Thursday, March 03, 2016


I'm so relieved!
I don't have to pack up all my Britto and put it in storage again.

In fact, I have to bring up the 2nd new Display Unit and put some of my Britto in it, in the lounge!

We have to move out all our lounge suites, coffee tables, the credenza, marble top buffet and all my ornaments. 

We have to rearrange some of the paintings, and take some down.  Clocks go.  Flowers go.

But get this!  The dining suite stays, and goes BACK into the Archgola!  Too funny, that's where it was to begin with. 

ABOVE:  This is Polly (photo taken last month).  She is one of Coco's puppies, born in late 2013.  She become critically ill yesterday and her Mum let me know she was in Hospital.  I don't have any other news on her yet... but I am hoping like hell she's going to be OK.  
Robyn and Guy?... I'm thinking of you both,  and Polly.


I heard from Robyn this morning, Polly is still critically ill, they think it's hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, so not good.  They don't know yet if she's going to make it through this.  I'm so worried for her.

I've been down the road and bought more packaging boxes and bubble wrap... and so far I've packed up 2 boxes of china.  It's hot work.

All going well I hope to have all the ornaments packed up by end of day.

So... I'm onto my 4th ornament box, and go to sit down to tape it closed.  Miss the chair COMPLETELY and land on the floor on me bum.  Fall backwards and smack me head into the edge of a wall!

F#*K!!!  That really, really hurt.  So when I can gather my senses again ... go downstairs to the freezer and grab the first bag of loose shit I can.

Sorry Darling, it was your berries!  I slap them on me head and sit down until my head stops spinning.

Kids got home and immediately realise I'm hurt, so they help out getting the rest of the stuff done.

I've taken some Panadol Rapid and hopefully I feel better soon.   I expect to have some doozy bruises on my shoulder/back tomorrow!

Thankfully, the panadol has kicked in, plus a little lie down for an hour has helped.
Dinner is sorted sort of.  Nothing fancy tonight.  Dumplings with sauce over rice.

POLLY:  is doing a bit better now.  Still quite ill, but seems to be on the improve.  I talked to her Mum Robyn this afternoon.  Poor chick is beside herself with worry over Polly, and not well herself either.  It is never just one thing is it?  *sigh*

It really has been one of those days.  Hopefully it's a nice quiet evening.

ABOVE:  Robyn just sent me this photo of Polly in hospital.  Her Vet sent it to her... how nice is that! Let's hope by tomorrow she is feeling MUCH better.


  1. That's great you get to keep your Britto and cabinets. I can't wait to see it when you've finished. I had my house staged when I sold my house eight years ago and it worked! It was probably a combination of things, but staging couldn't have hurt. I'm sorry to hear about Polly.

  2. Fingers crossed for Polly sad worrying time for all. I don't envy you packing not one little bit

  3. Good luck with the staging, fingers crossed for you. Love to see the pics of before and after if you are ok to share. Too see what they believe needed doing I thought your place wad fantastic the way it was, so weird how how furniture can affect someone else buying, I look pass all that and look at things like storage, shower pressure, walls/windows set up for where I would put my stiff. Tines they are a changing

  4. Sorry about spelling mistakes :)

  5. The staging doesn't sound like it will be too expensive. Do you need to buy anything else? Or just minimize and reorganize what's already there. It's funny you can now count your second cabinet as a "staging expense". Haha. I HAD to have it! I have heard of people having to redo countertops and light switches and all sorts of crap. At least this stuff is something you can do yourself. Sorry to hear about Polly, it is so hard when the pups get ill. And she is so young! I am rooting for her! Let's see some before and after pics of your restaging if you feel like it. That would be fun!

    1. Yes it is expensive. No I don't have to buy anything else, the house stager is bringing in all new furniture. Neutral stuff... plus cushions/valances/art work/lounge suites, etc etc.

    2. christine3:18 AM

      Oh, I didn't realize they are bringing in all that stuff. Yikes. I truly hope it works and you don't go crazy living in a neutral colored world! Joking~! Hopefully it won't be long. Good luck. I am glad you and Polly are feeling a bit better.

  6. Hi Chris........after being awol for so long I just popped in to say Hi and say wel done on what you have achieved with painting the house etc. I do hope the change of real estate company will give you the result you so dearly want. Fingers and toes crossed for you.
    Sad to hear that Polly is unwell. Her owners must be beside themselves.
    Hope the new meds help with the hot this heat they are the pits.......well they are at the best of times but this summer must have been really trying for you.
    Take care of yourself, hugs from down the line. xx

    1. Lovely to hear from you Jenny!

  7. Polly is really beautiful - I am so sorry she is so sick- I hate for any of us to be sick -especially our little angels.

  8. Penny5:32 PM

    Ouchy, might make you laugh to hear my brother in law once drunkenly contemplated duct taping a frozen chicken to my leg when my sister's cupboard door whacked me in the shin. He conceded the next day it wasn't his best idea ever. Good on those kids of yours for leaping to help you and hope you feel better soon. Penny xo

  9. If the pain does not subside or you feel sick get checked out, it may be concussion.

  10. Awww poor little Polly :( I hope she pulls through.

    Ouch! I hope you don't have too much pain after your tumble.

  11. Oh dear, hope you are ok. Sorry to hear about the pup, good to hear she is feeling somewhat better. Best of luck all around.

  12. sorry to hear Polly isn't well do be careful with yourself gosh I bet you got a fright! and some bruising too.


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