Saturday, March 05, 2016


Stew's car had it's warning lights come on AGAIN on his way home last night from Hamilton!  Third time in a row.

He's furious.  It was in the garage getting fixed FOR THE SECOND TIME,  just last Monday.  So, he has to ring the garage and see what they can do this weekend to fix it AGAIN.  

We are positive they will say it's another, different fault and charge us all over again.
But as it's the same lights coming on, we doubt it's a new fault.

Time will tell.  

Once he's got the car to the garage, if they can take it... he will get moving on taking our lounge/family room furniture over to the storage unit in Botany.
Steve is coming over to help with the heavy stuff... what am I saying?
It's basically ALL heavy stuff!

They can do that while I paint.

The best thing about this weekend, even though we will be crazy busy, is that we DON'T have an Open Home!


No rushing around getting everything perfect. I've got over a week to get the extra painting done inside, the staging and new photos done and maybe even get to do more of the outside painting too?

I'm not feeling so stressed, which is great.


So,  the Holden garage isn't open on the weekend, so Stew is going to drive his car to Hamilton (as per usual) on Monday and drop it into the Holden garage there.

Steve arrived around 9.30 am, and it was all go from there.
They took two full trailer loads, 2 car loads and a van load over to storage in the morning... and finished around 3 pm.
Lunch was VERY late.

While the guys did that, I painted the lounge again... all the walls barr one.

Then the guys painted the stairwell and wall by the front door.

Then we called it quits for the day.  Everyone is knackered.  Well... apart from Brylee and Griffin.

Bex and the little boys have come over and they are staying for dinner.

We are all sitting on the floor, as we have NO lounge furniture at all!

The guys brought up the 2nd display cabinet from the garage, and I've split my Britto between the two of them now.

Now it's dinnertime and I'm making mince and bacon pies with mashed potato and a side salad.

Dinner turned out great.  After the family left we settled down (on the floor) to watch TV and just relax till bedtime.


  1. Do you know someone who works on cars? My brother has a light thing that tells you what the codes are so you can see why the lights are coming on.

  2. When you are not stressed challenges seem easier to deal with and just roll along.

  3. Ohhh decluttering that's going to keep you busy for sure crikey had I known you could of whizzed and got young Samuel to help lift etc anytime you need a hand do sing out please.....

  4. christine5:30 PM

    I forgot to mention, I liked yesterdays garden pictures. We are having snow today!

  5. christine6:13 PM

    So funny, a group of exhausted folk and you don't even have furniture to kick back in. Hope your "fake" furniture comes soon. I will be very interested to see it.

  6. Good grief. .. if ever there was a night it would be ok to have take out!

  7. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Hope all your hard work pays of soon! You deserve it for sure. Anne - Palmy

  8. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Is Steve back to work after his leg injury?

    1. Not yet, he's still doing physio. He hopes to be back to 'light duties' in about a fortnight, then full work in maybe a month. His break was a very bad one, with not only bones broken, but ligament and tendon damage as well.


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