Sunday, March 06, 2016


We are all tired after yesterday's big effort, so today is going to be a quiet one.

I am planning on painting the exterior walls inside the Archgola.  And that is all.

Stew is going to relax hopefully.  He's hardly had a day 'off' in months.

And this is our only Sunday off Open Homes, until we sell this house.

We are hoping like hell all this change (new agency, staging, re-marketing etc) will pay off with a sale soon.

If not, we don't know what else to do.  

This was us yesterday:

 ABOVE: This is the Archgola now.  It has the dining suite in it.  And that is all!  No clutter.  Nothing.  It shows how much room there is I suppose.  Not how we would have it obviously, but how the expert wants it.

ABOVE: After I had painted the lounge walls, the guys kindly did the stairwell and front door wall for me.  I was beyond doing any more.  At least they shared the big job.

ABOVE:  Our lounge till Monday afternoon.  All the lounge suites gone.  At least she (the stager) liked some of my stuff!  My colourful giraffe painting is going up by the cow!  
I'm still chuffed she loves the Britto.  *smiles*

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Well we seem to have been very busy all day, except for a lunch break in Sylvia Park.

I painted the Archgola walls, and Stew did some painting too, and lots of rehanging of big mirrors and my 'photo wall' clock.

I think we are ready for tomorrow when the house stager comes back with her stuff.

ABOVE:  Our 'rug from hell' is back, as the stager loves it.  Pity she's not here every day to vacum up all the bloody fluff that comes off it.

ABOVE:  The lounge with the only 3 pieces of furniture she wanted kept in there.

ABOVE: I haven't re-hung the giraffe picture as I want her to put it where she wants it, rather than me get it wrong.

We are now taking a well earned rest from all the upheaval.  So tired!  And I've got to make dinner soon.  Just gunna do chicken rice risotto. 


  1. I'm wishing you success this time you guys. It will be so much better living in Hamilton near Stews work and Milton Wright haha.

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    If it doesn't sell and you want it gone there is only one solution: drop the price.

    1. Penny7:03 PM

      If a certain person really wants to buy it, they could make you an honest offer?

      Sorry, I have no idea if this person has an agenda but it seems like it! I'm not making a call on the price because 1) what would I know and 2) it's none of my business! You've dropped the price before and I'm sure you will again if it is the right thing to do. I don't know why people think it is up to them.

  3. Good luck Chris fingers and toes crossed for you

  4. Good luck Chris fingers and toes crossed for you

  5. gosh its a blank canvas alright A WELL EARNED rest for you tomorrow me thinks...

  6. Penny7:15 PM

    Watching this process is weird, because it seems kind of arbitrary! I totally understand you doing what the Sather suggests because you are trying to achieve an outcome. I am glad some stuff you like stays for your sanity and I really hope it works!

    I just mean that the Sather could have declared she didn't like the coloured candles or the Grotto or whatever, it kind of depends partly on her personal taste? But I guess you are getting a coherent and fresh look at it, and she has some apparent experience and expertise. I hope it works, good luck! No one can say you aren't doing all you can. Penny xo

    1. Penny7:17 PM

      Sigh! Sather = stager and Grotto = Britto!

  7. Can you roll the 'rug from hell ' up after after the photos are done and bring it out for open days ?


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