Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have nothing to say ... yet!

Hopefully I am having a sleep-in.
Or not.


I'm sitting up in bed, couldn't sleep in... too hot. I have as of last night stopped taking the sleeping pill.... cos a side effect of them was WEIGHT GAIN.... and I have gained weight .... not sure if it was them or just my general 'don't give a shit' attitude. But I am not taking them anymore. I do give a shit. I am terrified that pretty soon I will end up back where I started.

I'm now seriously thinking of attending some seminars on Lap Banding. I have NO IDEA how I would pay for it ...YET.... but for now I am looking into it. Shame I don't live in Australia, over there you can get it mostly funded.

I wonder if Stew would like to live in Australia? I would.

We are staying home today, I sold our Baby Gym on TradeMe and I'm expecting the buyer sometime today. I wasn't able to pin them down to a time.... which is a bugger..... I hope they turn up!

My feet are STILL swollen. And it's like... REALLY HARD to sew with your feet elevated higher than ya head...EH?
ABOVE: Stew assembling the new compost bin.. which we ducked out and bought this morning. I'm now sitting with me stupid feet up again.. doing some hand sewing. It is IMPOSSIBLE to sew at the machine with one's feet up... stop FANTASISING about how that would look, you weird Tarts! My left foot is fine now.. but my right foot is still very swollen, and it hurts.
WEBBSWAY: I like your thinking.. I do believe I must be one hell of a GODDESS !!! lol
End of Day: It's been a decent day, got lots of sewing done. Baby gym picked up and paid for finally. Feet have gone down a bit... and now? nite nite.


  1. NOTHING to say? YOU?

    i dont believe it!

  2. That is such a great mental picture Chris (although I am stil trying to work through the finer details of how you COULD sew with your feet higher than your head!)

  3. Hope you manage to get what you want Chris, sounds like you're having a tough time :( Your ducks are fanatastic wow! When I see things like that I wonder where people get their ideas.
    Anne xx

  4. I started on Optifast, shakes and soups, great for me, if I don't have to think about what I am going to eat it is easier. Lost 7kg in a month. You have to do something similar if you have lap band surgery. Talk to your doctor and find out.

  5. I'm right there with you, Chris, with the terrifying feeling of gaining the weight back. Hang in there, try to talk yourself into a "I do give a shit" attitude. Be kind to yourself - you are so worth it and have soooo earned it!

    Guess what? I think I may have found Journal Boy. I have a phone and address for the dad. I'm going to try contacting him this weekend.

    Take care, I'm pulling for you!

  6. Would love to see a picture of you sewing with your feet above your head.

  7. Hmmm the mental image of the sewing thing is hilarious and terrifying at the sametime!!!!

  8. You really should take a pic of you trying to sew with your feet in the air. Seriously, I'm sorry it's so hot and miserable there. We are getting more snow as I type this..we're sick of snow. It was 25 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. Send me some warmth and I'll send you a little chill. xoxo

  9. Did you sell the baby gym finally? Bet that cleared up a lot of space in the yard! YAY!

    I am usually neutral on the lapband surgery thing and think whatever anyone wants to do with their bodies is their business. But I'm worried about you in light of your last surgery... want to be sure you will be *well* taken care of. Many hugs. I feel the same way about my weight as well and have not posted recent pics in years. You are just braver! I like ya for it; you're very real. :)

  10. I am so sorry that you guys are so hot , while we are so cool and wet.
    I can say that I am right back in the boat with you , after losing 20pounds last Summer I have gained it all back. I knew I would when we quit walking in Oct. because DH LOVES deer hunting more than anything!
    But I am hoping when Spring returns that our walking returns too. I certainly did enjoy being lighter on my feet and being able to tie my shoes without having two spare tires to bend over! Plus, it makes the indigestion rear its ugly head too!
    Don't let it get you down - tomorrow is a different day and I know you will make it better with all your talents.
    I do have one thing to look forward to - Spring of course - but I am dieing to see how your Winter is with lots of pictures.
    O, I read one time that we "ladies" are suppose to get larger because the more we learn we have to store it somewhere! And if you look at the pictures of the Goddesses - we are suppose to be plentiful - so we are all Divas!

  11. Chris, every time you pop through my "virtual doorway" I get a big smile creep across my face! !! Thank you so much!

    O, I meant to say that your new composter looks wonderful! Last Winter and Spring was my first opportunity to do composting . I had made a circle out of an old doggie corral and filled it with lots of the magic ingredients and then just had to let it work all Winter ! Then when last Spring arrived and it was time to repot my flowers or start a few seeds - I went out and checked and I had the most beautiful Black soil I have ever had before! Me and my plants were all so happy - so I hope you have the same wonderful experience!

  12. Lap band is NOT mostly funded in Australia. Medicare might pay for 6 grand but we have to come up with 22 grand!
    I think it's free in the UK though.

    In regards to your sleeping pills. You can get over the counter stuff at the chemist that knocks you out pretty quick. It's not ideal to keep taking and it leaves you feeling groggy the next day. But it's good to get you into a sleeping habit :o)

  13. Glad that your day turned out okay with the Baby Gym gone (and paid for!) and the sewing done. That compost bin looks great. I am trying to get Hubby to get one but . . . he isn't too keen on the idea!

  14. Well, I'm gonna try sewing with my feet over my head..usually that only happens when I end up tickle over ass backwards on the sidewalk in front on lots of peoples laughing and pointing at me!
    The feet swelling worries me, have you been checked for diabetes? Just a quickie test and not painful. I am diabetic and before I was diagnosed my feet used to swell. I know now that was the elevated sugar level. Just sayin' it was a thought but it needs to be addressed since it's not normal.
    Always something!
    Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger (also Valentines day) so I'm wishing you a very Happy New Year Sweetie. Tonight is dinner out (Chinese of course), Lion dances, firecrackers, martial arts, orgami etc with friends...should be a good night.

  15. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hi Chris,

    In Aussie, it also depends on the surgeon you use as there is a huge difference betweem the prices they charge.... some can be 8 grand different for the same procedure. When I had mine done it was a total price of $13 grand, I had to pay 4 grand of it after private health and medicare. I got that 4 grand released from my superannuation.

    Not sure how many surgeons you have that offer it over there, but like anything else it pays to shop around. Also on the package you get. For instance my surgeon does not charge EVER for any post op appointments at all, this was included in his package.



  16. Hey!
    I love the first's just like they were taking picture of my dog Mimi!but she's never too hot or too anything to chase the cats!:)

  17. Anonymous2:59 AM

    nice post. thanks.


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