Saturday, March 12, 2016


I feel like laughing, cos when lately have we had a day of rest!

I can't remember the last time we just relaxed for a whole day.  But, hopefully today we will.

All the painting is DONE, the house can't look any better.  

And hopefully tomorrow we get a good response at the Open Home, which might reflect the new advertising and photos???

I hope so ... cos it hasn't come cheap.

First on today's to do list?  SLEEP IN.

Then I am going to re-pot those plants I bought the other day so they sit higher in the planter boxes and look nice.  
I bought another plant yesterday to go in the Archgola too.  So it needs to be re-potted too.

But that's pretty much 'it' for jobs.

I hope Stew sits and watched sport on the telly all day!  He so deserves a relaxing day too.

So, that's us all going well.  If we feel inclined later on we MIGHT do the grocery shopping.  Or not.  It's not like we are going to starve if we don't, I can always whip something up!


Today has panned out pretty much as I wanted.   Stew and I did the grocery shopping this morning, then we've done very little else all day.

Stew took the kids to the mall for a while this afternoon, I stayed home with me feet up.

Griffin has gone to his friend's tonight for a sleep over, so it's nice and quiet around here.

I plan on watching some tv in the lounge, and Stew is watching sport in the family room.  Brylee is listening to music in her room.  Everyone is happy here.
Dinner is left overs, or pop corn! lol


  1. I sincerely hope you two did get that "Day of Rest". You both deserve it.

  2. yay so pleased you got a day of rest in and what a stunner it was weather wise.

  3. Rest... yay!!!! You all deserve some rest. Also very proud of Giff for walking away Yesterday... ell done lad!


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