Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Well it's been a week of them!
And not to be forgotten... our darling Teddy is celebrating his birthday today.

ABOVE:  Happy 8th Birthday darling.  Hope to see you this coming weekend with your family.

There's a few things I hope to get done today.  One is a visit to Spotlight to get a zip and cushion inner for the applique cushion I'm making to match the other two lounge cushions.

I'm popping over to our storage unit in Botany to see if I can find my other lounge cushions (in a box)... hopefully I won't have to buy another cushion inner?

After that I've got to drop off a form in Manurewa, I'll probably have to stand in a freakin' queue for half an hour just to drop it off knowing my luck.  *sigh*

Then I can come home and finish that little cushion, then show you.  Yaaa.

I might pick up a few more boxes from Stationary Warehouse too.  There's heaps of stuff I want to start packing up... you know... JUST in case we actually DO sell this house!


1.40 pm:  and I've had a successful morning.  Got all me little jobs done while out.
The weather is stormy, wind and rain... and COOL!!!  I'm loving it.

I ain't doing any packing... my back is giving me massive grief right now.  Grrrr.
If it's not one thing, it's another eh?

We have not heard any more from our 1st buyer, he's been working on getting his finance for the past few days.  Something tells me it's not going well.
I'm literally waiting for that contract to fall over.

Our weekend plans have changed.  Because there is a massive advert for our home in the latest Property Press (Front Cover and Full Page ad)... we are having an Open Home after all.
Our Estate Agent is going away, so we shall be having two other agents from Barfoot and Thompson running our Open.

Our 1st buyer is still waiting for his valuations, hence the hold up.  He still MIGHT have an answer by the end of the week.  Who knows... miracles can happen!

When Stew got home we went out for dinner to Carl's Junior.  I was disappointed, all I wanted was some of their crisscut fries, and they had none.  

We went to KMart and bought a couple of wheat bags for my back too.  I don't know if they will do any good, but it's worth a try.


  1. OOO, I'm So Happy to see Teddy!

  2. It's not over til it's over - he may just be weighing up his options. Anyway, you have the other buyer as a back up.

  3. Lets hope a miracle does happen :-)

  4. Got my fingers crossed for you all. Ope the weekend is a success! X

  5. so what day is cut off day Thrus/Fri and you do have several other parties backed up waiting too? Gosh open home on Easter mega interested parties then I bet!

  6. hope u can get some relief on your back chick

  7. Here's hoping your back is on the mend.

  8. Awww....Sweet Teddy! Wonderful that you can stay in contact and know that he's being cared for.
    I'm using a foam roller for my back, sciatic nerve issues, and it's working great to loosen up those muscles that stay tense. I had my doubts, but it works.
    Fingers still crossed!!


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