Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Upon close inspection of the 'Nautical Knots' picture I got from The Gardens Hospice Shop yesterday, I noticed it's background was a map of two 'old worlds'. 
I have a big copper wall hanging with the same 'old world' design.

Only, it's been under Griffin's bed for quite some time, as it fell off the wall in the middle of the night months ago.
It was just too heavy and the frame fell apart.

So last night I got it out and started pulling it apart:

 ABOVE:  I got all the framing off, it was really easy with a chisel and hammer.

 ABOVE:  the front.

ABOVE:  what I'm left with.  A thin panel of copper and a thick slab of shitty chipboard... and those staples sticking up.
Anyone got any ideas on the next step???

I'm thinking I need to cut off the staples... then lay down a decent, but not too thick ... REAL wood panel and go from there with a small 'frame' of some sort. 

If I add too much it will again be too heavy to stay on the wall.


NOW... because I'm a bit of a shit stirrer (can't help myself sometimes)... I give you Dante last night:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex have a 'secret' stash of chocolate in their room.  Occasionally they bring out a LITTLE piece to share with us ... and last night Dante got his hands on Bex's chocolate.
He couldn't get enough of it!

I thought it was only his 2nd time having something like that, but Steve told me he's been giving him little tastes of chocolate for months!  NOW I don't feel bad about giving him that biscuit to slobber on the other day.  Rest assured though, he DOES NOT get that sort of stuff every day.  And baby gets his teeth brushed every day too, in case anyone is worried about his teeth.

Today:  Get a steak 'n' kidney stew going in the crock pot.  Housework.  Maybe go to the mall, followed by Hospice Shop Duty.  

AND my Mum and Ron are due back here sometime today too.

So. Better get going and get that stew on, and make the lunches, get the washing on... bla bla bla.


BLONDIE:  it WAS a coffee table many years ago!  I don't think we have the room in our lounge for a large coffee table ... still thinking.

MARKD60:  Yeah, I thought that would be the best option too.  Just not sure how to attach it to the shitty particle board without adding too much weight.  I don't want to try and prise the copper off the chipboard in case I ruin it. 
It's too nice to ruin.

I am now off to do 5-10-15 + 10  ANY guesses on what that means???   
la la lah lah...

Come on!  What do ya think 5-10-15 + 10 means???
Whoever guesses right first will win a gorgeous Mug Rug!  Of your choice... from what I have already made.  OK?

5 pm and I'm just home from the Hospice Shop.  Got TREASURE... you just know I did eh?
Some interesting 'guesses' .... I will be giving a Mug Rug out at the end of the night.  Check back tomorrow to see who/how many guessed right!

Treasure will be shown tomorrow too... cos I'm busy ... Mum and Ron are back and dinner won't cook itself.

YUM YUM:  ONYA.  Knew someone wouldn't be able to help themselves and have a say.  I'm thinking of giving Dante Diet Coke tomorrow.

End of Day:  well yet another lovely day done and dusted.  Finally off to bed, and it's actually early for me!
nite nite


  1. No ideas about the copper but yours sound right on :) I bet Dante loved that choc it's the new one that pops lol he was enjoying the new experience lol. Have a good day

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    You don't have to justify the little one having a treat. I am sure everyone gives their kids a treat. No doubt someone will have a high and mighty opinion though lol Bec

  3. Ohhhhhh that daddy what a sneak he is! lol could you turn that copper map large one into a table top or small table? Do you put dumplings with your stew? yummmmm I have cornbeef in the crockpot.

  4. I think a thin sheet of plywood would be stronger and lighter than that particle board. The copper map looks fantastic!

    ingclap 15

  5. Just waiting for the Anonymous PC brigade to tell you all what terrible parents/grandparents you all are & how Dante's life will be completely ruined because he had "gasp" a taste of chocolate sometimes.

    Could you use the copper map to cover an existing table & lay glass over it for protection?

  6. Take it to a professional and get a quote on getting it properly removed from the board. They will know how to do it without damaging it.

  7. 5-10-15+10 = exercise ?

  8. Anonymous11:45 AM

    If my Google guess is correct you're about to spend loads of quality time with Stew!! LOL


    Have fun!
    Nicole ;)

  9. Sewing? Fat quarters? I don't want a mug rug though :)

  10. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Sleep Training for Dante

    He is such a cutie pie.


  11. Yum Yum2:55 PM

    You consider it hilarious shit stirring whereas others might consider it kind of odd that you are proud of the fact you go against all available information on nutrition for BABIES (let alone adults), especially considering the family history of Diabetes 2.

    Sure Dante will be more than happy with the results of his early diet and that is all that matters! Look forward to seeing his baby bottle filled with diet coke :)

  12. You went to fertilize your lawn, plants? Is that what it means?

    God Bless~

  13. Ok, I am guessing it is exercise. You do 5 minutes one week maybe, ten next week, 15 next week and then build up by 10 the following weeks until you can't stand it any more. :)

    And only on your blog would giving a little treat to a baby be so controversial!!

  14. Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Yum Yum6:08 PM

    That's a great idea, I'm sure he will love it, and he can be just like grandma too!

  16. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Gawd, it never ceases to amaze me these "anon" commenters. Man/woman up and put your name to it or don't comment - how do you keep your cool. I would just want to knock their blocks off :-) Talk to you soon, Michele xxaen

  17. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I agree totally Michele, to hide behind anonymous and be nasty is so rude.

    Loving the pictures of your walks and the grandbabies Chris. So miss seeing more of Miss Muppet but I understand.

    Thanks for letting us all follow your beautiful family and I hope Anonymous buggers off!!!!


  18. My guess is to watch your soaps for the day that were recorded earlier??

    Love the Dante photos! He is such a cute wee man!! :)


  19. mmmm weight exercises....???

  20. Maybe its three steps backwards, two steps forward :)


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