Friday, July 26, 2013


While Stew and I were in Hamilton yesterday, I thought it would be nice to try and catch up with Amanda and the kids.
Luckily she was amenable to me visiting.

So I popped in and spent a lovely hour or so with her and the two youngest... Emily and Liam.


 ABOVE:  Emily had just eaten a Marmite sandwich... it was all over her face!  She clearly loves Marmite.  I gave her the little pink doll pram, but she liked Liam's present more. (it was a baby phone thingee).  It was lovely today, she didn't mind me at all, and chatted away to me heaps.

 ABOVE: Liam was hungry when I got there, so I fed him his bottle, which he rather promptly threw up all over me!  lol
Not that I was bothered at all... he's not the first baby to throw up all over me for sure.
He's a little honey.  I got to tuck him up in his bed too... that was lovely.

 ABOVE:  the girls chillin' out!  Em sure looks comfy. *smiles*

Well... as Stew is home again today... I am picking it will be a lovey day.
He is going to sort out the new fire guard, then maybe we will go out for lunch ... I'm sure we can drag Griffin along too!

His toe is not looking too bad... but he is going to lose the toenail for sure.  It's black as already!

Poor kid, he has stubbed his toes so often he is always losing his toenails!

It's a 'co-ordination' problem usually that makes him stub his toes.  He was very knock-kneed as a little baby/kid, which has something to do with it.

OH and guess what?

.....  Griffin in now TALLER than me!  I didn't even know that until yesterday.  How can my 11 year old be taller than me?
Just ain't right.  *sigh*
I wonder just how tall he will end up?


I'm going now... I want to get a bit of housework done while Stew is sorting out the fire guard.

LYNDA:  Our wedding was a very home-grown type wedding... no fancy dress, no fancy reception... just down to the church... we said our vows... then home for a BBQ with all our friends and family!

OH... and I asked everyone to bring a plate... and their own grog too!

We had just had Steve (6 weeks old) and we also had OUR 4 kids from my 1st marriage, and  we had just bought our first home together.  

There was NO money for a honeymoon, and even if we did have the money, it would have been a bit hard getting a honeymoon suite with: a double bed, 4 single beds AND a bassinet !!!

We loved our wedding, and had a wonderful time.

Photos are up in the attic... so they can stay there... I hate climbing that ladder!


Whelp... we did some jobs around the house then buggered off to Sylvia Park for a wander and lunch.
Bex and I got Chinese, but once I sat down I could only eat a tiny portion of what I'd put on me plate. 

So, there was a group of 3 young men sitting right beside me, and two of them were sharing a plate of food (and there wasn't much there) so I shoved my FULL plate of food over to them and said could they eat it, cos I was full?

They probably thought I was nuts, but they ate it!  I told them they had to, cos otherwise it was a waste of good food!
Stew reckoned they ate it cos they were scared of me telling them off!

Pfffffft... as if I would do that!  *smiles*

After lunch we had a wander around the shops along with the 52,000 other people (I exaggerate of course)... but it was bloody full in the mall I tell ya.  Bex found a lovely summer weight shirt on sale so got it.  And a pasta cutter too.
I looked at cameras some more... then we came home as Stew has to get a new tyre for his car at 3.30 in Papatoetoe.

Then both our cars will have new W.O.F.   yaaaa.

Once Stew has left I am going to fix the old doorguard so I can use it in the hallway.  I've decided I'm no longer locking the dogs in the laundry at night, they can sleep with Griffin... that way I don't have their blankets and cushions in my TINY laundry.   I has a spack attack this morning trying to get the washing sorted out in there, in such a small space.  It does me head in.

Right... off to do something constructive...

End of Day:  well another really lovely day, got a few jobs done that were long overdue.
Stew got the fire guard installed and I got an old door guard repaired.
That's about it for the day, I'm now off to shave me legs!  I could plait the hair, it's that long since I shaved them!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    i have 3 teenagers ages 15,13, and 11 they all tower over myself and there father. Especially my 13 year old he is currently 6ft 4 and still growing :)

  2. Emily is so big now!

    So how tall are you? I'm sure Trevor will pass me up in the next couple years. He is 10 now.

  3. Na, I knew it was a family wedding - would just be nice to see a photo of you and Stu back then! Maybe another day. Sounds like it was a nice wedding though.

  4. It is scary how kids get taller now and we keep shrinking in height - that is what is happening here anyway.

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Steve will go up to the attic to get your wedding photos PLEASE!

  6. If a stranger gives me a plate of food and told me I had to eat it, I would run like hell! Having said that, yesterday I let a skin care promoter put a chunk of dead sea salt on my hands, squirted some lotion on it and made me scrub and wash my hands. Hubs and my girl too. I don't know why we were so meek. But we didn't buy anything. Got 2 free soap samples tho'.

  7. Your funny and you're right it would have been a waste of good food! Hope Stew has had a nice couple of days off, and the fine weather holds.

  8. SO GLAD you were able to see those grandkids! :)

  9. Wonderful news you got to visit. Sounds like you had a super busy day.
    Hope the weekend is lots of fun.


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