recently. Our value has dropped $80,000 in six months (on QV valuation) and our rental property has also dropped about the same.

    Good luck with the home staging - hopefully they'll guide you in the right direction. It's not about personal taste, just about making your home irresistible to a buyer.

  5. That is the most beautiful baby!!!!!!!!!!! And your home is too! I don't see how it can get any better????

  6. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Everything looks fantastic!

  7. Anonymous10:20 PM

    What did she say about price?
    I really hope you sell it soon!


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